This year one of the best things I have seen has been the Anime Another. (You can read my review of it here). The incredible story, dark atmosphere and music, there was so much to like about it, that it has truly been whispering in my mind for the past month. Now, don’t worry I am not going to bore you with a second review of this show, but I did find out that there actually was a 13th episode of the Animeseries. This Original Video Animation serves as a prequel to the original show, and ties up a few loose story threads.

In this 23 minute episode which you might also call, Episode 0, we see Mei Misaki and her “other half” as it were in the months before the start of the events in the Anime series. We see a Mei here, who has an almost completely different personality when  compared to the original show. As this is taking place in a different point in time, Mei is truly almost a happy girl, and lives her life to the fullest. It is a pretty sad and in the end heartbreaking episode, as we learn what has happened to Mei’s “other half”, and has caused her to finally become the Misaki that we know from the Anime.

So is this prequel worth watching? Well that is a pretty tough question to answer. This episode definitely does not have the same quality of the briljant Anime. It has a completely different tone, and apart from one scene, I can’t really say that this episode should have the label horror. I did enjoy finding out a little bit more about Mei Misaki’s past, and as such this episode did accomplish at least that goal. Other than that though, besides filling in a few other gaps from the main storyline, it doesn’t do much else. Being such a huge fan of the original Anime I felt a bit disappointed by this OVA. I do still think that when you have watched Another, you have to watch this one, as it does explain a few things that you did not already know. If you have not yet seen the original Anime, do not start with this episode.(even though it takes place before the series). It’s a bit like Star Wars where you should start with the original Trilogy first, before taking on the prequels.(Although some people might argue not starting with the prequels at all). Anyways, I am still glad I watched this one, if only to see Mei Misaki for one final time.

I give Another: The Other-Inga a 7 out of 10 score.