Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween, and didn’t get abducted by some kind of monster or serial killer with a bloody knife. Now, with that cheerful opening out of the way, can you believe it’s November already? Just two more months and we have reached the end of this abysmal year, and I think we all can’t wait to finally put this one behind us. That said, as it’s a new month, this also means it’s time to kick off the first of my theme months, that I introduced with this post. What do you mean you missed that one?!? Sigh, okay I will explain it briefly one more time. In a theme month I will spending a little bit more time than usual on a certain topic that my blog covers. And well, the title gave it away already, in November that means I’m going to give you a lot of anime. How much, and exactly what am I going to cover? Glad you asked, let me please enlighten you.


Weathering with you


Weathering with you is a movie that I’m looking forward to quite a lot. It’s made by the people behind the amazing Your Name (a movie that I shamefully haven’t reviewed yet). I expect top notch animation, and another storyline that’s going to tug at the hearstrings.

My Neighbor Totoro


I think we all have some classic movies that we have always wanted to see, but for some reason have never been able to watch. My Neighbor Totoro is one of those for me. Made by the incredible Hayao Miyazaki, I already know I’m going to love this film unless I’m really mistaking.


Terror in Resonance


A series that has been on my to watchlist forever (not to mention gathering dust on my shelf), I’m finally going to get to this. I’ve also read and seen some very mixed responses to this anime, so I’m honestly wondering which side I’m going to end up on.



Witchblade is based on a comic book series that I really loved. I had no idea there was an anime for this one, until I came across the dvd box at Animecon . It looks like it’s going to be an action oriented series, that might contain a lot of fanservice, but I’m pretty curious if they are able to capture the spirit of the comic book.

Natsume’s Book of Friends, season 1


I had two choices left. One was Re: Zero season 1, the other was Natsume’s Book of Friend’s first season. Well, you can see which of those won. That’s also because I have promised Irina to watch and review this one for so long now, that I just simply could not bring myself to break that promise again.

Reader’s Choice

Jeez, this form looks very complicated….

I have saved the best for last, as now the last addition to the Anime month line up will be decided by…you, the readers! I have selected a few animes to choose from, and not surprisingly the one with the most number of votes will be the final entry of this month! I will be revealing that show on the last weekend of November. Simply cast your vote using the form below. So I hope you approve of the choices I made, and I think a few of them might be a suprise. Rest assured that those of you that aren’t into anime won’t be left out. I will still be writing about other stuff as well in November! Well, let’s talk! Which of these are you looking forward to? Have you seen any of these? Let me know in the comments, and I will see you all at the next post!

Update: I had some trouble getting the poll to work (not a tech wizard), but it seems to be up and running now finally!  Feel free to also leave your choice in the comments section if you want.

Okay…I’m excited about this month!