Yup, that has got to be the weirdest title that you have ever seen me publish in the history of my blog. Although I guess Back from the grave is a close runner up right? So, what is this (short) post about? I recently reached 500 posts, and have since then even surpassed that number now. As my blog will (hopefully) continue to grow with me writing more reviews, I have also found it’s becoming very hard with my current menu structure to find older posts. The menu on my homepage had not been updated in ages and was very cluttered. I used to have one that featured dropdown tabs where you could immediately access a review. But as some categories have now grown way out of proportion, that became very unwieldy. For the past two days I have been working very hard at cleaning up those categories and making something new: an Index. You will find the Index on my mainpage . As you can see when you lightly tap the Index button without pressing it, each category has it’s own index page, with movie and tv-series having subcategories. From there it’s as simple as picking what you want to look at and pressing the button that will take you to a page that contains an A-Z list of every review I’ve written for that particular category. 

Ha! The guy says HE’S been hard at work. Lying through his teeth!!

See a review that you like to read? Just press the link, and it will take you straight to the post. Some movies might fall into multiple categories, which is why you will see them make an appearance in more than one Index. As some movies also have remakes, when it’s necessary I have added the year in which it was made to the link, in order to distinguish between the old and modern versions. A few Index pages contain only a few entries, but that’s simply because I haven’t published much posts for them. Doesn’t mean that won’t be happening in the future though. If you rather want to scroll through a particular category, that’s also possible of course. Just don’t go the Index and press any of the category buttons which will just have all the reviews underneath each other from newest to oldest posts. Well, that’s it. This was honestly quite a lot of work, so I really hope that you like what I have done with the place! Please let me know in the comments section if this was helpful, and if it has made Raistlin0903 a bit more user friendly. For now, I wish you all a very good and hopefully relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

Phew…time to take a nap!