Hi everyone! You all know Jon Spencer right? There are only two correct answers to this question: A. Of course I know him, he is awesome! or B. I don’t know him, but I am going to check him out right now and of course follow him right away by pressing on the link provided. For the people who answered B I will just wait a few seconds before I continue with this post. Ready? Okay. Now, I am not writing this post solely for promoting the blog of Jon here. No, I am writing this post because Jon had a terrific idea a couple of weeks back. It was called The creator showcase and you can read more about it on his blog. What it comes down to though, is that everyone could submit a post that he or she was proud of and sent it to him on twitter. But after doing that, he or she had to also encourage another blogger to do the same, and so on and so forth, causing a sort of chainloop. This was a very cool idea and it was an awesome way to maybe discover new blogs, as well as showcase your own talents.

Get to the point already!

Now though this idea is in danger of dying out, and that would be a true shame. In this post Jon showcases the submissions from december, but also tells us this will be the final post as he currently hasn’t enough energy to keep this going. But here is where it gets interesting. At the end of the post he pretty much asks us for help by saying if anyone would like to keep this alive they should message him. Now I know we all have very busy lives, and we all also have our own blogs and projects going. But I was thinking of maybe turning this into a tag, and having someone else host this event every month. We could call it the Jon Spencer Creator Showcase tag. If anyone is interested in this idea please feel free to contact Jon. I’m more than happy to also host this event, but the coming two months I will be swamped, so I am not able to do this as early as March. So…what do you think guys and gals? Can we make this happen? We can do this right?

Let’s shake hands and join forces people!