Ever since my return to blogging I have really been enjoying myself. And I guess my “kind of, sort of return” has now pretty much turned into a “I’m not going anywhere any time soon return”. Yeah, I know that’s not even a proper sentence, but hey I guess I’ll take it. Anyway, sometimes I do take a look back at some of the older stuff I’ve written to get ideas for new posts. And then my eyes fell on the Bloggers in the Spotlight feature. The last post I wrote for that category is shockingly now more than a year ago! Yeah I know right, that’s really been quite a while. I guess it’s time to breathe new life into that series, since it’s always fun to shed some light on bloggers who you might not know about yet, but definitely deserve to be followed. So, in other words, welcome to Volume 8 of Bloggers in the Spotlight, where I have collected a number of bloggers to embarass present to you, because well they all deserve it! Each of them is unique in their own way, and well I have really been enjoying their content. So here they are, in no particular order! 

Bookstooge’s Reviews on the Road

5FAFF151-8B45-485D-96D1-C34812103CEFWhen it comes to following blogs, I have always said at a certain point there is a limit. It’s not that I don’t want to follow more blogs, it’s simply because you can only read so many posts on a day. And just following someone and not being able to read their posts properly is not how I roll so to speak. So it was with Bookstooge, a blogger that I came across quite a while back but just wasn’t able to follow earlier, because I was at my limit. But with some blogs sadly not publishing posts anymore, either because they moved on, or for other reasons, I’ve finally been able to follow him. And it’s a decision I haven’t regretted so far! Bookstooge mainly writes reviews about science fiction, fantasy, and Manga (in short the stuff that I love) and does so with a great sense of humour and skill. You can also see many of his comments appear around the blogging sphere, and I’m always impressed by that! He’s a very friendly guy, and honestly I’m surprised that he hasn’t more followers. Hopefully this will change, because I really urge you to follow his site, and go check out his stuff! You won’t be disappointed!


E2F6418D-0161-49A1-AE8A-CC74B8A3FF4C Hey, here’s a secret hardly anyone knows about me: I love movies! I know right? That’s a total shock to all of you, and well I did say hardly anyone knows this about me. When it comes to movies I like to be surprised as well, and I love finding out about films that aren’t mainstream or simply not very well known. And that’s where the Film-Authority.com comes in. This amazing blog writes reviews for films that may not all be familiar to you, and in a huge variety of different genres. Classics, horror, science fiction, thrillers, pretty much every category of movies is covered there, and written with a great and highly enjoyable style. The only downside? Your “to watch list” will grow every day, but hey I’ll take it! Seriously though with a very friendly (and not to mention funny) host in the form of tensecondsfromnow (I hope I wrote that correctly), this is simply a “must follow blog!”. Also it’s worth mentioning the comedic banter that ensues every day between the Bookstooge and this blogger. Seriously you two should make your own series about that! So if you love films, this is definitely one of the sites you want to add to the ones that you are already following!

The Review Heap

74F95A44-A7DC-4A42-9FBA-73AD3172F5D7 I hope you are in for yet another shock, because next to me loving movies, I also love anime. Yeah, I could hear the sound of all of you dropping to the floor because of this latest revelation. So,  as most of you know the anime blogging community is huge with a lot of blogs out there, all of them pretty amazing. Because of it being so huge there are always going to be blogs you missed in some way. So it was for me with The Review Heap hosted by the very kind Ashley Capes. What I really like about this blog, is that it features a lot of the more classic animes, and well I just really happen to like those. The Review Heap is a blog I haven’t been following for a very long time, in fact next to the Bookstooge it’s one of the two blogs that I started following since my return. But I have so far really been enjoying the ride. One of the most fun things about blogging I think has always been the interacting in the comments sections, and you always get a very spirited response from Ashley when you leave a comment on a post. Next to a very cool looking blog, the articles are very well written, and a real pleasure to read. I plan on diving into some earlier posts that I have missed out on soon, but I just need to find some time for that. If it hasn’t already become clear, you simply need to follow this blog asap if you aren’t doing so already. 

Book Beach Bunny

AC246660-66EC-43EF-B35C-A5DCA8B51D59 I’m a geek, and I’m proud to be a geek. I’m 44 years old now, and by the time I’m 88 I’m still planning on being a geek. So it’s no surprise that I love blogs that deal with all things geek. But to simply dismiss the blog  Book Beach Bunny(gotta love a name like that) as just for geeks would be doing it a great disservice. Hosted by the always friendly Gemma, this is another blog that has many, many different topics on it. As the name implies there are definitely book reviews on there, a lot of them in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, but other sorts of books are covered too. Then there are movie and tv shows that get exposed, in the form of trailers, news items and reviews. Gemma also makes fun posts about all sorts of topics such as blogging and things like top 5 lists. She has a great and fun writing style, which makes each post a fun read, and it’s one of those blogs where you never really know what will be coming up next. And well, I have always liked surprises! Anyways, I think I have hopefully made my point, that this is yet another blog that you simply can’t live without. So go ahead and press that link, check out the content, and if you like what you see (which you will) hit that follow button!

M.I.B’S Instant Headache

080EF105-9881-4A20-8D16-11BFB384052F Yeah, that’s one heck of a cool name for a blog huh? Not to mention the seriously cool avatar as well. So closing the ranks for Volume 8 of Bloggers in the Spotlight, we have another blogger that I have been following with pleasure for quite a while. M.I.B.’s Instant Headache is a blog that also covers movies, and not to forget anime, but again not the mainstream ones, a huge reason why I like this blog so much. The movies that are covered on this blog are from a wide range of countries, and it’s nice to finally see someone covering movies who isn’t afraid of reading subtitles. And I might make a joke out of it now, but honestly it’s a real shame that a lot of people miss out on some truly awesome flicks just because subtitles are involved. I have recently been adding way too many international movies to my already overflowing “to watch list” but hey, there’s never such a thing as too many movies. I’m always in awe of the really amazing amount of movie trivia that Man In Black (yes that’s what M.I.B. stands for) knows about, and I have had some really great discussions with him in the comments section. This blogger seriously needs more people to follow him, because really the posts are a joy to read. Want to find out more? Well, don’t just stand there, hit the link and discover all what this amazing blog has to offer! 

That’s all….for now!


So, there you have it: five really amazing bloggers that deserve their place in the spotlight! With the world of blogging expanding every day, I’m sure that this definitely won’t be the final installment of this feature. In fact there are still quite a number of bloggers that I’m following but who haven’t yet had their fifteen minutes of fame here. Rest assured though, in the future I definitely plan on writing more of these posts, so if you haven’t yet been featured here, don’t despair. For now though, I hope that you will enjoy the blogs that I have shown you here today! Thanks for reading, and see you at the next post!