It’s been a while since I have had problems with WordPress. I ofcourse had the fun issue of my comments disappearing (twice), but as of last week there is a new incident I wish to warn you about. At first I thought it was just a random thing, but I have now been hearing that it has been making an appearance on several blogs. So what horrible thing is it this time? Well, it’s not getting notifications for new comments on posts that you wrote. I noticed this for the first time when one of my regular readers the awesome Vinnieh (do check out his blog as it is really so very good) only seemed to have left a like. Knowing Vinnieh as someone who pretty much always leaves a comment, I checked out my post and sure enough there it was. Since then every single comment left by him, does not get a single notification.


Today quite a few other comments left by fellow bloggers also did not pop up. And I don’t seem to be the only blogger affected by this. The amazing Dani, (you should really give her blog a look as well, it is truly terrific), also mentioned that several comments over on her blog did not get a notification either. So that’s why I am letting you all know that it seems that instead of comments disappearing, you now don’t always get notified there is one. It also seems to follow a random pattern. For instance sometimes I get a notification for a comment, but when someone leaves a second comment for the same post it doesn’t let me know. Hopefully this very annoying issue get’s resolved soon. But in the meantime you might want to double check your posts. I hope this warning was helpful to everyone. Thanks for reading, see you on the next post!