Superheroes in movies. Superheroes on television. Superheroes in comics. Superheroes on cerial boxes. Pretty much everywhere you care to look these days, you are being surrounded by superheroes. Even if you don’t like them, I guess nobody is in a position to deny the fact that these men and women in costumes are hot. And Marvel really is in the lead expanding their already very impressive cinematic universe, with new movies and characters each year. The final new character we get to meet (well at least for this year) is Doctor Strange. Well, Doctor Strange is not exactly new to comic book readers from across the world. But he is a new character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I can hear your thoughts already “Oh no, yet another origin story, this is getting really boring”. Is that really true though?  Let’s first see what this movie is about, before I will answer this question.

Doctor Stephen Strange is a very succesful neurosurgeon, and he has pretty much everything going for him. One day however he gets into a very bad accident, and his hands become seriously injured. Thinking his career is over, Stephen tries to find a way to to restore his hands to what they were. One day he meets a man that has recovered fully from an injury that should have left him completely paralyzed. He finds out that this miracle occurred in Nepal, and he promptly travels there to find the cure. However Strange is going to be confronted with something that he could not have prepared himself for. The world that he thought he knew, seems to be part of a mystical universe that is larger than he could have ever imagined. The role he has yet to play in it, is pretty much unclear, but when an ancient evil awakens, the life of every human being on Earth will hang in the balance….

Okay, one thing is clear: this movie has special effects in it, that are simply amazing. Think Inception, but only 10 times better. There are some absolutely spectacular scenes that pretty much defy the laws of physics, and you sometimes wonder “How on Earth did they do that?”. That being said, this is yet another origin story, and I do have to say that the set up for these movies is becoming predictable. Some kind of calamity befalls the new hero, he has to learn to deal with his new powers, and in the end he or she has to defeat an evil nemesis. This movie starts off pretty spectacular, but then takes it’s time to develop the character of Stephen Strange. And one could argue it takes too long. At certain times I felt my attention slip away, something that is usually a bad sign. I did enjoy this latest Marvel installment, but I honestly have to say I expected more of it. Stephen Strange is a great character, and he is wonderfully played by Benedict Cumberbatch. I only hope that the inevitable sequel will be a better balanced movie.

I give Doctor Strange a 7 out of 10 score.