Apostle, American/UK movie (2018)

It’s October and that means all around it’s the season to be creepy. Erm, wait that isn’t how that song goes? Oh well, I guess I always get some things mixed up, so my apologies. Now in case you are wondering exactly what I am talking about here, it is of course nearly Halloween. Unless you haven’t really been paying attention lately on wordpress, a lot of bloggers are having fun writing posts that in some form or another that are related to this event. Well, as you know (or don’t know in case you have just started following me, in that case let me enlighten you), I have always held a soft spot for horror films. In fact it’s one of my favorite movie genres so to speak. So why haven’t I had a single horror movie post out this month? I seriously haven’t got a clue. I could either do two things right now: I could spent my time looking for the answer to that question, or I could finally write one. I chose to do the latter. So people buckle up, put on your favorite Halloween costume, grab some popcorn and let’s see if this film is worth checking out.

I told you before: Stop looking at me! 

For a change we have a horrormovie that isn’t situated in modern times but we travel back in time to the year 1905. Thomas Richardson is on desperate mission to save his sister who has been kidnapped by a mysterious religious cult. She has been taken to a remote island, far from civilisation, and the people that have taken her are demanding a ransom for her release. Thomas arrives on the island pretending to be a believer in the self proclaimed prophet that is the leader of the cult, a man named Malcolm Howe. Malcolm is a former prisoner that escaped with two other convicts. He claims to speak for “The Goddess“ that supposedly inhabits the island and through her powers provides food for the cult. Lately though his people are dying of starvation, which is why he has resorted to kidnapping. Thomas slowly begins to infiltrate the cult and befriends a young teenager called Jeremy. While trying to find out the whereabouts of his sister he begins to encounter more and more terrifying things that are happening on the island. The true horror though, has yet to be revealed…..

Yep, this would make a great Halloween costume.

Apostle was directed by Gareth Evans. Now for people who are familiar with martial arts movies, you might recall he directed the Raid and the Raid 2. Both of these were absolutely amazing and a true highlight when it comes to the world of action movies. It’s all the more interesting that this is an entirely different film he has sunk his teeth in. I honestly have to admit that I genuinely enjoyed this film. It’s fun to see a movie again that is not set in the present but in the past, and at times it reminded me of The Witch. But the only comparison I can make to that film is the atmosphere. Right from the very first scene you can feel this foreboding sense of doom come over you. It’s probably the remote location of a Welsh island that really contributes to this. The cinematograpy for this film is terrific, and some of the camera angles that were featured in this movie only made the movie even more creepy. As I said though, this is the only comparison I have to the Witch, because this movie could not be more different.

A little shaving never hurt anyone….

For one thing it’s incredibly gory at times. Just like in The Raid, we get some very bloody scenes shown, especially when the film goes into it’s second half. Some of these were truly unsettling. I’m not one to be very squeamish when it comes down to this, so it didn’t disturb me in the least. (Yes I guess that can be unsettling too when I think about it lol). It also features some heavy underlying religious themes, something that might put some people off. The film’s story is pretty good, and has some nice twists and turns. It gradually reveals it’s secrets, and there were a few moments in the middle of the film, where one might call it maybe a bit slow. I think if the movie would have been somewhat shorter, I might have added a point to the overall final score. But it never became boring in the least, and that is also due to the fact that the movie had some very good performances. Cult leader Malcolm was played by veteran actor Michael Sheen. He plays a truly troubled man, that even while he was downright creepy still managed to create sympathy for his character. Now there is a contradiction if you ever saw one.

This is what a cinema looked like in 1905. 

Dan Stevens played the role of Thomas and he pretty much carries the movie on his shoulders. He creates an instant liking to his character, because he is very human. Being a former missionary that has lost hist faith and now has an addiction, Thomas certainly has his flaws. But that only makes you relate to him more. I always like it when someone isn’t one of those perfect heroes, but a real flesh and blood person. Next to these two actors, there are a lot of other high caliber performances in the film as well. So if you are a fan of good acting, this is another reason to go and see this movie. Apostle has turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I knew next to nothing about this one, but this really is a very tense, well made, and at times truly thrilling and horrifying movie. The film is now available on Netflix and it’s the perfect month to go and check this one out. If you dare that is…..

