I have always said that one of the most rewarding and fun things about blogging is the interacting with everyone. Throughout the comments sections on my own, and other people’s blogs I have met all sorts of amazing individuals and had quite a few interesting conversations. At times they even give you ideas for blog posts, and on occasion I even take requests. Take my fellow Master of Ironing Tensecondsfromnow for instance. The other day we were talking over on his blog about a film called Sound for the future. He mentioned in that post that he had been part of a boy band. I said I could top that as I had almost been a part of death metal band as the lead singer (or grunter if you prefer). He asked me if I would ever share that music, but that would be a little bit difficult since that project never got started. The next best thing though would be sharing a few of my favorite songs, and hence here we are! Now let me make it clear, this post is a one time deal. I already have enough topics that I cover on my blog, so I’m not going to be adding music to it. This post is mainly intended to have some fun and well who can resist a request from a Master of Ironing right?

Music was my first love….

A few classic album covers from my past….

Back in my highschool days I hardly listened to music at all. A lot of people wondered why that was, but I guess I just had not yet discovered the music style that I would grow to love and enjoy. That all changed when I came across a song called “The Clairvoyant” by British hardrock legends Iron Maiden. Now THAT was my cup of tea. I loved it from start to finish, and needless to say I began to track down more of their music and became a fan. Eventually though my hardrock roots began to expand to more louder and extremer forms of rock/metal. I started listening to bands like Metallica and Slayer, but while they were very good, it was still nothing compared to the brutality I heard when I got introduced to my first deathmetal band: Bolt Thrower. Harsh metal sounds were accompanied by guttural grunts, and it was like nothing I had ever heard before. From there I started exploring more, and grew especially fond of bands that were accompanied by female singers. The mix of almost angelic voices and grunts was truly unique, and at times incredibly beautiful. These days music is still a part of my life, but I do admit it’s not a very big part. I will now share with you five of my favorite songs from five different bands. Not all of these are as hard as you might expect though!

Anathema-A Natural Disaster

Anathema is my all time favorite band. They started off as Doom Metal band, but over the years they have evolved into something totally different and most of their music these days can’t even be considered rock anymore. That said, they are probably one of the most underrated bands out there, and this song proves that. This is a special live version, where they are being accompanied by a full orchestra. Rest assured this song can be enjoyed by everyone. Just listen to the incredible voice of Lee Douglas the lead female singer, guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Enjoy!


This Ukranian band is a recent discovery of mine. I came across it on Youtube, and the less I say about this song the more you will be surprised by it. I can only say that if you really want to laugh a few times, you should search Youtube for reaction videos to this one. And in case you are wondering, yes that really is her voice. Having seen this band in action live a couple of times now, again on Youtube, they are really a force to be reckoned with. They are also increasing very fast in popularity, and rightfully so.

Shape of Despair-Written in my Scars

Now we are getting into the heavier stuff. Shape of Despair is a Funeral Doom Death Metal band. Hey, I didn’t invent the term it’s what it’s called. It’s a style that is known for it’s slow, and incredibly sad and melancholy kind of melodies. This is my favorite song by this band, and it’s one that has been stuck on repeat for a very long time. So long in fact that one of my best friends started questioning my sanity. The song really takes off at the 3:43 mark where a hauntingly beautiful female voice starts, and gives me chills down my spine every single time. Best experienced with headphones on.

Draconian-Lustrous Heart

This Swedish Doom Metal band has always been a favorite of mine, and is coming out with a new (and what’s promising to be a very amazing) new album. The grunts of singer Anders combined with the beautiful and clear vocals of Heike is one of the best trademarks this band has to offer. Haunting and amazing melodies that will stick in your head once you hear them, this is truly one of Doom Metal’s best outfits. This song is taken from their new album.

Nightwish-The Poet and the Pendulum

Nightwish is symphonic metalband from Finland. The new female lead singer Floor Jansen is Dutch and has recently been featured on television in a program called “Beste Zangers”, which stands for Best Singers. The funny thing is, almost nobody in my country, outside metal fans, knew who she was. Since that program though she has become so popular, that she has multiple sold out solo concerts lined up. Crazy how things can sometimes go. This song demonstrate her amazing vocal capabilities, and when things take off at the 1:19 mark, it’s hard not to get energised!


Well, I hope you enjoyed this small encounter with my musical mind. Most of the music featured here certainly isn’t mainstream, so I can definitely imagine this won’t be to everyone’s liking. As mentioned though, rest assured this post really was a one time only deal, as I have no plans whatsoever to make this a regular thing. That said, I still hope everyone got a kick out of some of these songs. Let’s talk in the comments! Any favorites? Not your thing? What kind of music are you into? Let me know! Thanks for reading, and just for fun I will leave you with a song by Bolt Thrower, the first Death Metal Band that I listened to!