Here I am once again with another edition of Bloggers in the Spotlight! For those of you that are new to this feature, or need a refresher, let me explain what this feature is all about. The title is actually pretty self explanatory: I put bloggers in the spotlight by giving you a description of their blogs, tell how awesome they are and generally embarass them as much as I can. I try to feature some new bloggers here but occasionally also some veterans, simply because they deserve the recognition. So, pretty simple huh. Now this is already the seventh volume of this feature, and for this one I will be giving you a mix of both new blogs and a few that have been around for quite some time. Okay, time to kick things off here. Grab your drinks, snacks, or whatever else you need, and ofcourse be prepared to discover some new blogs because really all of the ones that I’m featuring today definitely deserve it to be visited and followed by you. And yes I do mean YOU! Now, let’s get to work shall we?

Rami-The Free Spirit Anime

1286E1E6-4824-455F-B7C7-5A02E79AC228 Rami is a blogger that has just started out this month, in fact since just about two weeks now. The blog has been steadily gaining followers and I can seriously understand why. Rami draws anime style art, that is just amazing to look at. The talent involved here is absolutely astounding, and when I first came across this blog I was blown away by it. And obviously I still am. As many of you know, if there is one thing that I like in anime/manga it’s a beautiful art style. Rami has that and then some. Now that isn’t the only thing though. Rami recently started asking their followers for requests, and it was no real surprise that I asked for a drawing of my alltime favorite anime character Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. The result was published two days ago, and you can see how it turned out by pressing here. As you can see it’s totally amazing! I think it’s really cool for someone who has just started out and doesn’t even know us all that well yet to do something like this. So please take a look around this awesome blog, and I’m pretty sure it will convince you enough to press that follow button! New drawings are published almost every day, and with every new post it only seems to become better and better if that can be believed. So what are you waiting for? Go…go…go!

Pinkie-Pinkie’s Pokémon

3C17EAA9-7696-4758-9181-AA76BD2C3E19 Now unless for some reason you haven’t been on this planet for a while I’m sure everyone has heard of Pokémon. (And if not, seriously where have you been?). Pinkie is also a relative newcomer to the world of WordPress and has a blog that is only focussing on one subject: Pokémon. Now, before you all move on saying that’s not really your thing, let me stop you right there! I have never, and I do mean never, seen a blogger that is so passionate about something than Pinkie. Her blog is not only gorgeous to look at, she makes anyone who isn’t a fan of this franchise into someone who wants to check it out. Every day her posts are surprising. From well written fan fiction stories, to collectables, to game tips, each post is a delight to read. Even when you don’t even like Pokémon I guarantee you will enjoy her blog. But not only that Pinkie is also a very kind and fun person to talk too, and I have seen her popping up with comments pretty much everywhere I look (I’m thinking she is trying to beat me at placing comments lol). Sometimes the wordpress world is very small, as she is also a fellow Dutchie! Not convinced by my words yet? Jeez, what more can I do? Okay press here and tell me I’m wrong. I’m not am I? Good! So what are you standing around here for? Press that follow button already!

Jon Spencer-Jon Spencer Reviews

DA4C3A62-E776-4783-971F-864A6805D1DE Sometimes I make mistakes. Yes I know, it’s shocking, but well I do! Looking back to the past few volumes of Bloggers in the Spotlight I found out that Jon was missing. I am honestly a bit embarassed about that. Because really how could I have forgotten to not feature him sooner! To say that Jon is an important part in the blogging community is an understatement. He is responsible for the monthly event Jon’s Creator Showcase that has become a huge happening. Here bloggers of any kind can submit a post to be featured (if chosen) on the blog of the monthly host alongside posts from other people. Jon is a really amazing person, who always looks out for everyone and organises so many fun events for people to participate in, to bring them closer together. Most recently it’s AnyTwitWatches where a bunch of bloggers come together every monday on Twitter to share their thoughts on 3 episodes of a fun anime series. I can’t say enough nice things about Jon, but anything I say is probably not enough. Either way, Jon is someone who I definitely am proud to name a friend, and if you have not yet run into him yet I’m going to make it easy for you to provide you with a link to his blog. Yeah, you will thank me later for it. Now Jon, sorry for featuring you so late in the game, but I hope this makes up for my negligence.

