Special Features Presents: First trailer released for Alien Covenant

So, a bit of a weird thing to release on Christmas Day to be honest, but today the first trailer for the upcoming Alien movie saw the light of day. Alien Covenant is a follow up to Prometheus and will act as a prequel to the Alien franchise. Confused? Well let me explain if you are not completely up to date with these movies.

In 2012 director Ridley Scott, the original director of the first Alien movie, released the movie Prometheus. The movie received very mixed reviews, as a lot of people had expected it to be a movie in the style of Alien. While Prometheus did take place in the same universe, and was most certainly a prequel to the Alien franchise, it was a whole different type of movie. It was a science fiction epic, that dealt more with mankinds first encounter with an alien race, than with the type of horror that made the Alien franchise so well known. As such there were quite a few fans that were disappointed by the film. I for one loved it. The cinematography of the movie was truly spectacular and I really liked the small details that were put into the film that referenced the original classic.

Alien Covenant, although being a sequel to Prometheus,will be a true Alien movie, and promises to be a truly horrific experience. Again directed by Ridley Scott, I hope this movie will become just as tense and scary as the first Alien film. This first trailer already has some very creepy moments. I do have to warn you when you watch this one: this is a red band trailer. That said it features some bloody scenes, and curse words. You have been warned! And remember…..in space no one can hear you scream…….


9 thoughts on “Special Features Presents: First trailer released for Alien Covenant”

  1. Yess, just what I wanted for Christmas.
    …ok maybe I’d have liked AoT s2 for Christmas but this will do.

    (And wow that last scene – one hell of a way to get cockblocked o_O)

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    1. Haha 😂😂😂 Exactly what I was thinking indeed lol. I like it that this movie defintely seems to bring the horror back into the franchise. It is still a long way, but I really need this to be released now: together with Attack om Titan season 2….which would be a true Christmas miracle 😀

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  2. I’m kind of over Alien at this point and think I’ll just stick with the originals. Alien vs Predator was a train wreck and Prometheus wasn’t particularly interesting. That said, I’ll probably end up watching this at some point in the future out of curiosity if nothing else.

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  3. Hesitantly optimistic here. Prometheus wasn’t a bad film, it just never really grabbed my interest the way Alien did. I’m not sure why Scott suddenly feels the need to revisit his old works, but hopefully he can find a more engaging balance with this one.

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    1. Haha, same here. Especially after seeing this trailer, it really looks seriously awesome. Well, only a few months more, and we will find out if it is any good (I’m keeping my fingers crossed). Thank you for commenting and the follow: welcome to the blog 😊

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