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Something really upsetting….

It seems this is the week of unusual posts for my blog. After slowly recovering from a pretty horrible flu, and writing a post about that, I had hoped to get back to resuming normal blogging. But tonight something happened that really has made me quite upset. I know quite a few of you know fellow blogger Dani. She runs an absolutely amazing blog called Touch my Spine book reviews. She already had some trouble earlier this week with her being flagged as a spammer. But tonight I just recieved a message from her over on Twitter saying that her entire blog is suspended because of her somehow violating the terms of service. I don’t see her doing that. She is an absolutely amazing blogger that always brings such a positive note to everyone. I know a lot of you agree with me. I saw a wonderful post on her blog by fellow blogger Beetleypete which I haven’t yet completely read because of my flu. But it put her and her blog totally in the spotlight.

And now they have suspended her blog. I’m making this post on behalf of her. For one thing I want to try and reach as many of her followers and letting them know about this. Dani is understandably upset by all this, and the first thing she does is thinking about her followers and just wanting to let them all know. If that doesn’t show what a wonderful and heartwarming person she is, I don’t know what is. Secondly I hope this post somehow gets read by WordPress itself and make them realise that they have made a mistake. Third, I urge the followers of Dani to reblog this as many times as you can to reach as many people as possible. Let’s let Dani know that we are thinking of her and want her back in the WordPress community where she belongs. Let’s hope the WordPress executives see this post, and realise their mistake. Hang in there Dani…we will get you back to us somehow! 😀


The great war against the bacteria…

It was friday morning when a terrible silence entered the blog of Raistlin0903. No new blog posts, no comments for posts of fellow bloggers, not even likes made an appearance. (I’m pretty sure both Irina and Shokamoka picked up their hobbies of checking their spamfilters for any misplaced comments of mine. But to their dismay probably did not find any). So what did happen? What terrible doom or curse had claimed the blog of Raistlin0903? I will share my story with you now, so sit back and relax….

The prophecy of Commander Bacterial Flu

It was early friday morning when the first scouts of evil entered the plains of Throat. With malice and hatred in their hearts they began sowing the land with their insidious poison. The few defenders of the plains were quickly overcome, and soon Throat fell and became a barren and painful wasteland. One brave defender managed to survive and warn the people of the city of Nose that the prophecy they had been dreading for years was about to be fullfilled. The ancient and malicious Commander Bacterial Flu had returned to the land and was about to wreak havoc. The warning came to late however. After the plains of Throat fell, the great and powerful army of Commander Flu attacked the city of Nose with a power that none of the brave people living there were able to resist. It was called Fever and the heat it generated was too much to bear. Soon almost every single living being was incinerated and turned into green jelly. The few survivors that were left, were turned into slaves and ordered to mop up the carnage with devices called Tissues. Commander Bacterial Flu laughed, and it seemed all hope was lost…

The plains of Throat after Commander Bacterial Flu was done with it…..

But in darkest times, it seems there are always brave souls that turn into heroes. Soon a resistance movement was formed and the counterattack was under way. Slowly but surely the resistance forces under the command of the brave sergeant Aspirine began gaining ground. The forces of Commander Flu were methodically destroyed, and the Commander soon had little choice but to surrender. Ever resourceful however, Commander Flu managed to evade capture and has not been seen since. Even though peace has returned to the city of Nose, and the plains of Throat have been restored, the shadow of Commander Flu always remains…….

Yep, that’s it Michel has finally lost it…

I can hear you all thinking that. But instead of turning this into a very boring post, I decided to make it at least a little bit entertaining. In short, I have been very sick the past few days with a terrible flu. It started with a little bit of a throatache, that soon turned into a full on blaze combined with a pretty high fever. It also came pretty much out of nowhere. I want to apologise to everyone for not letting you all know sooner, but I have done very little else besides lying in bed and trying to beat this thing. Today is my first day that I got back to work. Even though I still haven’t fully recovered I’m feeling a little bit better so I decided to at least let you know what has happened.