 Lashaan Balasingam-@Bookidote

A74A65B3-6A64-439D-8C7C-1B218EC78C5D I love to read as you all know, (yeah one has to wonder what I don’t love to do, but erm that’s besides the point) and there are certain individuals who shall remain nameless *cough Lashaan cough* that are determined to keep adding books to my to read list. All joking aside I couldn’t thank Lashaan enough for having such an amazing blog and writing so many fantastic reviews. He makes up one half of this blog to be honest (the other half will be featured in the next Volume), but Lashaan and I have a very similar taste in books/comics. Because yes, Lashaan writes not only about books, but also about comics and mangas. We have shared a lot of cool comments over on his blog and my own, and I’m happy to be able to also count him as one of my friends as well. Lashaan’s reviews are always a joy to read, and if I didn’t know any better I would think he is a writer of books himself, because his writing style is just absolutely astounding. Fantasy novels, science fiction, superheroes, all these and much, much more are things that Lashaan delights us with each week. He is a very easy to talk to, and an amazingly kind guy, and I simply can’t praise him enough. In other words, you don’t have to think much more right now as you know what I’m about to say anyway: here is the link and you know the drill! And if not I really should work more on my skill of explaining things.

Didi Oviatt-Author

A9BB2FA8-898F-4B36-8F5E-4F956BA0630B I thought it would be nice to go from a blogger that writes reviews for books, to a blogger who is a real author and so writes books. (Yes, that is one heck of a sentence isn’t it!). What can I say about Didi? Well, I could go into a whole litany of how talented she is, and how kind and how much of an awesome blog she has, but hey those are things you can discover for yourself when you start to follow her on your own. (And trust me you will). I can tell you having had the delight to read one of her books for myself, how insanely good she is at writing books. (You can find my review for that one right here) I am running way behind on reading and have a backlog that I probably will never be able to finish in my lifetime. But her books are on the top of my list, and with a vacation coming up in October, I finally plan to read the next one by her and I honestly can’t wait to get started with it. She recently finished a new book, that is getting rave reviews all over the blogging sphere, which doesn’t surprise me for even one second. So what’s the point of following her as a blogger than? Well, because her blog is fabulous too. She writes reviews for other books herself as well, and you can find some of her poetry there amongst posts about her personal life too. And just as all the others that I have featured here today, she is an absolute sweetheart. Enough talk right? Time for action! Here is the link, nuff said!

B5A8E63F-C29A-47FA-84AD-F82D4CF1FFAB I have been following Krystallina for quite a while now, and her blog is always a treat. Her main focus is on all kinds of different mangas. I admittedly don’t read a lot of manga myself, but lately I am slowly getting into that as well. (I TOLD you I have way too many hobies!) Her reviews are spot on, and very thorough pointing out both the strengths and weaknesses in a very good way, so you can decide whether or not it’s something you would like. Her writing style is terrific and just like all the people in this post, she is very easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor, and is simply put very kind. She has always been very supportive to my own blog as well, for which I’m very grateful. But there are other things on her blog that make it worthwhile too! She loves gaming, and does some extensive posts on all kinds of Japanese style games, especially the final fantasy series. And if you are looking for some good deals on Amazon, she has you covered as well, with regular posts that point out things you might want to buy from the world of anime and manga and maybe missed out on yourself. Well, I think I have pointed out enough reasons to go and check out her blog, if you aren’t doing that already. Please don’t let me stop you. So go, right here.

The Otaku Judge

4D315C02-0534-4D6B-ABC1-EA5DDEDFEF91 Last, but certainly not least for this 7th edition is The Otaku Judge. I know right? That’s quite the name! Another blogger that I have been following for a long time, I’m glad that I ran across their blog. You see, the Otaku Judge and me seem to have a very similar taste when it comes to all things geek. And wouldn’t you know it, their blog also deals with a huge amount of things, ranging from anime reviews, movies, games and a whole lot of other stuff too. The Otaku Judge always visits other blogs regularly as well, as I see their (cool) badge pop up all over the place. Always kind and generous, and another person with a great sense of humor I’m honestly very happy that I decided to follow. It’s always nice to meet someone with a similar taste, but when they write as good  as the Otaku Judge, with reviews that really pull you in, it only makes that decision even better! They have been away for a bit (but then again so have I) but I’m honestly very happy that the Judge made a comeback here. So if you like to find out more about the world of geek, and come on you know you want that right, you are one buttonpress away from doing so. As always I have you covered so here is where you need to go!

The end…..


Yeah, yeah I know right? I’m being quite dramatic again. No worries, this is just the end of this post. Is it the end of this feature as well though? Well…..of course not! There always new and old bloggers alike that I haven’t yet featured here, so rest assured bloggers in the spotlight will be returning somewhere in the future. And hey, it might even be you this time who is going to end up here next! Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope you will have a great weekend!