Special Features Presents: Things to look forward to in 2017 (Tv series)

As much excitement as there is in the cinema next year, there is just as much to enjoy (if not even more so) on the small screen next year. If I am being totally honest there are times when I can enjoy watching a television series more than a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I am an absolute movie addict: that will never change. But the television series that are being made in this day and age are sometimes better than a movie. For one thing it can develop characters better (as there are more episodes to explore a character’s motives). And as it takes longer, you can enjoy something even more than a movie, especially if it is a series that does things right. And with the budgets on tv series being almost as big as there big budget counterparts, the scale of certain shows is at times just off the charts. So following are 5 shows that I am looking forward to the most  for next year.

Voice (Korean drama series)

Korean drama series are fantastic. Just as in anime, there are so many series that you can choose from, ranging from romance, to historical drama, to action, there is a show out there for everyone. Voice is a series that will be released early next year, and promises to deliver a really good thriller. So far only small teasers have been released, but they already show the tense and gritty atmosphere of the series. Voice will deal with two detectives on the hunt for a brutal serial killer. The lives of the families of an emergency call center team are being threatened by this killer, and so the countdown is on to find him before it’s too late. I really enjoy movies about serial killers, and this one looks like it might take on the likes of films such as Seven and Silence of the Lambs.


Attack on Titan: season 2

Do I really need to explain what there is to be excited about for this one? Attack on Titan has become a juggernaut in the world of Anime and it is just simply put an amazing and exciting series. Fans have been waiting for ages for the release of season 2, and finally we now have confirmation that we will be able to see it next year in april. I usually watch shows after they have completed a full season, but I already know that I will make an exception for this one. The wait has been long enough. All I can say is that no matter his much I looking forward to this one, there is always this slight sense of unease that it might not be as good as season 1. With so many time to prepare for it though, I hope the creators have done their best to create an even better experience this time around.


24: Legacy

Before the Walking Dead became my number 1 alltime favorite tv series, there was 24. The realtime television series featuring Kiefer Sutherland as the hero Jack Bauer, has been a rollercoaster ride throughout it’s 9 seasons. Part of what made the show so exciting was Jack Bauer, the seemingly immortal but also very tragic anti-hero, that will always remain my favorite television character. (Not even the Walking Dead will change that). Next year 24 returns, but this time without Jack Bauer. One really has to wonder about the wisdom of that decision. Still, having seen the trailer of the new series, I do have to admit it looks good, and there are also some very good actors involved. Therefore I will give it a chance and keeping my fingers crossed that 24 will be able to live on without Jack Bauer.


Stranger Things: Season 2

Stranger Things was for me personally the best television series of 2016. It was a love letter to everything that I enjoyed about the 80’s. The music, the characters, the storyline, everything in this Netflix original series was just simply put: perfect. It has been a huge succes and therefore it came as no surprise the series would get a second season. With a series that was this good, one really has to wonder if they are able to maintain that high level for the second season. Whatever the case might be, I really can’t wait for this series to return. When it does I am seriously going to bingewatch it in one day. So far the only trailer that has been released for it, has in a truly original way, given us all the episode names for the second season.


Prisonbreak: Sequel

Prisonbreak ended it’s run after four seasons in a very satisfying way, and with what I found to be a touching and fitting end. Some people thought that the show went on too long, and getting more unbelievable with every season that followed. I personally loved it, even it’s fourth and final season. When I heard about the fact that the series would not only return, but also would feature a character who everyone believed to be dead, I could not help but wonder: How and why? Whatever the case, after having seen the first trailer for the new season, I found myself getting excited for it regardless. Prisonbreak has always been a personal favorite of mine, so hopefully this short follow up will do it justice.

So there you have it. The shows that I am looking forward to the most for next year. Are any of these shows that appear here on your list? Are there any other things you are looking forward to? Let me know in the comments section below. As always, thank you for reading!


25 thoughts on “Special Features Presents: Things to look forward to in 2017 (Tv series)”

  1. Can’t agree more about Stranger Things. I loved that series and bingewatched it in two days. So, very excited about season 2 but I hope they can reach the same level. A hard task.

    Btw, I mention this series in a top 5 list that will go online one of these days on my channel 😉

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    1. It was an absolute blast. I did the exact same thing. My only regret was that it only had 8 episodes, I wish it would have been more😀 We will see indeed, but even if the quality would drop a little, I still think it will be good enough 😀 Okay, very cool: looking forward to that 😀


  2. I honestly haven’t watched any of those mentioned except for Prison Break, which I’m really stoked about! I had no idea they were bringing it back.

