I love movies and tv shows that involve some aspect of time travel. There are ofcourse the classics, such as Back to the Future or the Terminator, but sometimes you come across a movie that does it in a completely different way. A movie that when the end credits roll, you just know will keep spinning through your mind. Predestination , starring Ethan Hawke, is a movie like that.

Ethan plays the role of a temporal agent who’s job it is to prevent major crimes before they actually happen. He is hunting the terrorist known only by the name the press gave him : “the Fizzle Bomber”. Travelling through time he tries to catch up to this man, before the bomber causes an enormous explosion in New York, that will result in the death of more than ten thousand people….

Now when you read this short synopsis you expect a big action flick with a lot of big fights and special effects, right? Well, let me tell you that this movie is completely different from what you would expect. For one thing it is pretty slow. The first act will cause some people to maybe switch it off, because nothing really happens, besides someone telling a story. Trust me when i say that if you would, you would be missing out on an absolutely amazing movie. I cannot tell more about the story itself without giving away spoilers, so that is not what i am going to do. There is a reason the first act is slow, and you will discover that reason as the rest of the movie unfolds.

The script of this movie, based on a short story of Robert A. Heinlein dating back to 1959, is incredibly clever. It will guarantee to keep your mind occupied throughout the unfolding story, and like i said after you finish it. Ethan Hawke, who is always a solid actor plays a very good role as the determined temporal agent. Credits also have to go to actress Sarah Snook, who plays an even better role than Ethan himself.

This is definitely not your average movie. It contains little to no action, but what it does do is give you one of the best time travel stories that i have seen to date. Give it time (pun intended) and the movie will definitely reward you for it.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10 score.