It sometimes amazes me how much television series have changed over the years. I remember way back in the nineties I used to watch the television series of Highlander, which continued the story of the movie of the same name. Highlander featured Immortals that fought against each other until there would be only one of them left. The only way they could kill one another was by cutting of each other’s heads. In the movie we saw the heads roll, but in the tv series the camera always cut away just before the killing blow. It was ofcourse deemed to violent to show on television. And now we have shows like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones which take violence and gore up to a completely new level. We can add another show to this list now, with the arrival of the tv version of From Dusk Till Dawn.

Seth Gecko is a violent bankrobber who has just escaped from prison aided by his brother Richie. On the run and pursued by the relentless Texas Ranger Gonzalez, they soon encounter the Fuller family. Jacob Fuller is a priest who has lost his faith and has taken his two children on a roadtrip with a motorhome, to start a new life. However as soon as they cross paths with the Gecko brothers they become kidnap victims, and are forced to take them across the border to Mexico. Seth is beginning to realise that Richie is not the brother who he used to know. As Richie begins acting ever more strangely, they eventually seek refuge in a seedy strip bar. This refuge soon becomes a nightmare though, as beings appear that seem to have come straight from hell. The battle for survival begins…

A show based on a succesful movie, always has some large shoes to fill. From Dusk Till Dawn was ofcourse a cult hit, and starred a young George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino. This series takes the story of the film, and retells it over the course of ten fortyfive minute episodes. What is a good thing is that the original director of the movie, Robert Rodriguez is also the mind behind this television show. The first few episodes of the series did not really do it for me. We are introduced to the characters, get some of their backgrounds, but basically the story plots along without really getting interesting. It pays off to keep watching though, as the show truly does get better further along. It all explodes in episode 7, the best episode of the season. This show is definitely not for you if you faint at the sight of blood and gore, as this series features plenty of it, especially in the later episodes. The cast is pretty good, especially Robert Patrick in the role of the wayward priest Jacob Fuller. Apart from the first few episodes I quite enjoyed this series, and I wonder where they are going to take the story heading into season 2. If you are a fan of the original movie, this series might be worth checking out.

I give From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,  a 7 out of 10 score.