Hello everyone! Today I’m here to talk about something entirely different than usual. It’s just one of those things that I am quite honestly getting more fed up with every day. What’s that? The Raist is getting angry about something? I thought that guy was always in total and complete Zen mode? Erm, no. I may not always let it shine through, but even I can get angry about stuff. Today I’m talking about “fandom”. You will notice how I put that word in between quotation marks, and yes I did that with a purpose. Because really it’s beginning to annoy me how certain people these days are talking thrash about films and tv shows that haven’t even been released yet, based solely on a single trailer. And it’s a movement that seems to be gaining momentum more and more each day. When you head on over to Youtube there are even channels that seem devoted to actively influence people with their opinions. They believe that a film is going to be bad, without even having seen it yet, and in that way they seem to find great pleasure in it to convince the masses of that. A great example of that is the new Terminator film that is going to be released this year. Let’s first take a look at the trailer for that film, and then take it from there.

So, there we go. A trailer of a little over two minutes, and if you start reading some of the responses, or look at some “expert” opinions, they all think the film is going to be a total wash out. The funny thing is though, last week a new featurette for the film was released at comic con that had people all of a sudden have a total change of heart. I for one think the trailer doesn’t look bad at all. It’s nice to see Linda Hamilton make a return to the franchise and with James Cameron as a producer I think the movie definitely has some potential. But that’s just it: I don’t know! I haven’t seen the film and neither has anyone else yet. Trailers can be very deceptive. I have seen trailers that got me excited so much that my expectations went totally through the roof. Only to have me leave the theatre in total disappointment. Then again the opposite happened quite a number of times as well. What is bugging me about all this though is the negativity that seems to have the upper hand lately when it comes to, for lack of a better term, all things geek. I’m proud to be geek, and would not have it any other way. But I’m starting to think that lately we as fans are starting to get a little too negative for our own good. Now before you start throwing stones at me, thinking I have totally lost it, and start to massively unsubscribe, let me explain.

Elseworlds, Part 2
The soon to be released Batwoman series, seems to already be totally doomed.

I think the start of all this can be traced back to the release of Star Wars:The Last Jedi. That film caused a rift in the Star Wars fan community that is as big as the conflict between the Sith and the Jedi itself. Now I will be the last one to defend that film because despite being a massive Star Wars fan, that is the one movie that I absolutely despise. That is just it though: it’s just one movie! Does that all of a sudden make me stop watching Star Wars or not become excited for any future projects? No, because really why? Compare it to your favorite tv show or anime. Has there ever been one that didn’t have at least one or more bad episodes? Of course not. Did that one episode make you stop watching it? I’m guessing the answer to that question is probably no. So why should that be different when it comes to movies. The thing I just can’t wrap my head around is the fact that people are determined to not even give something a chance because of one bad trailer, or one bad experience. But you know, that is okay really because well, everyone is entitled to do what they want. What isn’t okay in my opinion is convincing other people to do that as well. To have fans that are maybe still not entirely sure of something turn their backs on it. There is one aspect though that is also important not to forget.

Let’s not get into this one alright?

Being a fan of something means, at least for most people that is, being very passionate about it. That passion can both be a blessing and a curse. It’s great to totally geek out on something that you are passionate about. To jump up and down in excitement when you see it, and make others look at you as if you have totally lost your mind. That same passion however can also turn into something really dark, when the thing you were excited about suddenly turns into something you totally dislike. And that raises another question, how far do the obligations go that directors or creators of franchises have towards us as fans? When you are a fan of something you have certain expectations. And that is normal. I mean you don’t become a fan of something like for instance The Terminator, and have the new movie be a musical. (Although it would be interesting to see how that would turn out lol). That doesn’t mean that a franchise is not allowed to take some risks, or maybe try some things out. I have seen some fans litterally make demands of creators to do certain things, to the point of death threats! That is where one should draw the line. It’s okay for us to offer suggestions, but in the end it’s still THEIR franchise, and we are just along for the hopefully pleasant ride.

Listen to me: or else I will not watch Rambo V!!!

So after all this, was there any point to this rather long post? Well, yes. I’m just hoping that there will be some kind of positive wind that will blow through the fan community that brings an end to the negative spiral we seem to be in. Because really, maybe it’s just me, but I just want to go back to becoming excited for a new film or show, instead of hearing how it will probably become another box office bomb or get cancelled after one episode. In the end it all comes down to one of the most important things of all time: respect. It’s okay if you don’t like something. It’s also okay to write about it, and totally trash it if you want to. But also respect the opinion of someone who has other feelings while you are doing that. And maybe give something a chance first as well, before you start to write it off too soon. So, let’s discuss this in the comments section! Have you noticed the same things? Am I maybe exaggerating too much? What are your own thoughts on all this? I’m going to leave you with the Terminator Dark Fate featurette that had people thinking that maybe the film might not be so bad after all. Come with me if you want to live…..see you next time!