It’s been quite a while since I wrote one of these hasn’t it? In fact looking back, the last time I wrote a Bloggers in the Spotlight post was way back in September 2018. So, what were these posts about again? Glad you asked. (Oh, you didn’t ask? Sorry, I keep hearing voices in my head, never mind me). Anyways, in Bloggers in the Spotlight I feature a number of cool bloggers that I myself am following and that you might not have yet discovered yet for yourself. Or, in some cases bloggers who are just plain awesome, and I want to embarrass pay tribute to by simply saying how I much appreciate and look up to them. In this sixth installment it’s going to be a bit of a mix of these two. The (lucky number) seven bloggers I’m featuring today are all absolutely amazing in their own way, and if you haven’t yet discovered their blogs, this is as good an opportunity as any to do so now. Because really that’s pretty much the purpose of this entire series (Duh). Okay, enough blabbering of me, let’s get down to business!

Kevin- Master Mix Movies

2C539926-59B0-4E93-BF49-68AA0222075BSo, you all know that I love movies right? And if you don’t seriously what have you been doing all this time? It will come as no surpise then that because of my love of movies, I’m always on the look out for cool movie blogs. One of those blogs is run by Kevin. It says on his about page that at the age of 23 he has seen up to 1000 movies. Just let that sink in for a minute. Yep, I know that is certainly quite the achievement! So, what can you find on his blog? Obviously loads of movie reviews. I really like his style of writing though. Most of his posts are usually not very long, but still manage to capture the essence of the film he is writing about. Not only that, but his range of films is totally amazing, and there is something on his blog for everyone. It’s been an absolute delight reading all of his daily posts (okay, yeah I missed quite a few during my hiatus, sorry about that). I’m pretty sure that once you step by his blog, especially if you love movies, you will hit that follow button in no time. So, just press that link and see what I am talking about.


EA4214E2-9A02-4150-9984-9C726D93D329 You just gotta love a blog with at name like Wordaholicanonymous. I mean seriously how can you not right? I ran across Dawie’s blog by pure chance. And as the world is sometimes very small, after we talked a bit in the comments section I found out he actually lives not very far from my hometown. I love blogs that not restrict themselves to one topic, and that’s certainly the case here. Though his main focus is on books, also be on the look out for comics, manga, metal and a lot of other cool stuff. His taste in books is very similar to mine, especially since he also loves the Warhammer 40000 universe. Which is why I am always excited to see a new post from him that features that grim, dark future where there is only war (erm….sorry got a bit carried away there). Seriously though, he is a very kind blogger, who always replies to your comments and is certainly one of those people that is very easy to talk to. It would be a very good idea to press the link above, check it all out for yourself, and then hit that subscribe button.

Shalini-Shalini’s Books & Reviews

E235CA32-3A44-4C48-930B-C8ADAE798259 With a follower count of 3619 at the time of writing this post, Shalini is probably known to a lot of you already. Shalini is a very skilled writer of reviews, and one look at the title of her blog, and you don’t have to use rocket science to know what she writes about. I’m amazed at the number of books she has read especially since she posts a review every day about a new novel that she finished. (Sometimes even more than one) But as much as I love her blog, that is not the only reason I am featuring Shalini here today. It’s also a kind of thank you for all the support that she has always shown me, most recently during my hiatus where my health was pretty much all over the place. Shalini is one of those people that doesn’t know how amazing she truly is, and while she is probably going to deny all this again, take it from me that it’s the truth. She is a very warm, caring individual, with a big heart that is most definitely in the right place. If you haven’t yet discovered her blog, or want to know what I am talking about, go over there right now. I’m pretty sure that after reading some of her posts, and leaving a few comments, you will find that out yourself.

