Last year I published a review for a book that was very special to me. Not only was it written by my friend the extraordinary Cain S. Latrani it was also a novel that I have enjoyed immensely. The book was called Rise-The War Witch Saga 1 and it was an incredibly well written fantasy book that I absolutely loved. In fact the last time I enjoyed a fantasy novel this much was years ago when I was reading the Dragonlance saga and first got introduced to my all time favorite book character Raistlin. Today it’s the 21st of October. It’s a date that might not mean a lot to you, but for a certain author called Cain it’s a very important one. Cain has been through a lot these past couple of years. Most notably the tragic passing of his wife understandably caused him an enormous amount of grief. While I don’t think anyone will ever get over something like that I’m incredibly proud of him and the way that he has been dealing with it. It’s been, and still is a very hard journey but today his perseverance and strength have culminated in something really cool.

A closer look at the awesome looking cover!

You see today it’s his wife’s birthday. You can imagine how special that date is for him, but today it’s even extra special as it sees the release of his novel Bunnypocalypse: Dead Reckoning. Now if that doesn’t even slightly give you goosebumps and once again proves how powerful true love really is, I don’t know what does. There’s even a cool merchandise store now that celebrates this release and you can find it with this link. Having experienced this man’s writing skills first hand, I can’t wait to get my hands on it, and start reading it. Especially since it’s also set during a zombie apocalypse and you all know how much I love that genre. Now before you start thinking I was asked to put this post together, I wasn’t. This was my own idea as I know how important this release is for Cain, as well as the many struggles that he went through to get to this point. I promise to write a review for this book once I’ve completed it, but I’m also going to interview the man himself about the creative process behind this one. But that’s a story for another time. All I can say is, if you are looking for your next book: you have found it. Press this link and buy it already, I’m convinced you won’t be disappointed in any way! Cain, if you are reading this: good luck with this project, but I already know you won’t need it! You’ve totally got this!

The full cover in all it’s glory!