Special Features Presents: First trailer for Alita Batle Angel

After a bit of a strange week of blogging, and my recovering from a rather nasty flu (you can read all about that right here), today marks the first day that I hope to get back to normal blogging operations. Erm, yeah I don’t quite know what that means either. I’m at least going to try and make an effort to catch up on some posts that I have missed, and try and write some stuff myself again as well. They say there is such a thing as not believing in things that are a coincidence, but I sometimes beg to differ. I literally acquired the first volume of the Deluxe Edition of the Battle Angel Alita manga, this weekend. For those of you not familiair with it, Battle Angel Alita is a long running manga series. It features a young innocent looking cyborg woman called Alita, that is found and rescued at a Scrapyard by a cyber doctor where she was dumped. Floating above this Scrapyard is the floating city of Zalem. While the people at Zalem seem to enjoy a life of luxury, the people at the Scrapyard live in poverty and try to get by as best they can. It soon becomes apparent though that Alita is no ordinary cyborg, and is in reality a deadly assassin skilled in the legendary martial arts of Panzerkunst.

The first volume of the Deluxe Edition of the manga. Expect a review for this one next year. 

Now getting back to that coincidence, friday the first trailer for the live action movie of Alita seemingly came out of nowhere. It was a movie project that has been rumored for ages now, with director James Cameron having said that he has always been interested in making a film for this. It seems that plan has now finally been put into motion. Although Cameron doesn’t direct, he is quite involved in the project. And I have to say that what is on display in this trailer is really awesome. Not only does it look rather unique, we also get a pretty good cast that bring the characters to life. I for one can’t wait to see the final product, which will make an appearance in the theatres next year. For your enjoyment I have provided the trailer for you to watch, and judge by yourself. Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.



32 thoughts on “Special Features Presents: First trailer for Alita Batle Angel”

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Yahoo! Thanks to Raistlin0903, I’ve watched the new trailer of ”Alita: Battle Angel”.

    Robert Rodriguez + Cristoph Waltz + $200 million budget + Mahershala Ali + J Connelly + Cameron’s producing.

    This is so awesome. I’m practically drooling just thinking about it.

    But we all know that while Robert Rodriguez (and Waltz too) was responsible for creating some of the most amazing stuff I’ve ever seen (”Desperado”, ”From Dusk Till Dawn”, ”Sin City”) he’ve always been pretty inconsistent (3 ”Spy Kids” movies were totally unjustified, ”Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” was visually impressive but still somehow boring).

    The trailer of ”Alita: Battle Angel” is cool and I love these anime-like eyes… however basically it doesn’t show anything we haven’t seen before, so lets hope that there’s much more in the film!

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  2. Interesting. It is an anime/manga that I am aware of but never engaged with, but that doesn’t make it unusual as that goes for the vast majority of manga and anime. Looks like some decent casting choices, though perhaps I will wait and see whether I go and see it (I am about post apocalyptic-wastelanded out at the minute)

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    1. I’m a huge fan of the manga, so I am quite excited for it, especially as (so far at least) it seems to capture the spirit of it quite well. I can understand wanting to wait. There has been an overkill on post apocalyptic stuff these past few years. But to be fair, Alita has been around for quite a long time going back to 1990. And Cameron usually delivers. But we we will wait and see 😀


    1. The Manga is very good. Both the story abd the art are reasons to pick it up. It can be quite brutal at times as well, but it’s definitely one of my alltime favorite mangas that’s for sure. Hope you will enjoy it, if you manage to pick it up at some point 😀

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    1. It certainly is better than I expected myself. I really love the manga so usually a movie pretty much ruins it, but this really looks good and manages to capture the spirit of it in a very good way. Thanks for the kind words, am glad to be back myself as well 😀

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  3. I unfortunately haven’t checked out this manga yet!!!!😍 This trailer is absolutely awesome!🙌🙌🙌 Fantastic post as always Michel! You just ROCK! 🎸✌😎 Yay!🙌🙌 I hope you are feeling better and your weekend was well!😍 I will definitely be putting this on my TBR and once I read it, I will watch this badass movie! Thanks so much for sharing and I’m glad you’re back!😊 *happy dance*💃💃💃