All I hear are pretty lame excuses……


As you might expect, I’m running behind on reading posts and answering comments.  I can promise you that I will answer every single comment, but as much as I would want to it’s unfortunately not possible for me to read every post that has been published the past few days. For that I want to apologise as well. Starting tomorrow I want to try and catch up as much as I can, starting with your comments and reading some posts. I also hope to be able to publish a few posts of my own again, but as I am still not feeling a hundred percent I don’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep. But I will do my best. I really missed you all, and am looking forward to reading some of the things that you have all been up to. Thank you for all your patience and for any new readers that have recently started to follow me, sorry for this really strange start. As they say on television: “We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming”.

The Growing Self Blogger Award

Helly everyone. One of the highest honours I think one can receive is to be recognised by a fellow blogger with an award. To my shame though, I have lately really been running behind on making posts for awards and tags. It is seriously embarassing. In the upcoming weeks I’m going to try and make up for this by writing at least two awards post each week in order to catch up. Hopefully real life won’t be interfering with these plans again, but I will do my best. I’ve said it countless times, but one of the best things about blogging is the interacting with everyone. Some of you out there have really became amazing blogging friends, but there are always some people that are even more special.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a blog called Touch my spine book reviews. Featuring incredible reviews for, you guessed it alright novels, there is more to this blog than meets the eye. And I am not talking about Transformers here. No, not only are the reviews amazing to read, but there are also great posts with gifs that manage to put a smile on my face, whenever I’m feeling down. But it is the person behind this blog, that makes it so special: the great and wonderful Dani. To say she is a very kind soul that despite everything she is going through herself cares so much for others would be a complete understatement. She is one of the most amazing bloggers that I have met, and she really has become a great friend. So if you are not yet following her, quit reading this and do so ASAP. To my astonishment I got nominated by her for an award that I had not yet heard of, The Growing Self Blogger Award. When I read what this award was about, I was stunned. It really is a great honor. Thank you so much Dani for this fantastic award, and really never change: as you are so fond of saying: You Rock!


“The Growing Self Blogger Award has been created to acknowledge and celebrate amazing individuals, in the blogging community, who are persevering through life’s challenges not only to GROW as individuals, but to reach out and help others GROW as well.” ~Roda


  • Put the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank the individual that nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Describe the award and mention the creator: Roda @ @Growingself.blog
  • Nominate up to 5 blogs. Remember, the purpose of this award is to specifically celebrate those individuals that make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Give 1 reason why you nominated each individual.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog


Cain S. Latrani I have been following Cain for a very long time now. And to say that I am impressed by this man is just giving him way to little credit. Out of respect for his privacy I am not going to say what he is currently going through, but you can read that on his blog. I am also not going to say how I can understand what he is feeling right now, because truly I can’t. But for him to find the strength to keep posting high quality content nearly each day, and at times make even apologies to his readers when he misses a post has truly baffled me. If there is anyone who deserves this award it is him, as he manages to truly and utterly inspire me with each and every post.

Karandi James The great Karandi from 100wordanime, is probably the first blog I followed when I started my blogging career, now more than a year ago. In fact I think we both started our blogs at pretty much the same time. This lady is a miracle worker. She publishes posts every day, sometimes two or three at a time, while still maintaining an amazing quality. But she also manages to comment on nearly every blog that is out here, while at the same time showcasing posts from other blogs as well. How she sometimes manages to do this, together with a dayjob is simply beyond me. (I suspect either clones or black sorcery lol). She is a driving force in the anime community and a truly amazing individual that you just have to follow if you are not already doing so.

Irina Now I haven’t been following Irina for a very long time, but these past few weeks have been a blast. She always finds time to respond to your comments while at the same time making very cool posts. Her humor is one of the things I like most about her. Every post just has some kind of joke in it, that at times has really put tears into my eyes. And occasionally that has managed to let me spill my drinks too lol.(Why I am laughing about this last statement I don’t really know). Seriously though, not only has her blog been growing at an astonishing rate, she also is the inventor of the Blogwarming Party. This wonderful idea showcases new blogs that have only just started out and puts them in the spotlight. A truly incredible and selfless act, so that is why I think she more than deserves this award.

