I have never liked sports. I was never good at it, I did not have the stamina for it, and basically I never cared for it either. Yes, I know that sports can be good for your health and stuff, but why do something if you don’t like it. As such, I never watch sports on television either. After a weekend when I get to work and people start talking about this great soccer match they saw, I basically zone out. That being said, Hollywood has produced it’s fair share of sports movies, and I honestly have to admit that I occasionally do like watching those. Especially when it features some great actors, or a storyline that I can relate to. Last year the movie Creed was released, which is a spin-off movie, from the popular Rocky series. When people first heard about this project, it was pretty much predicted that this movie would be a total bust. However, not only did this film prove them all wrong, it pretty much served as one of the best  performances of Sylvester Stallone’s career.

Creed tells the story of the son of Apollo Creed, the longtime rival and former friend of Rocky. Adonis spent his youth living in foster homes, and pretty much going down a dark road, until he was picked up by Apollo’s wife Mary Anne. As Adonis grows older, he feels the urge to start proving himself in the boxing ring, against Mary Anne’s wishes. As Apollo had died in the ring, Mary Anne was scared the same thing might happen to his son. However headstrong as Adonis is, he leaves for Philidelphia to go and search for Rocky and have him train him. When he meets up with Rocky and asks him to help him become a better boxer, at first Rocky wants nothing to do with it. Balboa has left that part of his life behind him, and is fine with it. Eventually though, he relents and accepts Adonis as a student. As the opportunity arises for young Creed to go head to head against the world’s number one fighter, it is almost like a dream that has come true. Adonis has to get ready for the fight that may very well define his career. Rocky however, has a very different fight on his hand, one that might eventually cost him his life…..

There are some people out there that claim that Stallone can’t act. Well, in this movie not only does he prove he can, he got nominated for an Oscar because of it. Unfortunately he did not win it, but his portrayal of Rocky in this movie, is pretty much the heart and soul of this film. Don’t discount the role of young Michael B. Jordan though, as he also lands a very impressive performance. The movie takes a while to build up some momentum, but that does give it time, to provide a good background story and create a bond with the character of Adonis. This movie teaches us that no matter how hopeless a situation might be, you should never give up the fight. Some might call that pretty cheesy, but I don’t know I kind of like that message, and it is usually the truth. This movie is pretty much a love letter to all the Rocky fans out there, and gives us one final chapter in the life of that beloved character. It is a great film, and no matter how much you hate sports, it is hard not to cheer when Adonis get’s in the ring. One round at a time….

I give Creed a 9 out of 10 score.