Special Features Presents: Stranger Things season 2 trailer.

Last year, Netflix released a television series that was so incredibly briljant, that I finished it twice in one weekend. Yes, I am not kidding. The series was an homage to everything 80’s and managed to create an atmosphere that I had not felt since movies like E.T. or Stand by me. That series was calledΒ Stranger ThingsΒ and it was everything that an 80’s junkie like me could have dreamed of. Stranger Things was simply perfect, and it had only one negative point to it as far as I was concerned: it only had 8 episodes. Being such a huge succes, it would have been erm strange, if a second season would not have been announced. Ofcourse it was, and since then I have been eagerly awaiting news or the first images of the second series. Besides a very short 15 second Β teaser, it all was deceptively quiet. Until now….

When there is something strange, in your neighbourhood, who are you going to call? Erm..not them….

This morning I woke up, browsed through the YouTube video’s and then my eyes fell upon the Stranger Things season 2 thriller trailer. With a pounding heart, I clicked on the play button……and had a stupid grin on my face until it finished. I just had to share this with you guys. Unless I am mistaking this second season is going to be even more epic than the first. All of our favorite characters return, and oh man that wonderful 80’s vibe, you just can’t beat that! We still have to wait a few months for it’s final release, but until that time we can watch this trailer again….and again….and again! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. And if you haven’t yet seen the first season, go and watch it now. It is utterly amazing, and certainly the best tv series that Netflix has made so far.


39 thoughts on “Special Features Presents: Stranger Things season 2 trailer.”

    1. It’s always difficult when a first season was so awesome to come back with something that is just as good or even better. But judging from this trailer, I think they succeeded. Keeping my fingers crossed, but for me October just can’t come soon enough πŸ˜€

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  1. I loved the first season of this show. It reminded me of all the old 80s and 90s movies I watched growing up and in the end end has become one of my all time favourite TV series.

    This trailer looks very solid. I can’t wait to see where this goes!

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    1. I’m completely in love with this series. I really hope the quality for the second season will be as good as the first, but if this trailer is anything to go by, I think it will be. Really can’t wait for October πŸ˜€


    1. I absolutely loved Stranger Things…I honestly can’t wait for October. I know I will be bingewatching this in one weekend for sure 😊 This trailer was great, and the music for it was amazing 😊

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    1. Haha, I can’t either. Luckily it is “only” three months that we have to wait for this. (Hmm, this sounded better in my head lol). Seriously though, I am really looking forward to this. The trailer looks simply amazing, and it looks like this season might even be better than the first one (which I think is impossible πŸ˜‚).

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  2. I was so excited when this popped up too! From past experience, I doubt it will be as good as the first season, but if it’s even half as good, I will be satisfied. The trailer was awesome and calmed some of my fears. It seems that they captured the same amazing atmosphere with a continued mystery to keep things intense. It will be perfect for a Halloween marathon πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh yes, for sure. I’m going to lock me up in my house, turn of the phone, and stock up on food and drink in order to bingewatch this one πŸ˜‚ Really can’t wait, and if this trailer is anything to go by, I think we will be in for a terrific season 😊

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  3. I loved the first series and recently rewatched in anticipation of its return. It looks suitably epic, and I was excited even by the shorter trailer with the lads biking along the road with the sky looking weird. It has also been quite useful for helping explain things, as in some of the RPGs I play there are realms like the upside down, and now I actually see them vividly like that which is cool. I also like that the Vincent Price voiceover from thriller was used, though as pointed out by comedian Ed Byrne there is a little bit of genre confusion there. Not so much a thriller, really. You don’t need columbo to figure out it was the zombies…more of a horror I should say. Thanks for posting, had already seen the trailer but rewatching was just cool


    1. Sorry, for the late response, but as I said in my blog update, was a bit busy the past few days, so I only just returned 😊 But oh man, Stranger Things where to start? I loved that show. I found it so good that in fact I watched it twice in one weekend. The first time alone, the second time I just had to watch it with someone else. I’m really hyped for this new season. I know these are just trailers, but wow they look so incredibly awesome. And hey it’s the 80’s ! But yes, it’s going to be a blast. I know I can’t be a 100% sure, but I am 99% sure this is going to be awesome 😊

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      1. No worries. I read your post so assumed you would get to me when things calmed down for you. I will be very very disappointed if season 2 isn’t awesome. I have a post loosely related to stranger things but just haven’t had a slot for it yet which is fine as it would work closer to season 2 release. The trailers were amazing. I look fwd to season 2

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    1. It really is, I’m currently in the middle of watching the 2nd season. While so far it is a bit slower than the first season, I’m still really enjoying it. Glad you like the show too: thanks for your comment πŸ˜€

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