As most of you know my favorite all time television series is, and always shall be The Walking Dead. Now at it’s tenth season, it was announced a few weeks ago that the series is going to end with season 11. While I was saddened at that news, I also have to admit that I think it’s a good thing. I will be the last to deny the fact that even though I still love the show, it’s not as good anymore as it was in the beginning. But having said that, ever since new showrunner Angela Kang took over the series with season 9, things have definitely gotten back to form, despite the departure of the show’s biggest character Rick Grimes. But even though the main series is about to sink into it’s undead grave, it doesn’t mean we have heard the last of the Walking Dead though. Three movies that will feature the return of our beloved hero are in development. The spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead is still going strong, and there are going to be three new shows that will feature different aspects of the post apocalyptic world. One of these is World Beyond and has premiered last week. It’s a show that has gathered some negative buzz even before it started, because of a trailer that didn’t look all too promising. 

This is Hope. She doesn’t look like much, but trust me, she is cool!

Why exactly was that and was that critism justified? The trailer showed that this new series would focus on a bunch of teenage kids, and had a really different vibe to it than the other two shows. People quickly dismissed this as a trend of the current times, where movies and shows seem to put a heavy emphasis on female characters that are politically correct so to speak. It was also compared to the CW shows such as Supergirl and Batwoman, that also feature many of these elements. Now, when it comes to the Walking Dead I can’t deny that I’m a little bit biased. I simply love all aspects of that entire franchise which means I can also be a little bit less objective. I’m not one of those fans though that simply says that everything is good even if it isn’t. Having watched the first episode of this new series, I’m going to try and give you an objective spoiler free first impression of The Walking Dead World Beyond. Let’s first start with the storyline, before we dive into the actual review. The new show takes place 10 years after the initial outbreak. According to most of the articles I’ve found that means it’s set around the time of season 10 of the main show. People here though still have the belief that things might turn around and are even working on a cure for the zombie virus.

Yep….THOSE guys again!

The main characters of the series are teenagers, with the focus on two stephsisters Iris and Hope. They live in a community that might be called pretty luxurious, considering the current state of the world. Iris is the optimistic sister and has a positive outlook on life. Her father has recently departed their community and is working for a mysterious organisation called the Civil Republic. Hope however is the opposite, and is convinced these are the endtimes. She has a very hard time trusting people, and this goes double for their supposed allies the Civil Republic. When they receive a secret message from their father that he might be in serious trouble, this mistrust turns into real fear. Both sisters, together with two of their friends set out into the dangerous world on a mission to try and find their father and rescue him. This first episode is clearly a set up of things to come. It establishes it’s characters, the world, and introduces most of the story elements. I’m going to be honest by saying that I don’t quite yet know what to make of this one so far. For one thing, this first episode was incredibly slow. 

School trips these days have certainly changed…

The tension and horror elements that are a huge part of the Walking Dead’s appeal, were at least for the moment, pretty much non existent. It’s also quite obvious that this show is aiming for a teenage audience. That doesn’t mean it’s kid’s stuff mind you, but right from the beginning you simply get a different vibe than you are used to. Most of it’s characters, right now that is, also aren’t really appealing. That said, this is a pilot, so as is usually the case we also have to get used to everyone. As you noticed I did say most of the characters, as there are two exceptions. One of these is Hope. I like her feisty spirit, and kick ass mentality. The first moment I laid eyes on her I knew I was going to like her. I think she will probably be my favorite character of the show, but we’ll see. The other one is Elizabeth, played by veteran actress Julia Ormond, who is part of the mysterious Civil Republic. She had an edge of danger to her the moment she appears on screen. It’s not entirely clear yet if she is going to be a villain yet, but well, let’s just say chances are pretty good on that. Hope’s sister Iris is a bit too morally upstanding for my tastes, which makes her well, a bit boring. The rest of the teenage cast, has so far had relatively little screentime, so not much can be said about them yet. 

This is Iris and she’s, well, kind of boring. But, let’s give her a chance shall we?

World Beyond promises to shed more light on the organisation that has taken away Rick Grimes, and this is one of the things that drew me into this series. I found my attention span wavering during this first episode, which is usually a bad sign. But, and this is a big but, certain things happen near the end of this pilot, that made me excited. Without giving too much away, suffice it to say that the way things are set up at the conclusion of this premiere episode, it has the potential to become quite interesting indeed. It’s a shame that people judge something these days based purely on a trailer. Is this a good show at the moment? No, I will be the last to deny that fact. But people, let’s be fair this is the first episode for a new show, and how many series have started off poorly only to grow into something amazing? If that’s going to happen with this one as well, is something I’m not sure of yet. As mentioned certain things have been set up that have at least the potential to make this a good show. At the same time, there is also some doubt if that’s going to happen with this one. I do like the fact that they are trying something different with this series, and you have to give the creators some points for that. Either way I’m going to give this one a chance, and will of course give a full review for this show at the end of it’s first season. So over to you! Have you seen it yet? Do you intend to watch it? Let’s talk in the comments! I’ll leave you guys with a trailer for the show.