Kim- By Hook or by Book

B0FDF18F-6088-4D20-9FF2-BDC2A8506363 The bookblogger, Kim is another one of those incredible human beings that has grown into an amazing friend. Responsible for repeated attempts at making my to read list grow bigger (and pretty much always succeeding at those attempts) Kim has one of those blogs that just makes you smile every time you go and visit. Whimsical Wednesdays is just one of the features that never fails to make me laugh after a hard days work. Her reviews are always great to read and feature a multitude of books from a lot of genres, especially fantasy and young adult series. But one of the reasons that I love her blog so much is the woman behind it. Kim is a very caring person, that always lends a helping hand or word of support whenever you need it the most. When I came back from my hiatus last week, she immediately reached out, and even reblogged my first post. It made me incredibly shy and humble, but well, that’s just who Kim is. If you love books, and want to know more about them, and meet one of the warmest personalities of the blogging sphere, than go ahead, press the link above, and see what I am talking about. I guarantee you won’t regret it!


ED92B3ED-0068-46CB-B6CE-AAB6FAAF4C0A Ayano probably doesn’t really need an introduction either, especially if you are a part of the anime community here. But in the off chance you have yet to discover her blog I thought it couldn’t hurt to feature her here either. You see, Ayano is such an incredibly enthusiastic and energetic blogger, that it’s impossible not to like her. Having recently reached her 300th post (Yep, quite the achievement indeed), Ayano has been writing so many cool posts about the world of anime. In fact she came up with the idea of  the first ever wordpress anime awards something I was very lucky to be a part of. Oh, and just so you know those awards will be coming at ya this year as well! I love the way that her posts are not just standard reviews, but usually are very original and an absolute joy to read. Ayano has always been another truly wonderful friend and I’m just very happy that I have had the good fortune to discover her blog. I hope she will continue for many more years, and here’s to many more years of friendship! You don’t know who Ayano is yet? Shame on you! Go make that right, push the link above and check out her blog ASAP!

Karandi-100 Word Anime

B8C3137F-CBCD-499E-A4A5-4F6839423022 Unless you have just started out on WordPress, it’s almost impossible to have not come across one of the hardest working blogger that I know of: Karandi. I have often wondered if she has some twin sisters or robots that help her out, because seriously the amount of (high quality) posts that she writes is astounding. But not only that, you see her comments popping up on pretty every post that you come across. Karandi and I have been blogging almost for the same amount of years, and my love for anime got rekindled because of her. And no, that isn’t a lie, it’s the total truth. I had not watched anime for a lot of years, until I came across her blog. Seeing her enthusiasm for it, and the many cool recommendations, I finally found back the joy I always had for this fantastic medium. She really is one of the authorities on anime, always kind, always supportive, and just an all around incredibly nice person who I am proud to call a friend. I can only say that the anime community really is in her debt for all the hard work she is doing. I can only thank her for all the support she has always shown me, and I truly hope she will continue blogging for many, many more years. Don’t know her yet? Wow…go ahead and press that link, and find out what I am talking about! And recently I was very happy to see she has teamed up with:

Irina-I drink and watch Anime

9A443D15-578F-4742-8B6D-5AC88E41F18DRight. On to the final blogger, who in all likelyhood again won’t need any introduction. Crazily enough, way back in the first volume of this feature I promised Irina that she would be featured here one day as well. That it’s actually taken me this long to finally do so is pretty bad behaviour on my part. But well, here we are! I have followed Irina for a very long time, and it’s absolutely amazing to see how her blog has grown. She is one of my two favorite women from Canada (the other being Nicole who I  featured in volume 4) and a powerhouse of a woman. I don’t think anyone who knows her can deny the fact how much of a driving force she is in the community. Always giving support to new bloggers, kind, and a writer with so much passion, she is an individual who should start giving herself more credit than that she is currently doing. Irina is another friend who I cannot thank enough for always reaching out a helping hand. I can only hope and wish for many good things to arrive on her doorstep as she truly deserves it. I almost can’t believe it if you don’t know who she is yet, but just in the very unlikely case you don’t: go ahead and press that link. In fact this isn’t a request but a demand!

That’s a wrap!


And that’s it for Volume 6. Ofcourse even though it says the end on the picture above, it won’t be! Bloggers in the Spotlight will return again somewhere this year, probably when you least expect it! As to who I will be featuring in the next volume? Pssh….you don’t actually think I’m going to tell you that already do you? Nope, you are just going to have to be patient, and who knows it might even be you! Yes, you! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this installment, and hopefully discovered some cool blogs and the awesome people behind those blogs. This is me signing off. See you at the next post!