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    1. Haha, thank you so much: it’s always so nice to see a comment from you: they never fail to produce a smile for me: really mean that 😊😊
      I’m definitely feeling better today. The worst is certainly over, so I’m just glad to be able to write and comment again😀
      Glad you enjoyed the post. The manga is certainly well worth reading. It is pretty brutal at times as well, won;t lie to you there. But the Art is amazing, and the film (well the trailer that is lol), certainly seems to do a great job in making this a great adaptation. Looking forward to it, and I hope you will enjoy the read 😀

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      1. The manga does sound awesome and work reading based on what you said!😊 I like so brutal and gory shit at times! I was telling Lashaan the other day when reading a manga the artwork is important to me so it makes me happy that the art is amazing! So definitely one for my to be read list for sure! I will have to add on Goodreads!😊


  4. The trailer looks more promising that some other live action anime adaptations we have gotten over the years. Although I am not too familiar with the manga I presume this is more faithful to the source material than the American Akira.

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    1. Haha…oh man that YouTube video cracked me up 😂😂Let’s ride out bikes safely under the speed limit..lol 😂😂
      But yeah true…this looks really promising. There is a fair amount of talent involved as well, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this ending up to be a pretty cool picture 😊

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    1. Thank you 😊 I’m very glad to be back myself. I missed everyone and it’a great to catch up on posts again 😊
      This manga has always been in my heart. I just really like the character of Alita. She is really awesome. It’a definitely worth it to check it out 😊

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  5. You are tremendous to keep up the posting after recovery and lovely to see you healthy again to make such detailed posts each time.
    The trailer flows nicely from what the trailer shows us so hopefully it will be a pleasant experience. I haven’t been thjs intrguied by a sci- fi movie since Ex Machina which I found captivating. To add Christoph Waltz in the movie lit my eyes wider than a manga, as I really admire his style of acting.

    It’s great to hear you are fond of this Manga, and the source from which this spans is very intrguing that I have scavanged the land of metal to find the 1993 animated version which I shall be watching.

    Sincerely Sonea

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    1. Haha, well, I have a lot of catching up to do honestly. I’ve fallen quite behind on everything that I had wanted to post this month, but I don’t think I will be able to finish it all. But oh well, there is always next year.
      The manga really is one of my favorites, and I am delighted it’s finally being turned into a live action movie. Especially one that really has a terrific cast and seems to really capture the spirit of the manga itself. The anime certainly isn’t bad, but feels a bit unpolished as it is very short, and doesn’t cover everything. Still it certainly is enjoyable.
      Thanks again for your lovely comment, and please take good care of yourself 😊


      1. You’ve battled a great battle and that was a might feat in itself. You have still managed to post some insightful and worthy posts and that is good enough. It far excels my ‘ one or two visits a week’ and trying to write up a post has been scarce which can be upsetting to say the least.

        I wish I could read the Manga but alas time and finding it proves a little difficult thus the anime will be the next best thing it seems but I do look foward to it as the plot is very intrguing to moi. I do not follow sci fi much but when the story like this as you say is your favourite proves there is a great reason for that. Your quite welcome Michel and I hope you keep well.

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  6. I hadn’t heard of this manga or movie. But this trailer was awesome and really grabbed my attention. Very unique look and feel. I definitely want to check this out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. That’s exactly how I felt after watching it: it really has a look that I really can’t compare to anything. It seems like anime, but it isn’t, but then again it is. Really can’t describe it. But if the movie is as good as this trailer we are in for a treat 😀

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  7. Oh wow. The story of the Manga itself sounds great and the trailer is really nice! Definitely going to read the Manga. When I read about the floating city where everyone lives comfortable and the scrapyard below , it kind of reminded me of ‘Astro Boy’. I don’t know if it was the series or movie version, but there was a similar setting there.

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    1. I think you may be right. It was quite a while since I last saw Astro Boy, but it does have a few similarities. I’m not a really frequent mangareader, but this one certainly ranks as one of my favorites. I also love the fact that this trailer really does a terrific job of recreating the manga. Hopefully the film itself will be just as amazing. But I have high hopes for this one 😊

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