Vinnieh What to say about this man? Everything I say is probably way too less, but I will try and make an attempt anyway. Vinnieh runs not one, but two blogs. The first features amazing movie reviews. I always thought that I knew a lot about movies, but I have more than met my match. His knowledge about the world of film is astounding and I have discovered some incredible new movies because of his reviews. His other blog is a bit naughty and features the world of erotica but in a very tasteful way. He is also one of those miracle workers that not only writes terrific posts, but always responds to your comments in a very kind way and sometimes almost as soon as you post them. He really has grown into a terrific friend, and is also one of the most kindhearted indivuals you will meet on WordPress.

Sonea If I would not have included Sonea for this one I would seriously have cursed myself forever. Another person that I have really grown to admire over the past few months, Sonea is a woman that just never gives up. Again out of respect for privacy I’m not going to say what she has been going through, but trust me on this when I say it is very, very hard. She has been out of blogging for a while, and is now slowly getting back into it, but I do know it still is very tough for her to do so. Her reviews are absolutely amazing and written in a way that at times almost seems as if she is writing a novel. But it is her strength that I really respect. Despite everything that is going on with her, she still manages to comment on posts, and write posts herself. It is something that I don’t know if I could ever do. I really wish you all the best Sonea and I truly hope your amazing courage will never fail you.



The hardest part for doing this post was the rule that I could only nominate five blogs. Alas, I did not make the rules so five nominees it is. I wish I could nominate more people, because I think that pretty much every blog that I follow is amazing. You all inspire me in some way, and I can only say keep doing what you are doing!



It’s back………again 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Seriously….I am not one to swear in my posts or comments, but really what the F! Once again, just like last week it’s The return of the comments malfunction ! This time it’s even crazier, as only certain blogs seem to be affected, and the comments don’t disappear right away. I only noticed this just now, as I was looking back on a post I place a comment on, and it wasn’t there again…..aaaaaargh!  This really is getting quite annoying. So, here we go again. I left a comment today at: Joy the Witch, Ethan Collins Ed, Cain S. Latrani, Pete Davison Moegamer, Crimson 613, Anime Girls NYC, Renxkyoko, Kawaiipaperpandas, Reel-TalkBlog, Superbromovies, Didi Oviatt and finally Schizoidmouse. All of my comments have disappeared on your posts, so I am pretty sure that you will find them in your spamfilters. Truly sorry for the inconvenience, but I thought I would at least let you all know. Sorry for this rather boring post, but man….this really is getting frustrating to say the least. Oh well, hope everyone will have a great weekend and sorry about the rant 😊

Five Flaming Hotties (part 1)

If there is one thing that I find amazing about running my blog it is getting nominated for awards or particular tags. It is always an honor, but I must also admit that I am really, really running behind on writing these. So first I want to offer my apologies to everyone who has ever nominated me for an award or tagged me in some way, and I haven’t done a post for yet. Don’t think I don’t appreciate it, it is just simply me being lazy not having had enough time to post one yet. That said, I am going to try and put a dent in the backlog of these over the coming weeks, and to kick things off I am going to start with the Five Flaming Hotties tag. I actually got nominated for this one twice, but that offered me a unique opportunity as well. I’m going to be doing this one in two posts, one featuring Five Hotties from the world of movie and television, and the other one from Anime.

The Tags

The first tag I received from Vinnieh who is just an amazing guy. He actually runs two blogs (seriously where do you find the time for it 😂) one about movies and one that is a bit on the naughty side, lol. He is a terrific writer, with a knowledge about movies that I am often amazed at. But he is also a really kind person, who always responds to your comments in amazing ways. It has really been a blast following along with his blog and exchanging comments with him. So Vinnieh my friend, thanks for tagging me for this one.

The second tag I recieved from The Otaku Judge. You know how you sometimes want to slap yourself on the head for not discovering a blog sooner? This is one of them. For almost two months now we have been exchanging thoughts over different kinds of things, ranging from anime to movies, and it has been a blast. Another person who has just been a joy to talk to, as well as becoming someone who always provides interesting and often funny comments to my posts. Hopefully this will continue for many more years. So thank you very much as well.

