At the moment there are two big juggernauts in television series, that everyone is talking about. One of those is the Walking Dead, the other one is Game of Thrones. Now even if you are not a fan of either of those shows, I think that nobody can deny the massive succes these two tv series are having. I myself am a Walking Dead fan first, and a Game of Thrones fan second. The problem I sometimes have with Game of Thrones that there are episodes of incredible brilliance, that are then alternated with episodes of incredible boredom. And nowhere is this more apparent in season 5 of this show.

In season 5 almost all of the main characters are scattered to the winds, and in different parts of the country. Tyrion is on the run after the crimes he committed in the previous season. The dragonqueen Daenerys is having troubles of her own in the country she recently liberated and in danger of losing her life. Cersei also finds that though she is the queen, forces are conspiring against her, and she will face a challenge such as she has never faced before. Arya Stark is also challenged, but in a very different sort of way. But the biggest threat is coming from the North where Jon Snow is going to have to face the fact that winter is coming, and with it maybe the end for everyone….

As I said Game of Thrones sometimes has some very dull episodes, but season 5 really has too much of those. For the first five to six episodes almost nothing really happens. Yes there is the occasional skirmish, and some interesting conversations, but not much of anything of interest occurs to be honest. Things are finally starting to pick up at episode 7, and the following episode, has got to be one of the best episodes ever made of Game of Thrones. With the last episode a lot of storylines are closed, but also end on some very big cliffhangers. Most noteworthy of these is ofcourse the shock ending of one of the most beloved characters. All in all though this has been the weakest season of Game of Thrones to date. The locations and production values are ofcourse as beautiful as ever, the acting is superb, and yes, as in previous seasons some events that happen are truly shocking. But the season just takes to long to get going, and because of this, did not hold my interest as much as previous seasons.

I give season 5 of Game of Thrones a 7 out of 10 score.