Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have done a real update since my hiatus and ever since then my blog has been kind of going all over the place. But things are about to change. With Jon’s Creator Showcase nearing it’s end, and the final post for it showing the results to be posted on the 1st of September, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my plans for the upcoming months. Then again, we all know how plans are subject to change, with real life interfering, but that said I am still excited to share some of my ideas with you.

The return of the themes…


For those of you that have been following me for a while, you might recall that I started this year with the introduction of themes. What it came down to was that I picked a theme for each month and I would let my readers decide what I would watch and review. It was a lot of fun, bad sadly the last theme: Anime was never really completed in the way that I wanted to. That said, there has been a lack of anime content on my blog these past few weeks in the first place so I want to finish it properly in September. That means I will finally start to watch Baccano! and give it the review it deserves, and one that I promised a long while ago. I also have plans to fully rewatch a series but I am going to keep it under wraps which one that is, because if all goes well I hope to have a special collab post for that one. And then there are two shows that I am in the middle of but have never completed, Violet Evergarden and Space Battleship Yamato 2199. All of these I hope to feature somewhere in the upcoming month

A special project


The wonderful Karandi and I have been working on a secret project which will be revealed to you if all goes well that is, on the 4th of September. As it’s a secret, and Karandi and I have made a sacred pact to not disclose any information at this time, I will not yet tell you anything about it. But…be on the lookout for the countdown over on twitter at some point in the upcoming week.

Other Stuff


Don’t worry, besides anime there will be other things going on as well in September. I am currently reading a very exciting book by our very own Didi Oviatt called Aggravated Momentum. I would have finished it already, but things have been a bit busy on my end. Which doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome: It is…quite a lot actually. Expect a review for that in the upcoming month as well. Another thing that has been lacking on my blog is a review for Boardgames. I have promised Rose a review for the Sword Art Online: Sword of Fellows dicegame, and that one will be coming up soon. It’s one of those small, but truly fun games to play. And ofcourse as I am an enormous Sword Art Online fan, this one was pretty much a no brainer. You would think that would be enough now right?


Wel…almost. I’m also going to continue writing movie reviews, and you can expect an assorment of different ones heading your way. Arrival, The Predator and The Great Wall are some of the titles that I plan to review. My love for Korean dramas wil ofcourse not go away any time soon either. The one I am currently watching, Voice, has got to be one of the darkest that I have ever seen. As I am quite comfortable with those kind of shows, I can’t wait to see how this series will progress and of course I really hope I can write a fun review for that one too.

In closing…


Well, that’s about it. As the third week of September will be the start of my three week vacation from work, I hope to have a lot more time on my hands to catch up with stuff. For now though I am almost done with putting the finishing touches to the Jon Creator Showcase post. It’s been really difficult picking what to feature as there were so many good posts to choose from. I can’t wait to share the results with you on Saturday, and I hope the post will have been worth the wait for everyone. I’m excited to bring you all this stuff in September, and I hope there will be things that you look forward to as well. Thanks as always for reading, and see you all around!