Okay, before I begin with the good stuff, I just wanted to get out of my system that I seriously hate the new WordPress editor. It’s been a royal pain in the behind, and that’s me just being nice because what I really want to say is CENSORED. Luckily though I got some awesome help Fraggle (you guys should follow her blog by the way, because she and her blog are amazing) and I think I’ve got the hang of it. (Doesn’t mean I like it though). Anyways, with that out of the way, how nice is it to shed a little sunshine on everyone’s lives, by doing a tag post. It’s been ages since I have written one, and I’m honestly embarassed at the amount of tags and awards I still have to respond to. I hope to get to all of them at some point, but well, one step at a time. Anyways: here we go!

The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog so that other people can visit them.


What can I say about the blogger that has nominated me for this award? How incredibly kind she is, and that’s me just putting it mildly, because she truly is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting here on WordPress. How about her blog being a breath of fresh air every day? If you ever have a day where you are feeling down, I guarantee that one visit to her blog will cheer you up. All of her posts are filled with a positive and radiant energy that makes you happy after just reading a few lines from it. What’s that even the entire look of her blog feels like you are taking a summer vacation on a tropical island, and one that you wish will never end. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about fellow Dutchie Pinkie, who was sweet enough to nominate me for this right after my return from my hiatus. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it, and I hope I’m going to make this post a fun one!

Answer the 11 questions put to you by the nominator

Well, no worries, those questions are going to be answered in a few moments.

Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing and provide them with a new set of 11 questions to answer.

This is an award that has been around for quite a long time, and I think most of the bloggers I know have been nominated in one form or another for this award. So, I’m going to do the same thing Pinkie did, I will nominate three people to keep the tag alive, and anyone else who wants to do this, let me know and I’ll put your name in the list of nominees.

Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts.

Pinkie had a very good answer to this rule, and I have to admit I agree with what she did. Like her I do not really like to promote my blog, or shout out you have been nominated, so the people that got nominated here should get a notification on their own blogs and I guess that should be enough.

List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo within your post or on your blog site.

The rules are pretty much finished and as for the logo, well it’s the header for this post. So…I guess we’re done, it’s time to answer Pinkie’s questions now!

The Questions!

Oh no…there are questions? What if I don’t know the answer?

1. It’s a very nice day , you are returning home from doing something special, that you like to do but can’t do at your house! What is it? (Convention/A Date/ Shopping etc)

Hmm, well if there is one thing that I truly enjoyed the last two times I went there it’s Animecon. The last time I visited that awesome convention was in 2018, with my health preventing me from going in the year after that, and this year of course we have this little thing called the Corona Virus, which sadly means no Animecon this year. But hey because of the magic of blogging, I did go apparently and am now returning home being quite happy because of it. But erm…well that joy is shortlived, because look what happens now:

You are whistling a jaunty tune when the camera suddenly pans away from you.. unknown to you of course and we as an audience see it.. the famous anime truck! .. Or truck in anime… if you ever seen an Isekai you know exactly what I am talking about.  The Isekai truck!

Uh oh….that can’t be good….

2. What would happen that ends with you getting hit by said truck?!  (Save a kid, thinking to much about Yaoi, a Meteor struck and cut your leg off ..making you fall in front ot the truck etc)

I’m in the middle of carrying way too many bags of merchandise of course! As usual I bought way too much stuff at Animecon, which means next to carrying bags, there are also bags that balance precariously on top of my head. I don’t see the red light as I’m totally happy, and by the time I hear the rumbling truck it’s too late! Bags fly into the air, and an action figure of Asuna from Sword Art Online looks at me very angry almost saying: “that’s what you get when you buy too much stuff!”

You open your eyes and you are nowhere.. a warm glow appears in front of you and speaks with a familiar voice to you.. an almost indescribable.. but to you very familiar and pleasant feeling  entity appears to you.

Well…for those of you that have never seen Raistlin: here he is!

3. Describe how this god of the new world looks like to you and how do they sound?!

I can’t believe my eyes when I open them, because in front of me is Raistlin and he’s a God! The mage with the hourglass eyes looks at me with a bemused expression, smiling. This is pretty strange in itself as he’s almost never happy so next to seeing him in the first place, this is becoming quite surreal. Before I know it though he begins speaking to me in that soft whispering voice that he has:

Like always in a deep respectful voice they tell you, you have died but it was not your time yet so you will reborn in another world! But in trade for the inconvenience you can pick a boon! That will help you in your next life!

