The young adult novel/movie craze has been diminishing slowly in the past few months. After the succes of the Hunger Games, a lot of movies based on young adult novels have been made. Some of these like, for instance the Host and Beautiful Creatures, were definitely not a succes. Although not reaching the same heights as the Hungergames, there were a few series that were succesful. One of these was the Divergent series. Honestly, I liked both Divergent and Insurgent better than the adventures of miss Everdeen. I know I am in the minority with this, but for me they were the better movies. For one thing I liked the story better, and I also liked the main character Tris a lot. That is why I was really looking forward to the third installment Allegiant.

Allegiant continues the story right where Insurgent ended. Tris and Four are preparing to go over the wall and find out what is behind it. In Chicago the remainder of the Factions try to take control of what is left, and a brutal civil war looms over the horizon. Meanwhile Tris is beginning to doubt if it was a good idea to head out into the wilderness. The world behind the wall is a wasteland, and the question is if there is anyone out there. The answer to that question will be answered soon enough, and both Tris and Four might not like the answer….

Allegiant feels very different in tone than the two previous movies. For one thing, there is a very heavy emphasis on the sci-fi aspect. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing, but I can understand that it might put off some people. Secondly, the story is just not as good as the other two movies. The Divergent series is based on a trilogy of books. And just as they did with the Hunger Games, the last novel has been split into two movies. And from what I understand it tells a totally different, or divergent if you prefer, story than the book. And it shows…the movie has been a total box office disaster. So much so, that the last movie will not be showing in the cinema, but will be a tv movie. It is not even clear if the same actors will reprise their roles. And I think that is a real shame. As for me, I still enjoyed Allegiant, but I do agree that it is the weakest of the three movies.

There are a couple of scenes that are worth seeing, but it just is not enough to keep your attention for the entire two hour run. I do think that it is pretty much an insult to the fans of this movie franchise to not at least complete the series. Hopefully they will still manage to get the original actors to return for the tv movie. If that happens I might watch it. But if they would go with different actors, they should just call it quits and not even bother.

I give Allegiant a 6 out of 10 score.