Special Features Presents: Cliffhangers

This weekend the Walking Dead returns to our television screens with it’s seventh season. A lot of people will be sitting in front of their tv screens with a pounding heart (myself included) as we get to see the resolution of the enormous cliffhanger of the last season. I guess everyone who loves television series has had an encounter with this phenomenon. You are watching the final episode of the season of your favorite show. You see the clock ticking down….you know in your heart that something is about to happen. And then: the shock, you stare at the screen not believing your eyes, until finally: “To be continued…….” It can be frustrating, so very, very frustrating. Having watched a lot of seasons of an enormous amount of different tv shows I have seen my share of them. So I thought that this would be a nice opportunity to share some of my favorite “End of Season ones” . There are some (minor) spoilers ahead, so you have been warned.

1.Grimm, Season 2 Episode 22


This supernatural show reminds me a lot of the good old days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is a lot of humour in it, and that definitely is one of the reasons to watch this show. At the end of the second season, with all the main characters being left in some kind of peril, the words “to be continued” appeared. That in itself is nothing unusual, but it was followed by “Oh come on, you knew this was coming”. A great and fun way to take the frustration away, but also one of the funniest cliffhangers of all-time.

2.24, Season 2 Episode 24


The realtime tv show 24, has always been a favorite of mine. With it’s shock and awe tactics, the fantastic character of Jack Bauer, this show has so many cliffhangers both during and at the end of a season, that it is hard to pick a favorite. But I think one of the more memorable ones, was at the end of the second season. President Palmer, one of the main and most influential characters of the show, receives a handshake at the end of giving a speech. After that he collapses on stage, and the screen fades to black….classic 24.

3.Robotech, Episode 60


Robotech still is one of my alltime favorite animated series. Though technically not a Anime show, it is basically a blend of three unrelated Japanese Animeseries, with a rewritten storyline, that spans three generations. At the end of what you could consider the second season, also known as the Robotech Masters, the Earth is left with an uncertain future. In trying to prevent an alien race called the Invid from turning the Earth into a giant Hive, one of the heroes of the show, Zor, made an effort to destroy the one thing that might lead them to the planet. The plan backfired however, and with the Invid on their way, all bets were off…..

4.The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 2 Episode 22


This highly (at least in my opinion) underrated show, was unfortunately cancelled after two seasons. Starring the lovely Summer Glau as the Terminator Cameron, it created a new timeline for the Terminator franchise. In the last episode of the second season a young John Connor was transported far into the future where Skynet ruled supreme. More worrying was the fact that nobody knew who he was. The frustrating thing about this cliffhanger was that we never get to see how it would be resolved, because of the cancellation. A real shame, and a truly horrifying way to leave it like that for fans.

5.The Walking Dead, Season 6 Episode 16


And ofcourse this last one should not really come as a surprise. My alltime favorite show ended on a truly horrifying cliffhanger at the end of it’s sixth season. Most of the show’s main characters were driven to their knees with new villain Negan looming over them. He promises our heroes one thing: to beat one of them to death. Raising his bat with barbed wire, it comes down on the head on one of our beloved characters, but we don’t see who. Roll credits, see you next season……

The Walking Dead will return on sunday in the States, but living in Holland I will actually have to wait a full day longer to see who will die (and avoid social media sites while doing that lol).

Well, I could go on for a while more, but I’m guessing that five is enough for now. Let me know what you think about cliffhangers. Do you like them? Hate them? Do you have any favorites?

I am going to prepare myself mentally for a tough weekend ahead. For all of you following the Walking Dead, I wish you strength. As for now…..to be continued.


12 thoughts on “Special Features Presents: Cliffhangers”

    1. Me too. I feel sorry for Summer Glau. Nearly every show she has starred in has been cancelled. It’s almost as if she has some kind of curse on her. I hate it when they cancel a show and not at least resolved the storyline in some way. Sarah Connor Chronicles was good, and in my opinion way better than the last Terminator movie.

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    1. Haha, true, you are definitely correct. Well, in some cases I hate cliffhangers as well, especially if a series gets cancelled and we never see the end result. But, sometimes I like them, if only to see the expression on people’s faces at the end lol. But you are right, if I like a series I will keep watching anyway, regardless of a cliffhanger or not.


  1. Ah, I love The Sarah Connor Chronicles! Fantastic story, writing, and characters. What a terrible cliffhanger ending too. Not sure what the show would have been like had they decided to continue though. If they focused mostly on the future, it would have felt very different. But I would have loved a couple more seasons of that awesome show 🙂

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    1. It was a real shame that it got cancelled. It got better with every episode, and especially nearing the end I felt the writers had really found the way to treat the storyline in a good way. If it would have continued I don’t think they would have stayed in the future, that would have made the show too expensive. But probably they would spent a few episodes there, and than find some way to restore the timeline. Alas, now we will never know 😦

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    1. Hi, sorry for getting to reply so late, but as I mentioned over on my blog today I got hit by one hell of a flu, so I just got back to blogging again today, or better…this evening.
      To answer your question…unfortunately no. There has been talk of an animated sequel called Shadow Rising for years….but I have sincere doubts of that ever happening. Which is pretty much the same feeling I have for the live action movie, that has also been mentioned way too many times now. Real shame as I actually quite liked the Shadow Chronicles.

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