I give Apostle a 8 out of 10 score.


47 thoughts on “Apostle, American/UK movie (2018)”

  1. Ow yes, it’s on my list in netflix. I’m a true horror nut. I’m fine with the gore except for few things put usually movies steer clear of my dislikes in the gore scene. Have you done a review on The Fly? If you haven’t I would love to read your opinion on it, as you know it’s a classic and Jeff Goldblum is always very…well…Jeff Goldblomy 😂

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    1. This really was a fun film..always nice when a movie that you don’t really expect something from turns out to be really good.
      I have not yet done a review on The Fly, but that is definitely a classic, so who knows maybe I will write one! 😊😊 Might be a good one for this month. Will try, no promises as I have a few other things lined up…but I will try 😊😊

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  2. Going to check this one out this week. Intend to do a double feature between this, and The Night Comes For Us which also has some actors from The Raid films. Been a fan of Gareth Evans ever since I first saw Merantau in like 2011. In the first Raid film, you can tell he had a lot inspiration for horror movies. Glad to see he finally got the backing needed to make one he wanted.

    No surprise it’s bloody. I’m honestly not to bother by blood in movies. Only movie I would consider unsettling is Cannibal Holocaust, but that’s on a whole other level. Hoping I’ll enjoy this one like Gareth Evans other films.

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    1. Merantau was definitely a great film. And I don’t think I even have to get started on the Raid itself. Seriously amazing martial arts movies that are great to rewatch from time to time.
      This one, despite being bloody, does have a different feel to it then his previous works and it was for me a really interesting and good film. I’m not bothered by blood in movies either: although exactly as you say: things like Cannibal Holocaust is where I draw the line too😉
      Hope you will enjoy this one: have fun watching it!😉😊

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  3. Based on the trailer I saw back then, Dan Stevens really did look like he was about to carry this movie all the way and elevate the quality for sure! I’m glad to hear that it was the case for you and that there were some pretty good moments throughout the movie. I don’t usually go for horror movies because they tend to have lackluster storylines, but besides classics, I do like to try these kinds of movies! I’ll definitely look into this one now. Great review, Michel! 😀

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    1. Thank you!😀😊😊 You are right about horrormovies usually not having the best storylines. This one though is a rare exception as it was also a very good script. Combined with the great performances they all contribute to one of the better movies I have seen in quite a while😊 It’s one that is really worth checking out: hope you will enjoy it when you get a chance to see it😊

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  4. I love Halloween 🙂 Its a great excuse to be spooky and binge watch horror 😁😁

    I’ve not seen this one yet, back I’ll have to check it out 🙂 Horror movies with cults in them tend to be really creepy 🙂
    Netflix has a nice collection of horror. If your looking another horror to watch on Netflix, The boy (2016) is worth a little watch. It isn’t the best horror ever, but it left me thoroughly creep out 😀
    Great review 😀

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    1. Haha: yeah I love halloween too, although this year I just haven’t watched as much horror movies as I would have liked to have. Am a bit more busy than usual, so can’t really find the time for it😢
      As for Netflix: they really have a cool selection these days, and this film was definitely creepy. (Although also pretty bloody 😊). The boy huh? Do you mean this one? : https://raistlin0903.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/the-boy-canadianamerican-movie-2016/
      Another movie that I definitely recommend is the Ritual. Also well worth checking out 😊😊

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      1. Yeah that’s the one 🙂 The man living inside the walls concept was really creepy 🙂

        Same here, life has become a lot more complicated and hectic lately, so I don’t get much time to watch anything 🙂 Except for anime. Thank god anime episodes are so short 😀

