Hello everyone! It’s that time again to all welcome you to another Bloggers in the Spotlight post. Last month’s post featured only a single blogger, but that was a one time deal only, well at least for now. In this post though I am back to spotlighting a few bloggers that totally deserve to be here. As always the aim is to shed some light on these in case you have yet to discover them, but also showcase their amazing talents. I had planned on doing this post somewhat later in the month, but last night I saw a tweet from someone featured here. And that made me want to get this one out ASAP, so I got started on writing it pretty much right after seeing that. Confused? Don’t worry, I will explain pretty much right away as he is the first blogger that will be featured here. This month I will be featuring bloggers who all blog about different topics, so grab a chair and start reading here!

Cactus Matt (Anime Q and A)

4F9A5F4C-D786-41A7-9375-82B2A7FF2EF6 So, this is the guy I was talking about in that cryptic text above.  Yesterday on Twitter he posted a tweet about feeling slightly discouraged considering the fact that his views were the lowest ever. I told him there is nothing to worry about, and it’s probably because of the summer season where a lot of people are on holiday breaks. We all get like this once in a while though where we feel that a post that you are very proud of isn’t getting the amount of views you expected it to have. Cactus Matt however, does something very special. He writes anime reviews in the form of a Q and A (Wow, I wonder where the name came from), and he does this in such an entertaining way that he really is one of my favorite all time reviewers. Most of his posts have me rolling over with laughter, where he sometimes even gets into whole arguments with his alter ego (still haven’t found out who that is though). When I read that tweet from him yesterday I just had to do something, which is why I decided to immediately make this post a priority. If you have yet to discover his wonderful blog, his amazing talent at writing posts, and just being one of the best reviewers you will come across, press that link above. And even do so when you don’t like anime. I guarantee you that this blog is worth your time as the posts are incredibly entertaining and fun. And to you I once again say this Cactus: Don’t get discouraged and have faith in your abilities: they are awesome!

Pete Davison (Moegamer.net)

E3A587CC-880C-404F-8718-FFD8F28079DC Well I have talked about this quite often on my blog, my gaming days are behind me. But…that doesn’t mean that I have totally turned my back on gaming all together. And that’s where Pete comes in. He writes posts about the world of videogames, and a lot of those posts deal with older games. In short for me it’s pretty much a trip down memory lane, but also a nice way to discover some games that I have never played in my life. A good example of this is one of his latest posts that dives into the history of Sonic the Hedgehog, a beloved game character known by many. I often wonder how the man is able to have such a vast amount of knowledge of these games. All his posts contain a wealth of little known facts, and are skillfully written and very informative. And did I mention he also has his own Youtube channel? I haven’t visited this one quite as often as I would have liked (time as usual being the bad guy), but it’s also something that is truly worth checking out if you love the gaming world. Lastly Pete is just an all around nice guy, who you will see popping up on other people’s posts with lenghty and kind comments. In short all of these are very good reasons to go right ahead and press that link to check things out. You KNOW you want to.

Kay (Kdrama Kisses)

80FD938A-B84B-482A-AE53-39F0A82218CANow, those of you that have followed me for a while now, know that I love Korean drama series. But one has to wonder how I am able to find out all the ins and outs of that vast world. Well, that’s why Kay is my number one source for Korean drama shows. Pretty much all the shows I have reviewed on my blog have been recommendations from Kay. This blog is so incredibly amazing that to describe it is almost impossible. But I will attempt to do so anyway. Kdrama Kisses keeps you up to date with news about up and coming dramas, telling you what’s about to be released, casting news, new trailers, in short a newsoutlet for pretty much everything you would ever want to know about this great medium. But there is more. There are also lengthy reviews that cover all the reasons why you should (or should not lol) watch a particular drama. There is so much more to Korean Dramas that a lot of people might not even know about. But the most important thing about this blog I haven’t mentioned yet: the host! Kay is a wonderful human being who I have been following almost pretty much since I started my own blog. Kay is always in for a chat, offering comments on your own posts and is really just one of nicest bloggers you will ever come across on WordPress. In short enough reasons to start following Kay’s amazing blog!

Fraggle (Fragglerocking.org)

B110F7AD-4107-43D8-9E59-2C4AD48871DB To say that Fraggle is one of my favorite bloggers that I have met here on wordpress would be understating it. Fraggle is an amazing woman who even has multiple blogs (and I have trouble keeping just one blog running). The one I want to put the spotlight on (at least for today anyway) is this one. I have never been good at taking photographs (yup, you can say it, some of the photos I have taken for my own blog are garbage), but that is a problem that Fraggle certainly doesn’t have. She shows off her amazing skills with a camera on her blog, and her pictures are true works of art. I have often said to her she should do something with this incredible talent, because any contest she would enter, would be a guaranteed win. My favorite posts from her are the ones where she shares pictures from some of the trips she takes, accompanied by some terrific tales of history (Yes I am a total history buff too). The pictures are absolutely breathtaking and I often just spent my time on her blog looking at them for hours on end. This talented woman though is also a joy to talk to, as she is always kind and very supportive. Just because her blog is so incredibly unique amongst all the others that I am following, it’s one of the reasons that I really want to put it in the spotlight so more of you can find out what I am talking about! So head over there, right now!

Nicole (The Bookworm Drinketh)

A23977ED-1A66-4D0C-9702-0B67DFCEC7FC Well, here we are the final, but certainly not the least of the bloggers that I am putting in the spotlight here. I love reading, and it’s all the more shameful that these days I am finding that increasingly harder to do. But because I love to read I also follow a lot of bloggers that write about books (and who just insist to keep adding novels to my to read list…..). Nicole is one of those bloggers, but she doesn’t just write about books. She does it in a very unique way  as well as having lots of other features on her blog, that are also highly worth checking out.  At the end of a book review she gives us a delicious recipe for a drink that you should make (and ofcourse consume duh) while reading the book she wrote about. Usually, even if you don’t read the book, you end up making the drink anyway. I love her writing style as she has a sense of humor that is pretty much the exact (totally insane) kind of humor that I have. She always responds to comments that you leave at her posts and also makes frequent visits to your own blog. But not only that Nicole is just a very heartwarming and incredibly kind person, and I have been having a blast visiting her blog ever since meeting her (well here on WordPress that is, sadly not in the real world). I have seen some of you that are already following her amazing blog, but those of you that don’t yet, go and do that right now. And I won’t take no for an answer. (Yep even I can be cruel sometimes).

And that’s it….

No worries…that’s just it for this month.

And, that’s a wrap for this fourth installment of Bloggers in the Spotlight. This feature will return again next month, and I already have some bloggers in mind to be featured. But of course as we have already established that I can be cruel sometimes, I’m not yet going to say who these bloggers are. Sorry, but you are just going to have to wait a bit. On a short sidenote, I would like you all to know that I am having a lot of fun reading the posts that have so far been submitted to Jon’s Creator Showcase. It’s going to be incredibly hard to decide what will be featured, but luckily I still have until the end of the month to make up my mind. For now it’s goodbye from me, and as always thank you for reading. I hope you will have fun checking out all these wonderful blogs!