Special Features Presents: My favorite creature feature movies (part 2)

Last week, on part 1 of this special feature, I presented my favorite monster movies that had at least a bit of a realistic feel to it. For those of you that might have missed this post, you can find it here. Now though, all hell breaks loose, as I am now going to feature the terrible creatures that are not of this world. And some of these are so incredible frightening, that at times you wonder what on Earth must have gone through the mind of the person that thought these things up in the first place. Anyways, sit back, grab a cold drink, and prepare to scream.

1. The Thing (1982)

I sure have a headache today, I really wonder why?

John Carpenter’s remake of the 1951 classic movie The Thing from another world, is one of the best monster movies ever made. In The Thing members of a research facility in Antarctica are under attack by a creature that can take on the same shape as anything it touches. As nobody is able to trust one another, paranoia soon grows rampant. The creature effects in this movie are stunning and absolutely disgusting. Even to this day, they are very impressive to say the least. But the true strength in this film, lies in the concept itself. With literally anyone who could be the monster, who can you trust? Great stuff, and in my opinion this is an absolute must see movie.

2. Tremors (1990)

Did anyone order fried snakes?

This movie has fun written all over it. Starring a young Kevin Bacon, a small town is threatened by a group of gigantic worms that live under ground and are attracted by noise. This movie has a lot of funny and scary scenes at the same time, and with great creature effects, this is just another highly enjoyable movie. This film has spawned four sequels and even a tv series. Supposedly a second tv series is currently under development, with Kevin Bacon reprising his role. The original movie is still the best though, and after 27 years it has withstood the test of time very well.

3. The Relic (1997)

I really wonder what his dentist has to say about his teeth.

This is a pretty underrated movie, that might not even be known to a lot of people. Based on the novel of the same name, the Relic tells the story of a frightening creature that has unknowingly been transported to the basement of a Chicago museum. When people start to die, a homicide detective joins forces with a anthropologist to find out the truth. I honestly have to admit that the novel was better than the movie, but still this is a very enjoyable monster romp. The creature itself, designed by legend Stan Winston is amazing, and the dark atmosphere and unique setting ensure that you will definitely be entertained throughout this movie.

4. The Host (2006)

The things you find in the river these days.

The Korean movie The Host, is one of the more unusual monstermovies on this list. In Seoul’s Han river a truly repulsive monster resides, that suddenly emerges and begins to attack people on the shore. A father fights to protect his family from the creature at all cost. Usually, in a film such as this, we get to see the monster later on in the film. But here the creature is shown right from the start and in full daylight. With a story that is part comedy, part horrormovie, and also part drama this really is a very unique monster film, and one that I was highly impressed by.

5. Cloverfield (2008)

Hey…no need to run away, he really doesn’t bite, trust me.

Cloverfield was steeped in secrecy before it was released. Nobody quite knew what to expect from this film, as the trailers showed very little of what was going on. This was a movie in the found footage category. A group of friends in New York get caught up right in the middle of what at first is presumed to be a natural disaster. However it turns out that a gigantic monster has invaded the Big Apple and is on a rampage. We get a lot of shaky cam shots, that actually made people ill while watching it in theatres. I had no such problems however, and found it to be a fantastic experience with a very well designed creature.

6. Virus (1999)

Hey, who are you calling ugly?

Virus tells the tale of the crew of the salvage ship “Sea Star”, that during a storm comes across a Russian vessel seemingly abandoned at sea. However it soon becomes clear that a terrible evil has invaded the ship. This movie features some great actors including Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland. But the real stars for this film are the very well designed robotic/organic creatures. This is a highly underrated gem of a movie, with some terrific performances by the cast, and a truly frightening atmosphere. This is one of those films where you wonder why it received so many negative reviews at the time.

7. Aliens (1986)

Why the hell do they make these ceilings so low?

I have featured this movie a couple of times on my blog, on all kinds of different posts. But if I were to leave this one out of this list, I would really be doing something wrong. Yes the original alien movie was great, but this sequel was superior in every way. When a group of marines travel to the newly established colony on planet LV 426, they encounter a breed of deadly alien xenomorphs. Together with Ripley, the sole survivor of the spaceship Nostromo, and who has encountered the creatures before, they must find a way off planet before it’s too late. I have seen this movie too many times that I can count, and I am honestly still in awe of the incredible creature effects that are featured in this film. This movie is just simply put an alltime classic.

8. The Descent (2005)

A candle light dinner sure isn’t what it used to be.

The small British horrormovie the Descent is a truly frightening and claustrophobic experience. A group of girls travel down into an unexplored cavesystem, but encounter a horrifying breed of creatures. A struggle for survival begins, but with the way back pretty much cut off, their chances of getting out alive are slim. This movie is definitely the most terrifying one of this list, and that is in part because of the truly tense atmosphere that this movie has. Even though this film had a pretty low budget, it does not show that in the least. If you like to be truly scared this movie is definitely for you.

