The Art and making of Alien Covenant, a Alien book (2017)

I sometimes just get the best gifts. This year the movie Alien Covenant was released, the follow up to Prometheus, and prequel to the legendary Alien movie directed by Ridley Scott. A lot of people were not very pleased with it, but I ended up liking it a lot as you can tell by reading my review for it. Knowing I am a huge fan of the Alien franchise in general, a very special girl that goes by the name of Ludija, bought this great book for me that deals with the making of this latest movie in the franchise. And what better way to thank her, than by dedicating this review to her. So Ludija: this one is for you!

An example of the terrific artwork contained within this book. 

The best thing about this book is the lavish illustrations and photographs that are contained within it’s pages. Including stills from the movie itself, as well as artwork and behind the scenes photography, this book really is a feast for your eyes. All of the photographs have an incredibly high quality, and I can honestly say that some of these rank amongst the best that I have ever seen for books like these. The layout is very pleasing as well. The book is divided into chapters and pretty much follows the story of the film from beginning to end.

Yup, never denied the fact that some of this artwork is pretty gruesome. 

The book starts with a (short) foreword by director Ridley Scott himself. This was just added as an afterthought I think, as Ridley seriously has not much to say. In fact, it is so short that I wonder why they bothered including it in the first place. The rest of the written stuff includes a few interviews with the cast and crew, and of course some outlines and background story about the making of the film. All of this is written in a pretty basic style, and doesn’t include overly difficult technical terms or things like that. It’s not exactly boring, but I do have to admit that I have read making off books that were much more appealing.

The photography really has an incredibly high quality. 

That said, this book is worth it for exactly what it says on the cover: the art. I can also say that this book will only appeal to you if you were a fan of the film, as there is nothing else about this book to recommend. I for one loved it because of the beautiful artwork and photography contained within it. If I were to judge it purely on the written text I would give it a 6 out of 10 score. But it is the imagery that raises the final score for this book as you can see down below.

I give The Art and making of Alien Covenant a 8 out of 10 score.



30 thoughts on “The Art and making of Alien Covenant, a Alien book (2017)”

    1. It’s a great visual record this one, which is why it was so awesome. If you have not seen many alien films yet, I highly recommend watching Aliens by James Cameron. That one is my alltime favorite science fiction movie and still to date an incredible film 😊

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      1. I think they are pretty cool. Some of them were pretty disgusting lol, but they did fit right into the existing alien mythology 😊 It’s just a shame that the third part of this series will in all likelyhood not be made now, because Covenant was not as succesful as it was suspecter to be 😞

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      2. Disgusting because they tried to make them human-like?

        I think sooner ot later Scott or better somebody else – presumably Bloomkamp!!! – will do it. $238 mln with a $78 mln budget is clearly not what they expected for a franchise sequel, but it is not a total failure. Plus, next year we have The Predator!


      3. Yeah, looking forward to the Predator. Still my favorite all time movie monster. But true, I hope it will continue at some point. I am just very curious to see what Scott would have done to tie these two universes finally together. As for the monsters: they were disgusting but I meant that in a good way, if you can say that in a good way lol 😂

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    1. There are definitely some very good ones out there 😀One of my favorites so far is the book for the Back to the Future trilogy, for which I did a review a couple of weeks back 😊 It’s definitely worth checking out some of these books 😀


  1. I usually don’t have patience for ‘behind the scenes’ anything so I remain impressed that you manage to engage me with your thoughts on these kinda things. Looks like a cool book 😉

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    1. Haha, well, it depends. If there is one thing I hate in making offs it’s all kinds of technobabble: like we used a 55mm camera for this shot, and gizmo so and so for that one, blah, blah, blah 😂 That is what I really hate. But if it stays away from that, and tells an interesting story and includes some cool Art, then it’s interesting. There are some very good and enjoyable making of books out there, so there is probably one that will interest you as well 😀

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    1. It really was an amazing gift indeed. I really enjoyed thos book, especially the incredible Art and photography contained within it’s pages. I really hope the third film gets made as well. It would be such a shame and an utter waste of the other two films, if it didn’t 😢

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  2. It’s a shame the writing didn’t do the amazing photography justice! What a terrible waste of an epic book 😦 I’m glad it was still very much worth the read and a treat to any Alien fan. I, of course, am not one of them but I do love art so I can see the appeal and appreciate it, nevertheless.
    Another brilliant review, Michel! ^^ And how lucky you are to have such considerate friends who know exactly what makes your geeky heart beat hahaha

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    1. Lol, yes that is one of the things I like about my friends: they know me all too well lol 😂😂 But true enough the writing could have been handled much better, but with such terrific photography and Art, I really am not complaining much. It was a beautiful book, and one the I highly enjoyed. As always, thanks for the very kind words. It is always a pleasure to read a comment by you 😊


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