As we are counting down towards this year’s inevitable end, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we are all pretty much done with 2020. And if that’s not an understatement I don’t know what is. But, at least things are brightening. I’m not really into politics, but with the presidential election we finally have a result that should brighten everyone’s day. Let’s hope this is a turning point in some way, and from here on out things will continue to go better. Speaking of brightening everyone’s day, how about we put some bloggers in the spotlight again? You see how I did that? I always love doing these posts, to hopefully make you discover some new blogs that you aren’t yet following. Or at the very least give these bloggers their 15 minutes of fame so to speak, as they all deserve it! As always I’ve gathered a selection of all kinds of blogs so there should be something for everyone here. So without further ado, put on the spotlights, and prepare for some blogging coolness!

On the subject of Horror

762C6CA1-7C3C-4813-92CA-38838F3763DE You all know how I much I like horror right? I mean I even started my Countdown to Halloween in September, so if that didn’t give you a clue as to how much I love the genre, I don’t know what does. However even though I know quite a bit about all things creepy, there’s always someone who knows more. Enter Nscovell’s blog, On the subject of Horror. Every October on his blog he’s to put it in horror terms, spawning his annual Horror Movie Marathon, where every day there’s a review for a new horrormovie. His knowledge about the subject is vast, and not only classic films are featured but also very obscure ones that you have probably never heard of. Written in a really amazing style, with a lot of humor thrown into the mix as well, all these posts are a delight to read. It’s on October that his blog really shines the most, but throughout the year there’s also lot’s to enjoy! The host is also a very friendly guy, who’s very easy to talk to, and that’s another reason to just simply press on the link to subscribe to his blog! So really, what are you all waiting for? Don’t just read this, go over to his blog already! 

Lita Kino Anime Corner

F49113FC-C506-4B1F-A9EB-95BB06592E86 When I start preparing for a new post in this series, I always look back to see which bloggers I have already featured in previous installments. Sometimes that leads to a shocking conclusion, which it is in the case of Lita. How on Earth I haven’t featured her earlier is erm well pretty much beyond me. I guess better late than never is as good an apology as I can make, but I am a bit embarassed about it, that’s for sure. As the title of her blog implies, Lita’s blog has the focus on Anime. She’s a very supportive blogger of the community, always offering encouragement to people, as well as bringing a lot of positivity to everyone as well. And heck, being a very positive person myself, I really like that! For instance she now has a project geared up for the last month of the year called the 25Anicheer to bring the year to at least a cheerful end. As mentioned her blog has the focus on anime, with very well written reviews, top 5 lists, and loads of other anime related posts. But there’s also some very good posts about blogging in general as one of her recent posts that I have provided a link for demonstrates. It’s a post that I think contains so much in it that we as bloggers in general deal with, it’s an essential read! That said, of course that’s the case for her entire blog, so go on already and follow this very kind and awesome blogging girl! 

Iridium Eye Reviews

0B176FE1-CA42-4D73-B99C-F247E79CDAAA We all love movies right? Right? Erm…right! But as some blogs focus on movies that we all know and are very mainstream, count on Ospreyshire to provide you with reviews for movies as well as anime that aren’t exactly what you would call mainstream. And that’s something I really like. As you all know I really enjoy foreign cinema, as much as I enjoy Hollywood movies, and this blog certainly has you covered on that front. It features posts about films that are from all sorts of countries such as Africa and India to name but a few. Always interesting to read, I also like his very unique ratings system, that let’s people add or subtract points for things they maybe like or dislike seeing in movies. I think that’s very clever, and it’s also something that makes it easier to decide for you if you are thinking of maybe giving a certain movie a chance. But there are more things that can be found on this blog. As mentioned anime is one of them, but there also small posts for haiku’s, as well as insightful post about a diverse range of different topics. It’s a really unique, and I think incredibly interesting blog that I’m very glad to have discovered. No surprise that the host is also a very nice guy, so really let’s stop talking about this. If all this hasn’t convinced you yet to press the link and check and follow the blog out, I don’t know what more I can do!

The Wordy Habitat

D9D592C6-8BC9-4B32-A887-76346FD4C2B4 We all know that I have way too many hobbies and that I always struggle to keep a good balance between all of them. One of the hobbies that I always fall short on is reading. I love books, and it will not come as a huge surprise really that I also follow a lot of book bloggers, that always seem to add new books to my already way too long reading lists. Sumedha’s blog is one of those, although to just call it a blog about books would be doing her a disservice. Yes the focus is on books, there’s no denying that, but what I also like about this very kind blogger is the many other things she writes about. Her posts about blogging in general are really good, and always offer some very good insights. The link I have provided here is to one of those posts, and it’s once again essential reading for bloggers I think as it also covers a subject that many of us might recognise. She’s also recently interviewed a lot of other bloggers that get a spotlight on her blog, there are posts about her life, and even the occasional K-drama gets a review. In short it’s one of those blogs that has something for everyone I think! I can only say that I’ve really been lucky in discovering this blog, and invite you to take a look there ASAP…and of course follow her if you aren’t already. I’m pretty much convinced it will be to your liking!

Pfeiffer films and Meg Movies

2934DD97-C84C-4FC8-826F-6C06D6163178 One of the great things about blogging is how at times you can encounter totally unique blogs that can’t be compared to anything. Now I know the title of Paul’s blog might have you believe it features prehistoric sharks (For those who don’t know a Meg is a prehistoric shark), but you would be wrong. This is a blog that has the focus on Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan movies. I know right? Both actresses sadly haven’t been in many movies lately, but this blog keeps their spirits alive, and I have never encountered anyone who is as passionate about these two leading ladies, as this blogger. Not only that, but it’s amazing how you can keep a blog interesting as well as up and running when you talk about an (admittedly) limited subject. This blogger though, manages to pull off the impossible, and at the same time makes it incredibly interesting as well. All of the posts that are featured on this unique blog are skillfully written, offer a lot insights on both actresses, their careers and of course their movies, but at the same time are also highly entertaining to read. Another host that simply can only be described as a very gentle and kind person, this blogger deserves his time in the spotlight as well as you giving him a follow. So go on then, press the link, check out the blog, and tell me I’m wrong!

The End….well..for now that is. 


And so we have come to the end of Volume 9 of Bloggers in the Spotlight. Hopefully these five talented bloggers have been to your liking, and you have all checked these out, and even better gave them a visit and a follow. If you haven’t been featured here yet, don’t despair. I try not to keep these posts to just about 5 bloggers with each installment, as to not overwhelm people with choices, but also to keep this series going for a while. So will there be a Volume 10? You betcha! Now if you want to see who has been featured in previous volumes, it was Bookstooge my fellow Master of Ironing who gave some feedback and who was also featured in Volume 8 on maybe providing links to all the former editions in these posts. And since I really like his idea, down below you will find these: all the previous Volumes of Bloggers in the Spotlight! For now, this is the end of this one. See you next time, and thank you for reading!

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