Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s August already? In just five more months we will be saying goodbye to the year 2019, and we will see 2020 knocking on our front doors. Well, sort of anyway. But that’s still a long way off, and today I want to share with you some of my plans for this month. Or in other words what can you expect from this crazy Dutch guy blogwise in August. This might become a somewhat regular feature as I think it’s a nice way to make you (hopefully) excited for some of the things you can expect in a certain month. To say that I have been enjoying myself ever since I came back from my hiatus is an understatement. And that is mostly due to all the awesome people of this community. Yes: YOU guys and girls! I want to thank each and every one of you who has left a like, provided me with a comment, or just took the time to read some of my posts. I have felt very welcome since my return, and it really has been truly heartwarming. So really, thank you! Now, let’s go and see what I have in store for you all!


Gotta love these cool looking images!

Anime will always remain a big part of my blog, and lately I have really been watching quite a lot of different shows. And since there is no such thing as too much anime I’m not going to run out of new/old series to watch any time soon. One of the animes you will be seeing a (long overdue) review for this month is Schwarzes Marken (Yes Scott I know but hey it’s almost here!). August will also see the return of The Worst/Best Anime you (might) not have seen yet feature, which will be putting Vanishing Line Garo in the spotlight. Last, but certainly not least is my review for the first season of Is it Wrong to try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? The second season I am currently watching as a part of my Seasonal Anime.


Reboots and remakes, I’m sensing a pattern here.

It’s been a while since I last featured a movie review on my blog, and you would almost think my love for movies is over. To that I say: Yeah right! Of course that is never going to happen, and in August it seems the theme is reboots and remakes as by sheer coincidence all 3 films are either a reboot or a remake. The Predator and the Mummy fall into the first category, and both films were to be honest a little bit disappointing. But more about that when my reviews for those two movies will be published. A film that I have always wanted to write about on my blog is my third favorite movie of all time: Heat. You can expect a review where I will try to be objective, but where I will in all likelyhood fail in the attempt.

Asian Dramas

Another month, another Asian drama.

As you all know I love Korean dramas, but the observant reader will have noticed that the header for this paragraph reads Asian dramas. Well, there is a perfectly easy explanation for that: I’m currently watching my very first Chinese drama! I came across the trailer for Novoland: Eagle Flag by pure chance, and I have included it below because seriously it’s one of the most epic trailers I have ever seen for an Asian tv series! The series will have a whopping 54 episodes, and is currently running on Viki. I don’t know if it will be finished in August, but if it will  be, you can expect a review for it! But of course the month will not be complete without a Korean drama, and for that you can expect yet another long overdue review: Voice. (Sorry Kay for the long wait!). Oh, and as promised here is that (awesome) trailer I mentioned:



Two titles that could not be more different from each other.

For all you book lovers out there I will have two reviews that can’t even be remotely compared to each other. First up is a review for the 9 part Manga series Monster. I’m already letting you know this in advance: this is the one of the best stories I have ever read in my entire life. Why exactly that is, is something that you will just have to wait for until you read my review. Another first this month is a venture into the world of Warhammer Fantasy. Where I already had explored the far future of Warhammer quite a lot, this time I will be taking a dive into the past with the horror novel Drachenfels.


Horror and sci-fi, gotta love that mix!

Yes, I still play boardgames, and yes this month I will also be reviewing some of those as well. The popular video game Resident Evil 2 now has it’s own boardgame. When I was a gamer I used to absolutely love that franchise, and I was delighted to find out about this! Whether or not it is actually a good game or not, I will not yet reveal. You don’t always want to play very complex games, or games that require a long set up time. Sometimes you just want something simple, and that is where Encounters: Shadowrun comes in. It’s a nice, small, easy to learn but fun push-your-luck dicegame.

Other Stuff….

Retro Raist and Raist’s Collection will return….

Whew! That already is a lot of stuff isn’t it? Well I’m thinking there is always room for more, so what else is coming up in August? Ofcourse Retro Raist will return, this time featuring an old 80’s classic action movie called Cyborg, with mr. Van Damme kicking his way through a post apocalyptic world. Speaking of Retro Raist, the winners of the Retro Raist: Competition will be announced later this month. If you haven’t yet entered, there is still plenty of time as the competition will be closing on the 14th of August. So click on the post for that, and if just as long as you follow the rules, don’t hesitate to enter! Last but not least Raist’s Collection will come back with part 2, where I will be showing you some of my Sword Art Online collection. Well, that’s about it! There might be some other things that I will throw into the mix as well, but as usual that will depend a bit on how much time I will be able to spend on blogging. We’ll see how it goes! Anyways, hope there are some things that strike your fancy here! Let me know in the comments section what you are looking forward to the most (well, that is if there ARE some things that you are looking forward to!). Hope everybody will have an awesome month!