A very hard and difficult post…….

Hello everyone. I am going to warn you in advance: this is not going to be a very happy post. In fact, I don’t think ever since I started blogging that I have had to write a more difficult post than this one. Last week I announced that my blogging hiatus would end this week and I would finally return again to provide you with new posts and my usual comments on your own posts. I am now very sad to inform you of the fact that this will not be the case. And it gets worse….I will not be returning to blogging until at least the end of April. In this post I want to explain to you why I had to make this honestly very hard decision to (at least for a while) stop doing something that I love with every fiber of my being.

Currently things are very busy at my work. When I arrive back at home, I am pretty much exhausted and I simply lack the energy to go write posts, answer comments or provide comments of my own on posts of your blogs. But this is not the main reason for me to make this decision, as not every day is like that. I am an only child, and have a very small family. It’s just me, my mother and my father. No other family whatsoever. As such my parents are at times very dependant on me, especially when there are moments when things are a bit tougher than usual. This is one of those moments. My father might have to undergo a surgery for his back in April. It is nothing lifethreatening, but two years ago my father also had a surgery for something else, and he came out of it in a very bad way. He had a very low, and quite honestly very worrisome blood pressure. In the end it luckily stabilized, and he made it, but it’s something that put the scare in both me and my mother.

Now, on the 10th of April we are going to know for sure if his surgery has to go through. So it’s now the long wait, and if he has to undergo his operation, it will be a very anxious time for both me and my parents. This, combined with the work situation just doesn’t put me in the right mind to work on blogging. I want to be there as much as I can for my folks, as well as find some time to relax too when I get home. And that’s why I decided to put a stop to my blogging activities, at least for the moment that is. I really want to apologise to you as well. If there is one thing that I have grown to love, it’s all the interaction with each and every one of you. You have all given me enormous support and have really made me feel welcome, and in a way it just feels I am letting you all down now. So, that’s why I just wanted to write this post, and let you all know what’s going on, but also apologise.

A request for help….


There is one other question that I have. And that is a request. In April I was supposed to be the host for the next month of Jon Spencer’s Creator Showcase. I won’t be able to make this happen now, and that’s why I am asking for help. Is there anyone who is going to host in future months that wants to trade places with me? As this is not the end of my blog and I ofcourse totally plan on coming back, I still want to be the host for an upcoming month. As Jon’s project is very dear to me, as you can see here I really don’t want to give this up, but I just can’t do it in April. I feel really guilty in asking this, but I unfortunately have no other choice. If anyone wants to trade his spot with me, it would really be a very big help. Please let me know in the comments section below.

The future….


Now I want to really make it clear to you that this is not a farewell post. Even though I find it very hard to write this (I am not kidding here, this entire post fills me with sadness), I take comfort in the fact that I will return. I have seen a lot of new followers make an appearance and that’s why I also feel a bit guilty about the fact that one of the first new posts you read from me is me announcing the fact that I am going to be putting a stop to my writing for a while. I hope you will still be here when I return. I really appreciate the follow and am looking forward to getting to know you better when I come back. To all of the people that I have know for longer I want to say a very heartfelt thank you. This entire community is one that is such a warm and welcoming place, that it really feels as if I am leaving a very big part of myself behind. And in a way I suppose that I am. Your friendship, love, laughter, and everything else has continued to put a smile on my face. Rest assured I will return, that I promise. I will try to stay in touch as best I can, and ofcourse if anyone wants to reach me you can find me on twitter at @online_raistlin, or by sending an email to me at mvanderweide28@gmail.com. Thank you for reading, and for now…this is goodbye. Take care everyone.


146 thoughts on “A very hard and difficult post…….”

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and your support, it really means a lot to me. I will try to not worry too much, and I will also try to keep faith that things will go well. Thank you again, and I will do my best to return as fast as possible.

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  1. Michel, this was hard to read… I will pray that things will go well for your Dad. Stay strong. Family is everything… I wish all the best for you and don’t worry about the blog, I am sure that difficult moments like that will give you time to reflect about many different things.

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  2. Oh Michel, I’m so sorry to hear about your dad 😦 I understand these are difficult times for you and of course your head will be filled with way too much stuff to focus on anything else, blog included.
    I wish you and your family the best of luck (will keep my fingers crossed for the surgery!) and hope you return to our side soon (because I miss your posts way too much and love talking to you!)
    Here’s to good news, my friend ❤

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  3. I haven’t been very active in the last few weeks, so I didn’t s see this until now.

    It may be a bit a late of me to say this, but I hope that you’re okay and wish you all the best, Raistlin.

    You’re one of the most awesome guys in this community and always engage with everyone’s content, and you will be missed during the time you’re away.

    Take all the time you need. I hope to see you again soon.

    Take care my friend!

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  4. I’m a little late to your post, but if it’s any consolation I know exactly what you’re going through because I’ve been there myself.
    My thoughts are with you and your loved ones!


  5. I’m sorry to have missed this when you posted back in March. I know it may take some time before you see this, but I wanted to express my sympathy for everything you’re going through. I hope your father’s surgery went well and that your overall stress level reduces soon.

    I miss being able to talk to you, but family is the most important thing. Please take all the time you need to support them.

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  6. Hey Raistlin, hope irl things are still working out over at your side. You’re a very kind and generous person, and its obvious from the warmth and enthusiasm whenever you welcome new bloggers or motivate blogs and their authors alike. A good friend of mine used to say this to me, “I hope your life turn out really well from the accumulation of infinite good karma!!!”, and I sincerely wish that you and your family will be able to surmount the odds.
    Take care of your health and hope your dad gets better.
    *virtual hugs*


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