Final thoughts

And that as they say, is that. Now is this list complete, and does it feature all of my favorite creature feature movies? I would have to answer that one with a big and resounding no. Predator, King Kong, Godzilla to name but a few, are also favorites of mine. But as this post is already pretty long, I have decided to stick with the 8 movies that are featured on this post. Maybe in the future I will do another one of these, as I really had some fun writing this.

But these are my favorites, and as always I am looking forward to the “out of this world monster films” that you like the most. Are any of them featured above? Are there any others you like? Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading this one, and I will see you all at the next post!



28 thoughts on “Special Features Presents: My favorite creature feature movies (part 2)”

  1. “And some of these are so incredible frightening, that at times you wonder what on Earth must have gone through the mind of the person that thought these things up in the first place”

    That, my friend, is a very good question. Some of these ideas are so wtf that it deserves an applause for that aspect alone. Great post again! Of these, I’ve watched Tremors, Alien and Cloverfield. All were fun..well kinda fun. In a creepy, scary way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you. Yes I think of myself as having a pretty active imagination, but these creatures sure take things to a whole other level 😂😂 From the movies on this list that you have not seen yet, I highly recommend the Thing…it is seriously cool, a classic and just an utterly amazing film. I might do a review for this one somewhere in may.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah…honestly I had wanted to include Predator as well, but seeing I recently did a review for that one I decided not to. As for Alien it is ofcourse one of the best creatures ever to grace the cinema. The Descent is seriously creepy. Too bad the sequel is utter crap.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I love all these creatures (from a distance ofcourse). The Thing being one of my favourite body horror movie’s. “Whatever it is..it’s weird and pissed off”.
    The Host really does have a great look to it as you say it’s unusual which makes it fascinating to watch.

    I also love the creature ideas Guillermo Del Toro usually had too such as in Mama and Pans Labyrinth (if you have seen it). The creature that has eyes for hands is very creepy.

    Once again I loved the humour in your captions. Their very smart witted such as in Alien and The Descent. This was really entertaining to read and a great idea for a post. ☺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have seen both movies from Guillermo, and you are right about him having terrific creature designs. It is one of his trademarks really. As for The Host, that was more than a monstermovie in my opinion. At times it felt like a drama with a terrific and touching story. Glad you enjoyed the post and ofcourse thank you for your comment 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it’s one of the reasons I love these foreign movies. They can make even the most scariest ‘monster movie’s’ feel so heartfelt due to the relationship the character’s build around them. The dialogue is always so admirable. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Whoa!! It’s been so long since I’ve heard of these movies! Most are personal favorites (I lost track of how many times I watched Tremors), just I haven’t seen/remember The Host, Relic or Virus. Loved King Kong, Godzilla, and Predators too. I’ve forgotten a lot of films I saw back in the day (I was really big on movies then). I can’t say for sure which I liked/disliked anymore but vaguely remember seeing Splice, Signs, Dreamcatcher, and Species. This was a great trip down memory lane 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, all of the movies you are mentioning are seriously cool in their own way. I had thought of including Predator as well, but seeing I recently did a review for it, I decided against it for a change 😊 Thanks for your comment 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Have to say, I have watched all the movies mentioned here. I love most of them, though I have to say I found Relic and the Host to be forgettable. I love the Thing, and if you love the concept I should tell you I read a graphic novel (the name escapes me) with the same basic plot set in the Marvel Universe, where the creature was Venom. It was amazing. As anyone can be host. I loved Virus but haven’t seen since the cinema. I just though destructible borg! Cloverfield was Awesome, Aliens is a Classic, Tremors is brilliant and I really enjoyed Descent Though that is partly because the creatures reminded me of the characters I tend to play in horror games.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That really sounds awesome indeed. A thing like plot set in the Marvel Universe and featuring Venom: how cool is that? 😀😀 Thanks for bringing this to my attention, definitely will try and track that one down. Cool that you have seen all of these films. Some of these are not very well known (Virus being one of them) 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Species was a really fun, disgusting and very seductive film as well. Greatly enjoyed,and I even liked part two, although that one was ofcourse not as cool as the first one. Everything that followed after those two parts you can pretty much forget lol 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That last scene from the prequel was so cool. Especially when the music from the original started playing. That was awesome and gave me goosebumps 😊 But yeah, the original is an absolute classic and one of my alltime favorite horrormovies 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I could not understand all the negative reviews at the time either. I loved this one as well, and thought it really was made in the spirit of the original movie. Especially with the special effects that were very much in the spirit of the original 😊 Glad to read that we have similar tastes: that is always a lot of fun! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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