Ah the 80’s. The time where we had saturday morning cartoons, such as He-man and Transformers, cool rock music, and best of all some fantastic movies. Who doesn’t remember titles such as E.T., the Goonies, The Thing, Back to the Future, the list goes on and on. I sometimes wish I would be able to travel back in time, and live my life again back in those days. Ofcourse that is wishful thinking on my part, but the Netflix Original series Stranger Things, does the next best thing. It revisits those times and brings it back in such a fantastic way that I am completely in awe of this little gem of television.

In Stranger Things we start with four young friends who are enjoying a game of Dungeons and Dragons in a basement. At the end of the session everyone heads home towards their respective houses. However one of them, the young boy Will, never makes it back home, as becomes clear the next day. The three remaining friends soon set off in search of Will, despite the warnings of the local sheriff not to get involved. When searching in the woods, they all of a sudden meet a strange girl with a shaved head. Who is she, and what is she doing alone in the woods? It becomes clear that the girl is no ordinary girl, and the three friends stand on the verge of entering a nightmare from which they might never return. However they will not give up the search for Will, and are determined to find him no matter what the cost.

To tell more of the story, would be to deprive you of the fun and scares this fantastic series has to offer. Now I watch a lot of tv shows, but this has truly been one of the best shows I have ever seen. I am almost struggling to find the right words in order to describe how much I enjoyed this show. Let’s begin with the atmosphere this series brings. By having the series take place in the 80’s you are literally getting the same feel you had when watching all those fantastic movies in those days. The show is a fantastic blend of all the best things of those times together, with elements of Stephen King and John Carpenter. The acting in the show is superb. It is great to see Winona Ryder back on the screen in a great role, as the desperate mother of Will. The young children are also very good, especially Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the role of the mysterious girl. Finally the music of the show completes it, and sounds as though you are watching a John Carpenter movie.

Are there any bad things? Just one: the series runs for only eight episodes. I truly hope with all my heart this show is going to get a second season. Stranger Things is scary, funny, emotional, exciting and is one of the best rollercoaster rides of this year. Once you have seen the first episode you are hooked, and it will be nigh impossible to turn it off before you have seen the final episode. Anyone who want’s to feel like he or she is back in the 80’s, or who loves good quality television, watch this show.

I give Stranger Things a 10 out of 10 score.