The 0903: Birthday Party, Competion Results & Blog Update

Let me start this post with a small apology on my part. As you know I announced a Short Blogging Hiatus, that I thought would only last for one week. But, unfortunately I won’t be back this week either, which means it is taking a bit longer than expected. But….it is my birthday today, and you know what I promised you when I announced the competition. Today, finally after a long wait, you can find the winners in each category below. Because really what better way is there to celebrate a birthday by giving away some presents! Congratulation to each winner! If you didn’t win, please don’t despair. There will be another competion somewhere in the future, so don’t give up. For everyone that entered, thank you for participating and for all the support that you have shown my blog. It is very much appreciated.

The Winners:


There were 16 people that entered in this category. In the end it was J (yes that really is one letter, no typo on my part) that got selected by the random numbers generator and won the coveted Mikasa Figure. Congratulations J!



The Book Category proved to be the most popular. I guess a lot of people were eager to find out who Raistlin is. But there can only be one winner and that is Biblionyan! Congratulations to you as well!



It was the movie category that ultimately proved to be the least popular (which is strange as I absolutely love that Back to the Future book), with only 12 people entering it. In this final category the random number generator selected Karandi to take home the prize! Congratulations!


A note to the three winners…

Well now the only thing left is for me to sent the prizes to you. And ofcourse I have to know your address for that so please sent an email to the following email address: (you can also use the contact form on my about page) listing your address, or where I can sent the prize too. As soon as I have received your email I will head to the post office to start shipping your prizes.

Blog update: I’ll be back!


Now, finally how about that blog hiatus huh? I know I said I would only be off for one week, but sometimes things grow a bit beyond your control. It has been crazy busy at my work these past few days, but to top things off, I also had a nasty flu bug that pretty much took most of my energy. In short: I just could not find the time or the proper spirit to write/read posts when I came home and provide you with my usual comments/blog posts. If all goes well though, I will be back again on tuesday. I have a backlog of comments I will first respond to, so I will be spending most of tuesday doing that. But after that I will slowly get back to reading your posts and provide my customary comments again (lol). Of course there will also be new posts from me as well, and to start things off I will provide my first review for the Anime theme month My Hero Accademia, Season 1. (Oh, just so you know…I have become totally addicted to that anime, so by saying this I think you pretty much already know how I feel about that one).

hmmmmm…..somehow I don’t believe you…….

So, again my apologies for being absent for a while. Next week I will be back, yes this time for real! Now I am off to celebrate me becoming 42 (hmm…is that something I should celebrate though? I wonder 🤔). Have a great weekend everyone, and see you all next week!



42 thoughts on “The 0903: Birthday Party, Competion Results & Blog Update”

  1. Happpppppy Birthdayyyyyy… I wish you all the best Michel and I’m really, REALLY glad I met you here… And take your time taking care of Other things real life throws at you… (believe i’m in the same boat. LOL)..

    Aaaahhh Congratulations to the winners… :):):)

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  2. Yay! I won! Sorry, I really loved the prize for Back to the Future so I thought there would be a lot of competition for that one.

    I’m really sorry to hear work and your health haven’t been going so well. I hope you recover soon and that things at work settle. While I’m looking forward to your posts, you definitely need to take care of yourself.

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  3. You are getting all the bad stuff out now so that everything can be completely wonderful from no on! Have a restful and relaxing birthday. We can’t wait to see you back in full health!

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  4. For you to still come in your freaking birthday day to share the winners of the contest just shows how much do you care about the community. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! And of course we should be celebrating! Even when you do 90 years old you should be celebrating (Although I’m just going to stop at 30 and every time it’s my birthday I’ll just say that it is 30 xD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations…I am sorry for the late response to this, but as you might have seen I have quit blogging, at least for now. I am going to wrap sending the gifts this weekend, but I haven’t yet recieved your adress. Could you let me know what it is, so I can sent the prize to you? You can use the contact form, or my emailadress
      Thank you, and I hope you will enjoy your prize 😊


  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! And your orders are: Get Better! Seriously though, missed having you around and reading your posts. Glad you were able to pop in to conclude the contest and do a fun post. Take care of yourself, and I look forward to your return 🙂


  6. Hope your birthday’s been stellar and that you’re feeling better. At the very least, I hope flu didn’t spoil your day. It has been quiet without you so we’re looking forward to you coming back, just as soon as you feel ready 😊


  7. Happy birthday man!!! Hope you do enjoy your celebration and that you have been taking care of yourself as much as you can! Totally understand the hiatus and there’s nothing to apologize for!! Looking forward to your return though. 😀


  8. Happy birthday and hopefully you feel better soon, Michel. I don’t know your audience as well as you do, but considering how many anime bloggers pop up in your comments, it’s no surprise there was a similar-sized turnout for the competition.

    Plus congratulations to the winners, before I forget that.

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  9. Well boo hoo, you talked me into entering and then didn’t let me win!! 😀 Seriously congrats to the winners, and Happy Birthday to you Michel. 42 is definitely something to celebrate, I would if I was back to that age!! Miss you lots, come back soon! xxx


  10. Happy birthday, Rai san! Hope everything is going well! I was really happy to read this post (And even happier to see you getting hooked on to My Hero Academia). Can’t wait for you to come back 🙂


  11. Happily belated birthday!! Congrats to all the winners! I hope you’ve recovered from your flu- that sucks- and I hope everything’s calmed down for you at work- but don’t worry about the blog, I’m sure everyone understands (I certainly do, I’ve been on and off a lot lately). I just look forward to your return!


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