    I did watch the first episode of AoT with friends but I didn’t think it was for me. I’m still planning to go back to it just because every single soul I meet raves about it and I want to know what all the fuss is about hahaha

    Great post 😊

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    1. Thank you very much 😊 AoT is a series that is one of those love/hate things I guess, there is little in between ground I think. I loved the show myself, because of the action, story and great characters. For me it is like that with Yuro on Ice. Everyone is totally excited about it, but I can’t make myself to watch it yet, just because it doesn’t really appeal to me. I am still going to though, purely to see what the fuss is about as well 😂 Prison Break was great, I couldn’t believe it either, until this first trailer. I hope it will be a fun little addition to the original series 😀

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  3. That’s really true! Attack on titan S2 and Stranger things S2 omg! 2017 has a lot of hype really!! . And with other netflix original series it does seem a lot more promising. 🙌

    And always wanted to pick up Prison break and house of cards, but just couldn’t get the time 😁. There’s another season for house of cards too I guess.

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    1. Yes, there is always a risk when things are so good to start off with, that a second season always has less quality. But as these series are both already very good, even less is probably still awesome 😀 Prisonbreak is a great series, and so is House of cards. Both are totally different shows though, but are good in their own way 😀

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      1. Yea *.* They have been in my to-watch-list for a long time… Should watch them next year for sure 😁 Probably, but there’s a lot of good things to look forward to in 2017 that I doubt if I will get sometime soon✳ hope I watch them 😭

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  4. My mind’s in a loop of ‘holyshitholyshitholyshit’ right now.

    I knew Aot s2 was coming this year but I had no idea the trailer was out. Then I watched it and ta-da, one of my favorite scenes from the manga. I have no words for how much I adore Hange in that scene (though I just adore Hange, period). Their mad scientist side is always fun but their more serious, seasoned soldier side is just..it takes my breath away.

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  5. I don’t watch non-anime shows that much (apart from Asian dramas) but I’ve heard that Stranger Things and Prison Break are really popular. I always hear about Prison Break haha because it’s filmed in my city. Someone from my high school works for them as one of the extras hahaha.

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    1. Really? That is coincidence 😀 Prison Break is a very good show, especially the first season. Stranger Things is simply put: amazing. It is a great series, with very enjoyable characters. Asian dramas are always fun. I am currently enjoying a great Korean drama called Goblin. I highly recommend that one. It is amazing, with great humor, and a truly terrific cast 😊

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  6. Lots of good series on your list! I prefer TV series because I like to go really deep with the story and characters. Movies just don’t have time to really pull me in most of the time.

    Of course, I’ll be checking out Voice. Most definitely Stranger Things 2. I will be watching Prison Break and 24 too. I liked the last season of Prison Break, but it did lose a lot its charm by then. So I don’t know what to expect with the new season. And I definitely worry about 24 without Jack Bauer. But if it can deliver the same feel as previous seasons with that edge of your seat intensity, then I would still like it.

    And then I have a gigantic list of Korean dramas that I won’t even get started on. Okay, I do have to mention Missing 9 though, since I’m super excited about that one 🙂

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    1. Haha, yes I just said on another response that I think I am going to call in sick early next year to have a chance to catch up on everything lol. Missing 9 is defintely on my list as well. I had to make a choice between Voice and Missing 9 for this post, and voice came slightly ahead on top 😀 (Only just though 😂). I did read that Tony Almeida might resurface in the new 24, and that would really be cool if that were to happen. Otherwise I am just holding my hopes up that it will be just as much fun as the original 24. Prison Break has at least almost every cast member returning so that is very cool indeed. 😀

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      1. I would definitely like to see Tony pop back up and especially if he could have a decent size role. But the trailers definitely look good.

        And it’s definitely great that they got most of the original cast to return for Prison Break. For me, the original cast is very important. I still think it will be impossible to really capture that initial charm, but if it could at least be as good as the last season, I would be happy 🙂

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  7. I’m just trying to figure out what they’ll do for a second season of Stranger Things. The first season tied up all the loose ends really well, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it.

    Attack on Titan left enough loose ends that a second season can go pretty much anywhere. How well they do that, we’ll see, but I’ve got faith it’ll be good.

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    1. Yes, I don’t know where they are going to take the show next either. The first season of Stranger Things was so very good, that it will be almost I possible to reach that same level of cool again. But we will see. As for Attack on Titan, yes I am sure it will be really cool again to revisit that awesome setting again. I feel 2017 is going to be a great year for movies and tv…so many great things heading our way, can hardly wait for all of it to arrive 😀

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