It was friday morning when a terrible silence entered the blog of Raistlin0903. No new blog posts, no comments for posts of fellow bloggers, not even likes made an appearance. (I’m pretty sure both Irina and Shokamoka picked up their hobbies of checking their spamfilters for any misplaced comments of mine. But to their dismay probably did not find any). So what did happen? What terrible doom or curse had claimed the blog of Raistlin0903? I will share my story with you now, so sit back and relax….

The prophecy of Commander Bacterial Flu

It was early friday morning when the first scouts of evil entered the plains of Throat. With malice and hatred in their hearts they began sowing the land with their insidious poison. The few defenders of the plains were quickly overcome, and soon Throat fell and became a barren and painful wasteland. One brave defender managed to survive and warn the people of the city of Nose that the prophecy they had been dreading for years was about to be fullfilled. The ancient and malicious Commander Bacterial Flu had returned to the land and was about to wreak havoc. The warning came to late however. After the plains of Throat fell, the great and powerful army of Commander Flu attacked the city of Nose with a power that none of the brave people living there were able to resist. It was called Fever and the heat it generated was too much to bear. Soon almost every single living being was incinerated and turned into green jelly. The few survivors that were left, were turned into slaves and ordered to mop up the carnage with devices called Tissues. Commander Bacterial Flu laughed, and it seemed all hope was lost…

The plains of Throat after Commander Bacterial Flu was done with it…..

But in darkest times, it seems there are always brave souls that turn into heroes. Soon a resistance movement was formed and the counterattack was under way. Slowly but surely the resistance forces under the command of the brave sergeant Aspirine began gaining ground. The forces of Commander Flu were methodically destroyed, and the Commander soon had little choice but to surrender. Ever resourceful however, Commander Flu managed to evade capture and has not been seen since. Even though peace has returned to the city of Nose, and the plains of Throat have been restored, the shadow of Commander Flu always remains…….

Yep, that’s it Michel has finally lost it…

I can hear you all thinking that. But instead of turning this into a very boring post, I decided to make it at least a little bit entertaining. In short, I have been very sick the past few days with a terrible flu. It started with a little bit of a throatache, that soon turned into a full on blaze combined with a pretty high fever. It also came pretty much out of nowhere. I want to apologise to everyone for not letting you all know sooner, but I have done very little else besides lying in bed and trying to beat this thing. Today is my first day that I got back to work. Even though I still haven’t fully recovered I’m feeling a little bit better so I decided to at least let you know what has happened.

All I hear are pretty lame excuses……


As you might expect, I’m running behind on reading posts and answering comments.  I can promise you that I will answer every single comment, but as much as I would want to it’s unfortunately not possible for me to read every post that has been published the past few days. For that I want to apologise as well. Starting tomorrow I want to try and catch up as much as I can, starting with your comments and reading some posts. I also hope to be able to publish a few posts of my own again, but as I am still not feeling a hundred percent I don’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep. But I will do my best. I really missed you all, and am looking forward to reading some of the things that you have all been up to. Thank you for all your patience and for any new readers that have recently started to follow me, sorry for this really strange start. As they say on television: “We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming”.