Needless to say follow both of them, as if that hasn’t become clear yet 😂

The rules:

1. Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts  to all blogs involved and including the picture above.

2. List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.

3. Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.

4. Add some appealing pictures.

5. Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.

6. Post the rules.

The Five Hotties

5. Morena Baccarin



I was first introduced to the beautiful Morena Baccarin in the tv series Firefly. This shortlived and sadly cancelled tv series  was a unique blend of Western abd Science Fiction. Morena has since then grown into a well known figure in many tv series including Homeland, the re-imagined V and Gotham. Her natural charm and charisma make her an absolute stunning woman, especially when she puts on her wonderful smile. So to not include her on this list would be a sin.

4. Alanna Masterson


This actress is probably not recognised by many of you, unless, like me you are a massive Walking Dead fan. Alanna plays the role of the wonderful Tara. When we first meet her, she is actually on the side of the evil Governor. Luckily she soon recognised her mistake and joins Rick’s group. She has become a series regular, and she certainly is one of my favorite characters. A true natural beauty.

3. Haley Atwell



This British actress most of you will probably recognise as Agent Carter from Captain America. I had seen her in other shows and movies as well however, but really started noticing her in the television series that was made for the beloved Marvel Character. She is quite charming, but also a very strong woman, that can definitely hold her own.


2. Eliza Dushku



If there is one woman that redefines the words Flaming Hottie, it is Eliza Dushku. I had a major crush on her when she starred as the Dark Slayer Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has made numerous other appearances in such tv shows as Dollhouse, Angel and Banshee, but has never really broken through with her career. A true shame as she is a wonderful actress, with a stunning beauty.

1. Summer Glau


My number one though has got to be Summer Glau. Also someone that I have been following since Firefly she is absolutely incredible in every sense of the word. Sadly though, she had appeared in so many tv series that got cancelled that people have started to think she is cursed. My favorite role from her has got to be in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, where she played the part of Cameron, the Terminator that was assigned to protect John. A bad ass role, that really suited her.

My nominations

This is always the difficult part, I can only choose 7 people to tag for this, but luckily, since I got nominated twice I can do this two times. Before this becomes a thing only guys can do, I have chosen four female bloggers, and three males. In no way should you feel any obligation to do this one though, so feel free to write a post for it or not: no pressure! So here they are in no particular order:

Mr. Bobinsky








The return of the comments malfunction !

A couple of weeks ago I had an issue where my comments disappeared on posts from other blogs. In the end it appeared that they went straight to the spamfilters. A day later the issue seemed to be resolved and I did not have any more problems…..until today that is. Earlier this morning I commented on some posts and my comments disappeared into thin air. In case some of you are wondering why I haven’t replied to a certain post that I liked, you might want to check your spamfilters. I don’t know if it’s the same issue as last time, but until it is resolved I will still ofcourse read your posts and like them, but if you don’t see a comment from me, you now know why.

Hopefully things will return to normal tomorrow (that’s what happened last time), but this is seriously getting annoying WordPress. Well, at least I wanted to give you all an update on what’s going on. If you can, please check your spamfilters to see if any of my comments might have ended up there. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. For now: computer says no 😢

Blogwarming Party!

Hello everyone, and especially you new anibloggers! Huh, what’s this I can hear you all thinking right now. Well this is a post directed especially at new anibloggers, but it’s also meant to give a bit of shameless promotion to one blogger in particular, but more on that later. For all you veteran bloggers out there, do you remember what it was like when you started your own blog, weeks, months, or maybe even years ago? I know that I do for sure. I had literally no idea what I was doing. One sunday morning I got this crazy idea to start a blog about one of my greatest passions: movies and television series. When I published my first post, I was amazed that there were people that even read it. What was even more fun, is that eventually people even started commenting on later posts. At first I felt a bit like the character above this post: shy as hell. But eventually I got over my fears and started commenting on other people’s posts and it was a lot of fun. Blogging has since then become one of my greatest hobbies, and it has grown into a part of my life that I can’t live without anymore.

Let’s get this party started!