        I remember reading your review for The Ritual. I’ll have to check it out, it sounded really good 😀

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      2. Yeah…that is so true. No matter how busy a day I have I’m usually able to watch at least one episode of anime 😊😊 Thank god it’s weekend now, so hopefully I will be able to watch some kind of horror movie again and hopefully write a review for one as well 😊

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  5. Fantastic review once again! 😊 I’m a huge horror fan too, and absolutely loved the trailer. It reminded me of The Witch as well. Besides, Gareth Evans’ work is unmissable. Now that you’ve given it a positive verdict, I have no excuse to postpone watching this!

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    1. It’s definitely a movie that I didn’t really expect much from, but I was very pleasantly surprised. And it’s the perfect season of course to watch this kind of a movie. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it: and of course thank you for the kind words😊


  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! It is obviously not my cup of tea, being not only horror but gory as hell hahaha But I very much enjoyed reading your review of it and getting to know the movie a bit better without having to watch it 😛

    I love Michael Sheen and would be curious to see him play this awesome character but alas, I’m too much of a sissy! I’m happy enough to just know he does a terrific job and makes the movie worthwhile 🙂

    Amazing review as always!

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    1. Haha, yeah I don’t quite think that this is the movie for you: in fact I’m pretty sure that it isn’t 😊 But true enough Michael Sheen is awesome in this film (but then again, all the actors are: the level of acting in this film is very high indeed.
      Thank you as always for the kind words, and this wonderful comment: always appreciate it 😊😊

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  7. haha tis the season to be creepy indeed 😉 It’s cool that it’s not set in modern times to be honest- most horror films seem to be exclusively in the present. Wow though- this sounds way too gory for me personally. Glad you enjoyed this though! Great review!! 😀

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    1. That’s definitely the thing that I enjoyed the most in this film: the fact that it’s not set in modern times. So many horror movies these days are always set in the present, so this was really refreshing.
      But yeah, not going to deny it, there really was a lot of gore in this one, and if you don’t like that, you had best avoid this one! 😊
      Thanks for the kind words, and your comment! 😊


  8. I am back after a short break and an entry into WordPress is not complete without a visit here! As usual another great post Michel. I think the point which you mentioned which attracted me the most to this film, is definitely the part where how the character is just human. With all the fkaws , with all the imperfection. I think it’s the fkaws in us that add uniqueness and genuinity. I will definitely be looking into this film! Great post as always!

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    1. Well: first off: welcome back! And immediately you make me blush with another comment: thanks so much! 😊
      This really was a film that I really enjoyed a lot, something I did not expect, as I knew very little about it, nor had I seen much advertising for it. It’s definitely the human factor in this film that made it so engaging. Hope you will enjoy the movie when you see it, and thanks as always for a great comment 😊

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    1. Haha, no problem 😊 My Halloween was actually a bit boring. It was a normal day to be honest and didn’t really do anything special. But that said I did see the new Halloween movie today. Which…was a bit of a disappointment I’m sad to say. Oh well…can’t win them all 😊

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      1. at least you can write new review 🙂
        Sometimes names are like a hope to recive a good movie, but I gues not this time. I haven’t seen new Halloween movie but Jamie Lee Curtis made me think it can be a good one.

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      2. Jamie Lee Curtis was the best thing about this film. But I don’t know it just wasn’t really scary. The original movie really had some insane and incredibly tense scenes. This one though…it never got scary at any point.
        But yeah I hope to get a review done for this film 😊😊

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      3. I don’t know why but some horror movies are just about cutting, smashing etc. instead of spook, this is why I prefer thrillers more often, but of course good ones which make you feel shivers and goose bumps 🙂

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      4. I agree. There are lucklily at least a few good exceptions. But well, this just wasn’t one of them. I usually like slasher type movies, but this one just I don’t know fell flat for me. Oh well, plenty of movies still out there that hopefully will be good 😊


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