4. What is that boon?!

Apparently I am now able to use magic, which is not a real surprise seeing Raistlin has now become the God of Magic. I’m able to cast quite powerful spells too and before I know it even more wondrous things are about to happen!

You are then send to your new world, it is a world you have always dreamed living in.

There is something familiar about this place...

5. Describe that world!

When I open my eyes again, I’m in a heavy forested area. The sun is shining brightly at my face, and I look up into the sky to really bask in it. But then my heart skips a beat. I see a very familiar building floating in the sky. It’s the tower….THE Tower, or let’s not call it a tower, let’s just call it what it is: it’s Aincrad! Somehow I am in the gaming world of Sword Art Online, and it’s every bit as beautiful as I imagined it to be. Okay, there might be a few people and monsters in here that are trying to kill me, but hey, at least I have magic now right? So, what’s the worst that could happen? Erm, okay, I had to ask….

Immediately you hear a squeaky voice.. in being teleported in you stepped on a tiny creature.. which is now sunken in the mud a bit. This will be your animal companion!

Erm…..yep, that looks like a bunny alright!

6. Tell us how it will look like and what you will call it.

I lift my foot and see a small creature that kind of looks like a bunny wearing blue jeans, and carrying a backpack. Slightly offended by having been stepped on, he quickly shakes it off, extends his hand in greeting and tells me his name is Bunny. Erm….yeah, well, that’s not really made up actually as this funny little creature is straight from the game Girls X Battle.I guess everything is possible in this new world, so I should start preparing for….Jeezz…look at my clothes!

You notice you have a bit of a warrior(or a fantasy class more accurately)  like outfit on.. an anime protagonist outfit..

7. How does the outfit look and what does it tell you about your combat abilities (Are you good with swords, axes, daggers, magic, laser weapons etc)

I’m dresses all in black, with silver lines going all over the outfit. There’s a black cape that matches the outfit, and on my back are two dual swords, that glow with a faint magical light. Strapped to my legs are two metallic elongated sticks that have buttons on them. I take one of them in my hand, and press a switch. Immediately a green laser ignites emitting a faint humming sound. Cool! I have lightsabers! Now that I’m armed guess it’s time for me to get moving out of this forest and see if there are any people around. Hey…that looks like a town over there!

After seeing your new outfit you hear some towns people cry… their village is under attack.. being the newly reborn hero that you are..you of course rush over towards the town!

Of course: zombies, how typical!

8. Describe the scene you see there and what is the first enemy you fight in this other world?

When I arrive at the village I see a huge number of greyish humanoid creatures advancing on the defenseless villagers. They all have a faintly glowing orange spot on them. I ignite my two lightsabers, Bunny hops onto my back and pulls out a machinegun from his backpack, and casting a fireball spell I jump into the middle of what I can only call zombies. Hacking limbs left and right, Bunny shooting with his machineguns, the place soon turns into a warzone. But I have of course been training for this all my life, and the outcome of the fight is pretty much clear right from the beginning.

You saved the town and are hailed a hero! You are recruited into a group of heroes or mercinaries that allow you to travel across the world and do quests for them.

9. What is the name of the organisation you join and why do you join them?

The name of the organisation that I have joined is C.U.R.S.E.S. which stands for Clean Up Robots Special Elite Squad. You see, after the fight I became injured, and most of my body was replaced with robotic parts. I’m now a cybernetic organism, and the C.U.R.S.E.S. Organisation is made up of all kinds of robots and cyborgs that try to keep the world safe from zombies and other menaces that threaten the safety of the free people!

Of course I have to make a cool pose for you all

After numerous missions with this group and losing a few of these people in very emotional anime series they decide to give you a nickname… based on your fighting style and how you have grown as an anime character!

10. What is the nickname and why did they give it you. (This is a bonus question you could skip it) (Nope…not skipping it!)

In a especially brutal battle against a dragon, I managed to save three members of the squad from certain death, by leaping into the mouth of the beast and igniting my lightsabers right down his throat. Ever since then I became known as ‘Throat Ache” .