But before this turns into a post about me, let me tell you what the real point of this one is. Remember that shameless promotion I was talking about for a particular blogger? Well here it comes. Ever since I started blogging my love for anime has returned, and I keep stumbling across new blogs for this wonderful medium every week. Most recently I discovered Irina’s wonderful aniblog called I drink and watch anime (the title alone is just reason enough to start following her). Seriously though, her blog has skyrocketed for the past few weeks, and deservedly so. She has awesome reviews, but is also a very kind person to talk to, and always takes the time to respond to a comment you left for her.

Really, no need to start blushing !

Today though, she came with an absolutely wonderful idea, that I just had to promote. She is reaching out to any aniblogger that has just started out by featuring some of their new posts. In other words she is creating a platform to showcase your work if you have just started blogging. Now if that isn’t awesome and enormously kind, I really don’t know what is. You can find out more about this by checking out her own post for this right here . Now if you haven’t already of course go and follow her blog as well, and I promise you won’t regret it. So on a personal note: I think it is an awesome and seriously cool idea you had here Irina, so I wish you all the best with the execution of it. If you ever need more help for this: let me know!. Well I guess that is enough shameless promotion for one post lol, but I definitely meant every word of it. Well, all you new anibloggers out there: best of luck, and remember this: blogging is awesome, as you will discover soon enough!

A post called “D”

Helly everyone! When you come across the title for this post I can almost imagine the expressions on most of your faces. A post called “D”, what the heck is he talking about? Well….let me explain things, and hopefully it will become clear. I have been blogging for over a year now, and I almost can’t believe it’s been that long. It has been an incredible journey, that had it’s ups and downs, but there is one thing that has made it all worth it. And that is meeting a lot of cool people along the way. Some of them have become very good friends, even though we might never meet in real life. When I first started my blog I was incredibly shy, and also afraid to make a comment on someone else’s blog. (Why would someone be interested in anything that I have to say, right?). Well, I am glad I got over that initial fear, and started doing that, because that is the best thing about blogging: sharing thoughts with other people and becoming part of this community.


And that brings me to the reason for this post: it is the 8th of October (Well, at least it is right now over here in Holland), and that means it is someone’s birthday today! Now, I know they hate me for writing this post (lol😂), but they are also worth it, so that is why I am doing it anyway. The person who’s birthday it is today should be familiair to most of you that write about anime. And that is “D” from Dtalksanime. ( So, that explains the title for this post: DUH ).And they are just simply put awesome! Not only are their reviews incredibly fun to read, but they are also very kind and always have a nice reply ready for anything you comment on. Not only that, but they also offer cool comments on posts that you write yourself, and it always amazes me that people take time from their busy lives to comment on anything that you write in the first place.


So why this post? Well “D” has not only become a very good friend, but as some of you have read on their blog they have been going through a rough patch the past few weeks and are currently on hiatus. Life can sometimes be really tough, and make us feel like crap. So I thought it would be a nice idea to write this post, and to let the comment section serve as a happy birthday wishlist for them. In other words: use the comments section below to wish them a happy birthday, and let them know how much we miss their posts. And if you are not yet following their terrific blog, use the link above to subscribe to them! Let me kick this off with saying : “D, my friend, have a terrific day! I know you usually don’t like things like this, but I do hope that this has put a smile on your face. And if not, you can always sent Mei from Another to my house to scare the living daylights out of me! 😂😂 Happy Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 ”


Comments malfunction?

Hello everyone. Now this is a bit of an unusual post, but I have a question and a  request at the same time. As of this morning I have been experiencing problems with  giving comments on posts that I enjoyed reading. At first I thought it was just going into a moderation status, but the comments just seem to disappear into thin air. On some posts I even tried multiple times to place a comment, but every time it just vanishes after I press sent. So, my question is: ” Is anyone else experiencing these problems? “. So far I have succeeded on placing exactly one comment for a post for the entire day, which is seriously getting annoying.

The request I have is could you perhaps check your spamfilters if maybe any comments from me got lost in there? I certainly haven’t commented on every post from today, but I did do so on quite a few. I’m really sorry to be bothering you with this, but if there is one thing I like about blogging it is interacting with everyone. I have no idea what exactly is going on here, or if it’s maybe an error on the WordPress servers or something like that. Whatever it is, it is really annoying. Thanks in advance for checking, and of course let me know in the comments section (if that works that is), if maybe you have ever had a problem similar to this and if there is a solution for it.

