Agent Carter season 2, American tv series (2016)

If you have been following the Marvel cinematic universe, you should know who Peggy Carter is. For those of you that do not, let me give you a small introduction. Peggy was the love interest for Captain America when he was fighting the good fight in World War II. When the Captain tried to save the day, he died leaving behind a grieving Peggy. But ofcourse as we all know Captain America did in fact not die, but was recovered many years later perfectly preserved in ice and fully alive. Carter is a courageous and very independent woman, especially during a time when men found  themselves to be better than women. The character of Peggy Carter was so popular that Marvel gave her her very own television series. I will be doing a review of the second season, which unfortunately also turned out to be the last one.

They are looking at a flamingo. No…really they are. 

After the events of season 1, Peggy Carter is still at work at The Strategic Scientific Reserve, or SSR for short in New York. Even though she saved the day in the first season her male colleagues still don’t give her the respect she deserves. One of her close friends, Daniel Sousa now works in the LA branch of the SSR, and got promoted to chief. It is not long before the two friends are reunited to take on a murdercase. But this is not a normal murder case, as the body has been found in the middle of a frozen lake, even though the weather at the time is a scorching heatwave. Peggy has to find out the truth, but that truth might be more than even she can handle. With people trying to undermine her work in every way they can, and an old enemy showing up to make matters even worse, the case might be over before it has even begun….

They are all still in shock because they got cancelled. 

The second season of Agent Carter was almost as much fun, as the first one. Haley Atwell, who plays Peggy, is simply put amazing. She really breathes life into the character, and she is definitely one of the main reasons why Carter is so popular. But the supporting cast is also every bit as good. James D’Arcy, who plays Edwin Jarvis the butler of Howard Stark provides all the comic relief, and his scenes with Peggy are all a delight to watch. The chemistry between those two is absolutely perfect, and it is almost impossible not to smile at some of their comedic banter. Enver Gjokaj also does a great job as the charismatic Daniel Sousa, who has a much bigger role this season. The relationship between him and Peggy is a very interesting one to say the least.

No….they won’t change their minds to give you a third season Peggy, please hold back. 

The story this time around, though enjoyable and featuring a few terrific and tense moments, was not as powerful as the one in the first season. It certainly wasn’t bad, but it did not have me on the edge of my seat as much as the experience I had during season 1. Sadly, even though most of the storylines are luckily completed, the final scene of the show is a cliffhanger that unfortunately won’t be resolved. The show looks absolutely amazing, and really recreates post war America. But this is also one of the reasons the show got cancelled in the first place, the very high costs of building all the sets. That, and ofcourse the ratings that were not high enough to get a third season.

Yep that is Tony Stark’s dad. No idea what that thing in the sky is, but it’s probably nothing. 

A real shame if you ask me, because Agent Carter is just a very fun show. Even though it does not feature any superheroes, it gives a very unique background story for the Marvel cinematic universe. To round it out it also provides one of Marvel’s favorite female heroes, even though she has no superpowers. If you have yet to experience Agent Carter, I would recommend you start by watching Captain America: the first Avenger. After this you can simply bingewatch both seasons of this great show. Even though there are only 18 episodes in total (not counting two short Marvel one-shots), this series is an absolute blast to watch. Especially if you want to watch something completely different than the usual superhero stuff and you like strong women in lead roles.

I give Agent Carter: Season 2, a 8 out of 10 score.


8 thoughts on “Agent Carter season 2, American tv series (2016)”

  1. It was a shame about Agent Carter being cancelled. I thought Series 1 was a slow burn, with her cleverness only coming through because her colleagues were idiots (this did her a disservice). That changed about halfway through so it got better. Sousa and Jarvis are fantastic. I did like the second series, though wasn’t blown away. Bridget Regan as Dotty was fantastic back in S1 and I am pretty sure she was an Easter Egg in civil war (Steve to Bucky talking about an old girlfriend). Like I say, a shame, as it never fully hit its stride with me but Agents of Shield took 3/4 of a season to get it right. Agent Carter had fewer episodes than that.

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    1. True, I think if this series was given more of a chance it could have grown into something even better. It would have been very interesting to see the origins of S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as more backstory on certain other elements of the Marvel universe. Sadly though, we won’t get another chance. A real shame. I am glad that Agents of Shield is still on, and even has been given a fifth season now. Cool! 😊

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  2. I remember Carter character from Captain America and like her but had no idea that there was a tv series starring her. Though that’s no shock since it’s me we’re talking about.

    This seems like a cool series and the idea of a normal woman kicking ass in a world filled with superheroes(and villains) is pretty great. Pity it got cancelled on a cliffhanger :/ That’s a special kind of evil.

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    1. Haha…well don’t sell yourself short. I haven’t seen a lot of Animeseries that everybody is taking about, so there’s that lol 😂 But yeah this series is awesome. It really can’t be compared to anything really, which is another reason that I quite like it 😊

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  3. I have this series on my to watch list. Mostly because of the time period, but also because it just looks fun. Looks like it suffered from what many multi-season shows do and ended up leaving the audience hanging.

    I really wish western shows would be more open to less seasons whether it be just one or maybe plan for a couple. Because even if they plan for just a couple seasons and then the show actually becomes a huge hit, the writers could easily extend almost any story (although usually not for the better, lol).

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    1. Well, the good thing is, as far as cliffhangers go, this one isn’t too bad and at least a bit tolerable. Most of the storylines were wrapped up at least, besides one loose thread. Still it is quite annoying to have such a great show end in such a bad way. It just shows zero respect to the fans that have watched your show all this time. That said, despite the cliffhanger, this series is well worth the watch. It looks great, has a fantastic female lead, and really is a blast. If you get around to it Inhope you will enjoy it 😊


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