Oh no! It is revealed the guild master… your boss was evil all along… or good if you decided to be evil.. anyway this DEFINITELY will  be in the Top 10 anime betrayals.They clearly  are your antagonist..even representing.. something or someone you hate in real life very much! There are strange parallels at work here!

The WordPress evil blog editor’s robot army stands at the ready!

11. Describe your Antagonist!  Give us a name a look and a motivation!

An incredible surprise to be sure, but our leader turned out to be no one else but: The new WordPress Blog Editor, that has taken on an evil robotic form. Even in this new world, his insidious motivations and new restrictions are forced upon us, and his scheme was to enslave this new world with monsters. After the human population was captured, they would be reprinted with his new software, further enhancing his programming, so that eventually every single computersystem would be the new blog editor. Luckily I found out just in time, and with the help of the blogging world, we put a stop to him once and for all. Of course I ended up decapitating his robot form with a signature lightsaber move!

After a long and hard fought battle your anime series comes to a close and your antagonist lies defeated. Along the way you have fallen in love! But now that there is no more need for you, you need to make a decision.

12. Where will you go from here?

A) Will you go back home and find your worlds counterpart of the person you fell in love with?
B) Do you stay in the Isekai world and settle down with the person who stole your heart?
C) Do you keep wandering this world or a next one.. in search for evil or good to vanquish.. remaining ever alone .. but ever vigilant!

Well there is only one answer possible to this question and that is of course B! So, this post is the last one you will see from me, as I’m now in Aincrad’s world with the woman I love. Yes…that’s a totally sappy ending I know, but hey, after being alone for 44 years I deserve that, right?


My Questions and Tags

Whew, this is the longest post I have ever written for this blog, and it’s not even done yet! Because now I have to come up with 11 questions of my own, and after that nominate some people to answer them too! Well, let’s get to the questions first, and the nominees!

1. You have the ability to turn your blog into a gameshow! What would that gameshow be called, and what would it be like?

2. There is a well known actor or actress that has shown an interest in your blog. It was only a matter of time right? Who is it, and what will your first collab with him/her be about?

3. One day you wake up, and decide to totally restart your blog, and go in a whole different direction! What will your new blog be about?

4. You have been approached by Steven Spielberg and he wants to turn one of your posts into a movie! Which post is it, and who is going to be your main star?

5. You have just hit the publish button for a new post on your blog, but instead you find yourself transported in time! To what year, and what will you be doing there? 

Oh come one, this is the coolest time machine ever!

6. If you were to ask yourself one of the most important questions, and one that no one has ever asked you, what would that question be?

7. You have been given the opportunity to write a script for your favorite anime or tv series. What would your script be about?

8. One morning you wake up and discover that you have become invisible! How would you spend the day?

9. Your talents are finally recognised and you are about to star in a remake of your favorite movie! Who would you play, and which actor would you replace?

10. Of course there has to be at least one zombie apocalypse question right? So…it’s here: the zombie apocalypse. A hoard of the bloodthirsty creatures is banging on your door. What is your next action?

Hey, I did mention this post was R-Rated right?

11. Many years from now the time has come to write your final blog post. What would that post be about? 

Okay, well, that’s it for my questions! This post has probably turned into the most insane one that I have ever written, but lol I guess it was worth it, as it was a lot of fun doing this! And now for the nominations! Let me make it clear that you are not under any pressure to do this. Posts like these are fun, but take time, and well we all have busy lives, so really no worries! Anyways the nominees are:

Crow: Because I really think Crow is an amazing person, that get’s way too little recognition sometimes. They are really supportive, produce great posts, and really help others as well. So this award is simply put well deserved!

Yon Nyan (BiblioNyan): For one thing because they really are another person that is always incredibly supportive to other bloggers, but also with their selfcare posts. For another because they are going through a bit of a rough time, and need all the sunshine they can get! (That and they totally deserve this award, so there is that!)

Rose: Well another blogger, which I have been following for a very long time. She is very creative, has a really cool blog that has so much different content the surprises just keep on coming. Last but not least she is also very friendly, so another person who totally deserves this award.

Well people, this is the end of this very long, but hopefully fun post! I’m off to go and watch some anime as this post crazily enough put me in the mood for that! See you next time!

Jeezzz…could we get a little more enthusiasm here?!