The Visit, American Movie (2015)

“I see dead people…..” It is one of those movie quotes that pretty much everyone remembers and has made history. It is ofcourse a line from the fantastic movie The Sixth Sense, made by writer/director M.Night Shyamalan. Unfortunately after this truly superb horror/thriller, his career went pretty much downhill. His follow up movie Unbreakable, though still a great film, wasn’t as good as the aforementioned movie. Signs, though I absolutely loved it, did not receive a pretty warm reception either. And then there were the Village and the Happening, which truly did not make an impression with the regular movie audience and the critics. It is weird how these things can go sometimes: One minute you are an up and coming director, and a few years later people (almost) tend to forget about you. However, he hasn’t stopped making films, and lately he seems to be heading in a better direction again. Which is great news, as last year’s The Visit, is one of the more disturbing films I have seen in a while.

This movie tells the story about two young children, Rebecca and her brother Tyler, who are off to stay with their grandparents for a week. Arriving at the remote farm of the elderly couple they are welcomed with open arms. Besides a few small rules, like for instance don’t leave your room after 09:30 p.m., nothing seems to be amiss. However, it is not before long, that both Rebecca and Tyler begin to discover strange things about their loving grandparents. Brother and sister may have ended up in a regular nightmare, and it is beginning to look more and more likely that they may never return home safely…..

I think we can say that mr. Shyamalan has become famous for some of the twists he puts into his movies. There is another one in this one, and I really did not see it coming. It was truly magnificent, and it was a twist that made this movie all the more disturbing. There were some scenes in this film that gave a real sense of unease, and that was definitely the goal of the director. The movie has been filmed in a documentary style, as both Rebecca and Tyler, carry handheld cameras throughout the  film. The acting in the movie was okay, although I did not really like the performance of the boy playing Tyler. His reactions at times were played somewhat forced, and did not look convincing. Besides that, there really isn’t much I did not like in this movie. The tension and atmosphere in this film were perfect, the story was great, and there were enough scares in the film to satisfy the lovers of thrillers and horrormovies alike. After seeing this movie, you might think twice about sending your kids off to visit their grandparents though.

I give The Visit a 8 out of 10 score.


12 thoughts on “The Visit, American Movie (2015)”

  1. This movie sounds really interesting. As you’ve mentioned after the sixth sense Shaylman went down hill. The village is a big disappointment. So to hear about this movie, expectations have gone up a notch or two.

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    1. It was definitely a good movie, way better than anything he has made in a while. There is a new movie coming out called Split, starring James mcAvoy. I have seen the trailer for it, and it looks very scary. Early screenings of it, have been very positive too 😀

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  2. Deze heb je redelijk snel na mij gekeken. Ik vond de trailer al creepy. M. Night Shyamalan komt weer eens goed in beeld met deze film. Ik had de, toch aanwezige, twist ook niet zien aankomen. Het is hem toch weer gelukt. Natuurlijk is de kleinzoon een irritant ventje, maar die zorgt wel voor een beetje verlichting in de film. Uitstekende film.

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      1. Ik heb wel eens vaker gehad dat ik een film fantastisch vond, maar aander vrienden vonden er dan geen moer aan.


        Op een of andere manier hebben wij daar geen last van met elkaar.

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