Special Features Presents: Embracing the End of life as we know it.

A few weeks ago Karandi from 100wordanime held a contest to celebrate the fact that she had started her Facebook page for her blog. The price for this would be a post written by her on any topic the winner would like. To my big surprise I recieved a message from her telling me that I had won the price! 😀 Now I think most of you already know her as she is I think without a doubt one of the most active bloggers of us all. Pretty much everywhere that I look she manages to give a reaction to posts by other blogs, and also writes a ton of stuff every day for her own blog. She also is one of the kindest persons amongst us, always giving a nice response and needless to say I have the utmost respect for her. It was a great honor to have won this contest, and I asked her to write a post about one of my favorite topics, the post apocalyptic genre. She has made a terrific post for it, the result of which you can find below. All words below are written by her, so if you have yet to discover her wonderful blog, please head over there and subscribe now. I certainly have enjoyed this post, and because it can’t be said enough: thank you very much Karandi for this great price.

Embracing the End of Life as we know it.

This post is for Raistlin who won the 100 Word Anime on Facebook launch competition. Thanks as always Raistlin for your support and for the great topic.
What is the appeal of post-apocalyptic stories? Really, they are set after the end of civilisation as we know it so you could almost assume that any story worth telling was already done and finished. Why not go back and talk about that mutating virus, that war, those final days before the asteroid hit or before the aliens conquered humanity and wiped out everything else?
Well, because that’s hardly the end of the story.
As Ian Malcolm put it in Jurassic Park (or at least the script writers did): life finds a way.
The end of the world is fun and all and watching people try to survive the cataclysm can certainly be good for a few laughs, tears and gasps of surprise, but the more meaningful story, or at least I’ve always found, is in what happens next. What are the next steps for those who don’t disappear in a blaze of glory or have their candle snuffed out?


As usual, anime has a plethora of examples to draw upon when thinking about any particular genre. And while I was very tempted to make this an Evangelion post when Raistlin first gave me the topic, I resisted temptation because I still haven’t actually gotten around to writing my review of that anime, and ultimately Evangelion is about an absolute refusal to embrace an unpleasant reality and about the many ways people escape or fight against a grim reality.
So where did I look instead?
I actually had to start with Trigun. While not set on Earth, the story takes place after humans for whatever reason have left Earth to colonise another planet, but due to a particular individual they end up crashing onto a desert planet where survival is quite the feat even before you throw in a certain lawless lifestyle. Despite this, and despite some clearly villainous characters, the main cast of Trigun are decidedly optimistic in their outlook on life. Sure, survival is hard, but while the overall situation can’t change, small steps can be taken each day to secure survival and to help others.
It’s really impossible to watch Trigun and not be infected by Vash’s positive outlook. He isn’t some young and naive child clinging to a dream or an illusion to escape the daily grind. He knows how bad things are and he even knows he is actually responsible for some of the issues, and yet he’ll still flash most people that cheeky smile of his and hit them with “Love and Peace”.


No. 6 is another anime where a main character lives in a world that has been essentially destroyed and the only survivors are in the numbered cities. Privileges are quite restricted and as a child, owing to his intelligence, Shion was on track for a very good life. However, one act of compassion, helping a run-away child, had both Shion and his mother face hardships.
Now, in some stories this would be where the main character became bitter and twisted and would vow revenge against the regime, but Shion is mostly accepting of the situation. He continues to act in a way that doesn’t damage his personal integrity, while finding ways to compromise within the frame of the law. Ultimately his hand is forced and he does go into hiding and finds himself at odds with the city, but even then most of his actions are to save the city rather than to see it brought low.
Both of these characters demonstrate strength and perseverance in the face of inequality and injustice. They put the lives of others before themselves and they seek, in small ways, to make their worlds just a little bit brighter for those around them.

And for me, this is what I love about post apocalyptic stories. They give the best and worst characteristics that humanity carries with them a chance to shine.