Throughout the years there have been many horror movies about dolls and supernatural spirits. The most noteworthy of these are ofcourse the Child’s Play movies, and more recently Annabelle. In Child’s Play it was the doll Chucky that gave us a few scares ( Well in the first movie at least, it all went in a completely insane direction as more sequels were made). Child’s Play definitely featured some gory moments, where Annabelle gaves us more subtle scares. This year we have the Boy, which is also featuring a creepy looking doll, although that is where the comparisons end.

The American girl Greta Evans has come to England to take on a job as a nanny. Arriving at a big English mansion, she meets an elderly couple who take her to meet the boy she is supposed to take care of. To her big surprise the boy in question is a porcelain doll. At first she laughs at the absurdity of it all, but when the couple appear to be dead serious about it, she finally accepts the job. The elderly pair give her a strict set of rules to follow in taking care of Brahms, the name they have given to the doll. When Greta is left alone with Brahms she begins to relax, and leaves the doll pretty much to himself. But when not following the rules, all of a sudden strange things begin to happen around the house. Soon Greta realises that Brahms is not an ordinary doll….

The Boy is a bit hard to classify. It is a horror movie, but more in the style of a thriller. The movie starts off a bit slowly, but I do think it works in this case. Greta is being played by Lauren Cohan, who most people will know as Maggie from the Walking Dead. She plays a very different role here, but it suits her and she plays it in a convincing way. The twist at the end of the movie is done quite well, and I for one did not see it coming. This movie was okay. It will not become a classic in my opinion, but there is enough in it to keep you entertained. Whether or not you will like it will depend on the style of horror movies you are used to. If you like them gory with lots of blood, then you can pass on this one. But if you like slow burning movies with some creepy jump out of your seat scares, you might want to try this one out.

I give the Boy a 7 out of 10 score.