Short Blogging Hiatus

Hello everyone,

Sometimes real life catches up to you, and this is one of those weeks, where unfortunately I will be a little bit less active than usual. This means, except for a pre-scheduled post on the 1st of March, there won’t be any new reviews from me, nor will I be very active on WordPress this week. So I will probably miss reading quite a few posts from you as well. My apologies for that. I hope to be back in action again next week. But I wanted to let you all know, which is why I wrote this short post. I hope everyone will have a good week, and see you all again soon.




39 thoughts on “Short Blogging Hiatus”

  1. An inactive Raistlin?! Noooooo!

    It won’t be the same without you, sir, but I know all too well how much real life can catch up with you sometimes! Take all the time you need and everyone will be here to welcome you back when you return. πŸ™‚ Take care and we’ll see you soon!

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  2. Heroes don’t need to make themselves known; for when they go away, you can hear cries for their return.

    It’ll be lonely but I’m sure you would rather hear me say that I’ll be fine.


    I will…




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  3. Whatever it is, I hope you take care of yourself! πŸ˜‡ While you will definitely be missed (as all the comments already indicate), really don’t push yourself to return before everything’s fine again for you! It will be tough, but we can hopefully survive a while without Raistlin…Sincerest wishes~ 😊

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  4. We completely understand, no problem at all! Everyone does need that escape/break from social media and the web sometimes. Take your time, we’ll be waiting for you to come back πŸ™‚


  5. I hope you find room to have some well deserved down time in between catching up with life stuff. Have a good week, and see you soon 😊


  6. You will be missed. I hope everything is okay! Just take care of you, sweetheart! I finally got the chance to breathe myself and read and comment on everyone’s post!😍 Sending you much love, Michel! Don’t forget you mean the world to me. I am going to have to email you with more about whats been going on with me. Its just been hectic. I messed up with publishers, my car broke down and stuck in hospital. Life was just a mess but wanted you to know sorry for my little bit of silence.πŸ˜“ You are the best and a rockstar! Enjoy your time off from the blogosphere!

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  7. I too have been hiatus for quite some time now. It’s been crazy weeks and I barely have time to blog. It’s sad but well, it’s real life. I look forward to read your blog again! πŸ™‚


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