Blame!, Japanese (animated) movie (2017)

The Netflix original animeseries Knights of Sidonia, I had kind of a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand it has some very cool concepts, and definitely quite a few interesting episodes. On the other hand it also featured some very bland characters with little to no development of those said characters whatsoever. It is hard to get attached to a series in that way. I have done reviews for both Season 1 and Season 2 which you might want to check out if you are interested. This week Netflix has released a new animated feature made by the same people responsible for Knights of Sidonia. It is based on a 10 volume cyberpunk manga that was released in 1998. Has this movie been able to avoid some of the mistakes that were made in Knights of Sidonia ? Let’s find out shall we?

Hi, my name is Killy and this is my gun. 

Blame! takes place in a very dark future, but it never becomes quite clear exactly where this story is taking place. A gigantic city that continues to expand and self replicate has been infected by a virus in the distant past. Because of this, it has decided that people should be wiped out. Pockets of humanity that are still alive struggle daily, scrounging for food and trying to avoid Watchers that are hellbent on killing everything. A small enclave of humans known as the Electro-fishers, are close to extinction. One of them, a girl named Zuru is out on a patrol trying to find food, together with a few of her companions. Unfortunately they are soon discovered by a Watchtower of the gigantic city, that unleashes a stream of enemies to kill them all. But then a mysterious stranger appears that manages to save them. Introducing himself as Killy, he says that he is human and is looking for people that have the Net Terminal Genes. With these, he might be able to stop the expansion of the city, and rescue humanity. But the question is if Killy’s motives are entirely noble, or if there is some darker purpose that he is working for….

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. 

Blame! has quite a few things that it does right. For one thing I really like the premise for this one. The story of an ever expanding city, that is totally focussed on wiping out humans is pretty cool. It created a very dark atmosphere that at times reminded me of the sci-fi classic The Matrix. The background designs, and animation are also pretty good. Even though at times it looked a bit like I was watching Knights of Sidonia, I thought it looked better than that series. Action wise there is a lot to enjoy as well. Killy has some pretty cool fight scenes, especially towards the end of the film, and those were highly entertaining.

These people sure like to take every opportunity to show off their guns. 

Sadly though Blame! features characters that I really could not relate to at all. The only one that was remotely interesting was the main hero Killy, who looked very cool, but also had a dark and mysterious vibe to him that somehow worked. The rest of the cast though I could not care less about. In a post apocalyptic future, with people struggling daily, I think it would be very important to create a background for  your characters. But pretty much everyone in this movie seemed to made out of cardboard, without any kind of depth to them. And that for me was a major flaw that  made the movie at the end a bit of a forgettable experience. It was not a total waste though. As mentioned the concept itself is very cool, and there are enough scenes that are definitely worth watching. I just felt that this movie could have been so much better, and as such it was a wasted opportunity. Still, if you like dark cyberpunk science fiction movies, you might want to give this one a try. Just keep your expectations for it low.

I give Blame! a 6 out of 10 score.


11 thoughts on “Blame!, Japanese (animated) movie (2017)”

  1. I’m having Knights of Sidonia flashbacks from seeing those screencaps. Gah 😀

    I think I’ll give this a pass since it seems to have the same problems that made me dislike KoS. Cool premise but lackluster delivery and lame characters.


  2. My friend has been recommending this for a couple of weeks, and today it popped up on my netflix. I’ve added it to the list. From the sounds of it, the setting and premise of the city is enough to engage even if the characters were not (I quite liked the movie Jupiter Ascending for that, even though the movie itself wasn’t great)


  3. Sooo, I had attempted watching this two nights in a row and fell asleep. Third time was a charm – I forced myself awake to watch this! And while the animation was superb; the story was promising but didn’t deliver. I feel like this would’ve benefitted more from a series than a movie. I’m curious about the other floors and some kind of resolution. But indeed, Killy was the star – I really liked him. It had a very ghost in the shell feel when the scientist did a deep dive into the system!

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    1. That definitely would have been a better choice fir this. Apparently this was based on a very long running, and highly succesful manga, so it might have been way better to turn this into an Animeseries. What we are left with is a movie that was not bad, but could have been so much better😊

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    1. Knights of Sidonia certainly has some good things going for it. It’s not as good as Attack on Titan (then again, what is lol), but it isn’t bad either. There are some other very good Animeseries out there to discover though: Psychopass is one them for instance 😊


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