Hello everyone. Starting today I have decided to add a new category to my blog called Special Features. So what can you expect to find here? Honestly, pretty much anything. My blog has so far only concerned itself with writing reviews. Don’t worry I am not going to stop doing this, because it is still one of the things I enjoy doing the most. But sometimes I come across things like a very cool trailer, an interesting news story, or some other element that I feel like sharing. Ofcourse it would be weird if I would publish an item like that as a review, hence the new category. As always, everything that I am going to publish, will still be concerning itself with boardgames, books, manga, anime, movies, tv series etc. In short all the cool stuff. Kicking off this new feature will be a post about the top 3 Boardgame YouTube Channels ( well in my opinion ofcourse).

Those of you who have been following my blog must know by now that I love playing boardgames. The games I play usually take place in sci-fi/fantasy settings, and have a lot of cool elements to enjoy. One of the more annoying things that sometimes pop up when I buy a new game is a rules book that I truly need to read a 100 times before I can even understand what it is about. In the old days I could tear my hair out when this happened, but nowadays we have YouTube. Since boardgames are becoming ever more popular, there are now entire channels devoted to this fantastic medium. They contain news items, unboxing videos, and playthroughs of a certain game. This last feature is one of the best things that you can come across, as you don’t have to read the rulebook anymore to play a game. (Well at least if they are done right lol). There are three channels that are truly standing out from the crowd, and they all have their own qualities. If you like playing boardgames, these are the 3 channels you should definitely check out:

1. Watch it played

One of the oldest channels devoted to boardgames, it is hosted by the wonderful Rodney Smith. This guy is one of the kindest individuals you can come across, and his playthroughs are absolutely amazing. He has a very calm and patient way of explaining things, and if you don’t understand a game after watching one of his videos, chances are you never will. Besides making playthroughs, he also features news items and other things about the boardgame industry. You can check out one of his videos below.

2. Vitruvian Gamer

A somewhat newer channel,but steadily gaining more and more followers this is one of the more unique boardgame channels. The host of this channel, Kurt, for instance has a regular feature called All Aboard. In this video besides sharing news about boardgames , he welcomes every new subscribers to his channel. I think that is one of the nicest things you can do, and it definitely shows he cares about his viewers. In his playthrough videos there is a lot of humour as well, and they are an absolute joy to watch. This is one of his All Aboard videos.

3.Rahdo runs through…

Also one of the more older channels, this one has published a very impressive amount of playthrough videos. Hosted by Rahdo, a guy who has a very infectious enthusiasm, he can truly interest you in a boardgame that you may not have even noticed otherwise. His videos are fast, but a lot of fun to watch, and nearly every game he shows will feature three videos: a short walkthrough, an extended gameplay video, and his thoughts on the game. I always watch his videos with a smile on my face, and have bought a few games, just because I watched one of his videos. Check out one of his videos below.


And that’s it for this first special features post. Don’t worry I am not only going to be talking about boardgames in special features, but as mentioned above, it will concern itself with a lot of other things as well. Thank you for reading, and see you on the next post….