The Canadian born actress Laura Vandervoort, has achieved a bit of a cult status amongst sci-fi fans. She is perhaps best known for her role as Kara, Supermans niece in the fantastic tv show Smallville. After that she has played in numerous sci-fi and fantasy productions most notably the sadly cancelled V. Bitten is the first show where she is not playing a supporting role, but stars as one of the lead characters.

Laura plays the role of Elena Michaels, a woman who is at first glance a strongwilled, but normal person. Elena has a very dark secret however. She is the first woman who has survived a bite from a werewolf. Elena tries hard to live a normal live, together with her human boyfriend Philip. Eventually though her werewolf past catches up to her. The Pack from which she desperately has tried to stay away, is in dire need of her help. Someone is turning serial killers and other psychopaths into werewolfs, and the local autorities are beginning to investigate her surrogate family. Elena, who was the best tracker of the Pack, is asked to help find the people responsible. It is not long before Elena is drawn back into the Pack and has to face her former ex-boyfriend Clay, himself also a werewolf. Will Elena be able to keep the secrets of her past in balance with her new life? As the bodies start piling up, and events are beginning to hit closer to home, things are becoming increasingly more difficult…

When watching the first few episodes of this show, i did not really feel a connection with it. The characters lacked depth, the special effects were not very convincing, and the frequent nudity just felt like it was put in there to draw an audience. I am glad i stuck with it though, because as the show progresses it definitely becomes better. I loved the increasingly dark atmosphere, and especially the second half of the season, is definitely well worth your time. As the story becomes darker and more secrets of the past are revealed, the show begins to pick up the pace, and the first few episodes are quickly forgotten. The end of this season will definitely leave you hungry for more. This series could best be described as an adult version of Teenwolf, and if you like dark fantasy shows, with convincing performances, this one is for you.

I give the first season of Bitten a 7 out of 10 score.