I love a good heist movie, especially if a few very good actors take part in it. I also love movies about police corruption. Both of those genres have had their fair share of movies in the past. One only has to look on the IMDB site to find enough great examples of them. Earlier this year a movie came out, that was pretty much a blend of those two categories, and I honestly have to say that it was a very good kind of blend.

Triple 9 is police code for “officer down”. A bunch of downright dirty cops in collaboration with a couple of criminals, have executed a heist that should have been the score of a lifetime. However as is so often the case with supposedly well laid out plans, something happens that puts all of them in a bad spot with the Russian mob. When a new cop called Chris Allen gets transferred to the police unit of the corrupt cops, a new plan is formed to settle things with the mob. This plan however might end up costing the life of the innocent Chris. Both the dirty cops and the criminals will let nothing stand in their way of reaching their goals, but Chris turns out to be someone that is no pushover…

Triple 9 has an atmosphere that is reminiscent of classic movies such as Training Day and one of my alltime favorite movies Heat. It features a very impressive cast with the likes of Woody Harrelson, an almost unrecognisable Kate Winslet, and Casey Affleck. This is a dark and dirty crime movie that doesn’t shy away from violence. The story is straightforward but still very good, and has some nice twists and turns in it. As far as the great cast goes, it features a couple of good and decent roles, and especially Casey Affleck impresses as Chris Allen. Honestly I could find little at fault with this movie. It gripped my attention pretty much from start to finish, and contained enough to keep you hooked until the endcredits. Sure it wasn’t a groundbreaking movie, but it did not at any moment pretend to be so. All in all this is just a very enjoyable film, especially if you like the aforementioned movies.

I give Triple 9 a 8 out of 10 score.