Hello my fellow creatures that go bump in the night. It’s almost time again for that most wonderful day of days: Halloween. Oh yes, the night when blood is spilled, lifeless corpses rise from the grave, serial killers are on the prowl, and ancient evil awakens. It’s the day where all of us sinners can finally be ourselves, MWOOHAHAHAHA!!! Have I lost my mind? Has Raist finally gone off the deep end and is it time to put him into a straightjacket? Erm…no, rest assured I’m perfectly okay. Just got carried away a little. Since I’m a huge horrorfan, I thought it would be nice to have a little countdown to the actual festivities of that day, and release a post centered around horror every saturday starting this weekend. So what kind of bloody dishes can you expect in the upcoming weeks? Well,  my vampires and vampirettes, let’s gather around the fireplace and let me tell you what kind of posts will be lurking around in the near future on this blog.

Something Strange

This all looks relatively harmless right?

What would this blog be without at least covering some anime right? To satisfy your ghoulish needs for this great medium I have selected two shows that have been on my to watch list for a while. One is Parasyte, the other is B the Beginning. Both have connections to the horror genre, but they are both very different shows. Parasyte especially has been on my radar for quite an eternity, and I’m looking forward to finally sink my teeth into that one!


Hmm…okay, I guess these look anything BUT harmless….

To continue our descent into hell, I have also selected a few books to help us get through the agonising long wait for the 31st of October. Of course you know me, and I have selected no ordinary books. Crystal Lake Memories is a huge tome that details all of the Friday the 13th movies, and is a must have for every fan of Jason Voorhees. Having recently reviewed the manga Uzumaki by Junji Ito, and having enjoyed it immensely I purchased another classic by him: Tomie. Last but not least there is the unique pick a path horror novel Nightshift, which leaves you alone in a hospital with a mysterious killer trying to kill you. Yes….delightful isn’t it?


Not creepy at all right?

Now, of course what is Halloween without games right? Games that make you want to stay up at night, because you are afraid of getting nightmares. And trust me one of the games that I will feature is definitely one that I guarantee will give you those. As a first for my blog, I will be reviewing a videogame: Outlast. I think the scariest, creepiest, and most totally deranged game I have ever played. The other game will have you visit Count Dracula, erm sorry Lord Strahd (who could be Dracula’s distant cousin), in the Dungeon crawling boardgame Castle Ravenloft.


Just some great entertainment for the entire family!

Now of course I saved the best for last…Oh yes, there will be blood 🩸, erm….movies. For your creepy movie pleasure I have selected four completely different films, but of course all of them themed around horror. We have a “teenagers getting killed romp” in the Faculty, the Korean “let’s make you completely uncomfortable and insane film” The Wailing, the “Superman from Hell” in Brightburn, and of course there has to be a classic as well: the original sequel to the very first Halloween, with the highly original title Halloween II. Hopefully all of these films will satisfy your cravings for blood…erm horror movies. Jeezz….what is wrong with me?


Well, that’s it for now. I hope this preview has been a great appetiser for the posts that will rise from the grave in the upcoming weekends. Let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular that you are looking forward to. Now I’m off myself to go and kill a couple of zombies, watch some stuff and hopefully come up with some fun posts for you to read. In the meantime, don’t stray from the path, lock your doors, have some garlic and chainsaws lying close to you, and whatever you do, don’t turn off the lights. You might never know what is out there. See you soon……

Pumpkinhead says…..goodbye 😈😈