Ladies and gentleman, have we got a treat for you today! What’s that Raist? We? Have you really lost it now and have you finally developed that multiple personality disorder that we were all afraid of you would get one day? Erm, no sorry not to disappoint, but that’s not what’s happening here. No, today I’m announcing a collaboration project that I’m very excited for! Before I erm we talk about what this will be about, let me first introduce my collab partner and special guest star, my friend the totally amazing mister Cain S. Latrani .Come say hello now, and tell the audience a bit about yourself! Come now, don’t be shy:

Cain: Greetings, mortals! I am Cain S. Latrani, author, blogger, king of sarcasm, insult to decency, and proliferater of vulgarity in it’s many forms. Some of that is even true. Mostly the part about being an author and blogger. More author than blogger. I am very sarcastic, though. Also, I do swear a lot. So it’s like partially true. Unless I’m lying. I’m a writer. I can never tell when I’m lying.

How’s that for an introduction!

Well now that we have got the introduction part out of the way, let’s talk about what we are doing here Cain.

Cain:Spanking Monkeys! No… wait… that was next week. Sorry. Ignore that.

Jeezz Cain, I thought we were going to keep some things a secret. Now the cat, erm monkey is out of the bag. Alright, might as well tell them everything now.

Cain: We are going to watch movies, then talk about the movies that we watched. Basically, Raist had this great idea that we’d pitch each other movies, then interview each other on our respective blogs about the movies we watched. He tells me to watch something (that probably isn’t classic 70’s porn), and then interviews me for my thoughts on it here, while I do the same thing to him over on my blog. Only with more leather and cussing.

Erm. Not too sure about that leather thing. Is it too late to back out of this?

Cain: It’ll be fun and games until the Christmas movies arrive and I have to say nice things about that overweight home invader that offers your children candy for being good and not telling anyone he was there. Things may get weird around then. Just letting you know.

What was that about Christmas weirdness?

Okay, erm you say things may get weird around then, but from my point of view things are getting pretty weird right now. Or maybe that’s just me. Then again, I’ve always been weird anyway so I probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

Cain:Raist, anything more to add? 

Naw, I think you have explained it pretty well. Maybe one thing more to add though, and that’s that we also pick a genre of movies, and let the other one pick one of their favorite movies from that genre. Okay, guess I did have something to add after all. So, I think we are ready, don’t you Cain?

Cain: I have primed the monkeys and warmed up my spanking hand, so let’s do this!

Right okay, now that we have all the boring stuff out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff and pick our genres! As you know Cain I have this love for all things 80’s, so I was thinking my first movie genre for this collab will be: 80’s romantic comedy movies! Erm, wait, no that didn’t come out right. I meant: 80’s action movies! So, what testosterone filled movie are you going to choose for me Cain? And what will your genre be?

Wow, what a surprising choice for a movie genre Raist!
Cain: Well, as you may or may not know, I am also a huge 80’s action movie buff, so we’re going all on in on that genre, and I already know the movie I’m going to foist upon you, and all of your readers. I mean, it’s not Cobra, cause only Cobra can be Cobra. Yo Joe! For my pick, though, I’m gonna try and go a little obscure, cause I like being obscure. Hence why there’s an anime character instead of my sorry mug.  I am going to fail at this entirely, mind you, but I am going to try and pick something not everyone has seen.


Well, now you definitely have me intrigued. Don’t keep me in suspense, what is it that I’m going to be watching. It’s not some kind of 80’s action movie porn version is it? Because erm while that would be great and all, I’m not to sure that’s allowed on WordPress.

Cain: We could always find out! I mean, I’m fine with finding out. Not today? Fine. Instead, I’m going to give you the ultimate expression of 80’s action movies. What may well be the greatest action movie the 80’s ever produced. That’s right. We’re starting with a bang. Here it is:

Big Trouble in Little China.

THIS is how excited I am for that choice!

That’s a great choice for a movie Cain. One of my alltime favorites! Well, the movie I’m going to choose for you then is, erm….let me think now….hey my brain is old it takes time you know? Patience! That’s what Obi Wan Kenobi always said, and well he was always right, from a certain point of view. Okay the movie you are going to watch is….no wait hang on…I’m not going to tell you yet!

Cain:All that build up? For a cliffhanger? Well not that just bakes my bread, young man. Actually that may be the wrong metaphor. Baking implies rising, and hey, you guys should go over to my blog to see what movie Raistlin chose for me to watch! This is a collaboration, after all and I want your sweet sweet traffic. 

This is why people think I’m strange, isn’t it?

Well, you took the word right out of my mouth. Erm, with the reason why I mean, not the being strange part. Exactly what Cain said, the reason I’m not telling you yet is because maybe we didn’t explain things too well, and we do like to things twice anyway, so hop on over to Cain’s blog for the counterpart of this post, which you can find here. On that post I will give you my choice for him, erm you, erm..well you know what I mean right? It’s a bit like the Mirror Universe from Star Trek? So anything more you want to say to our audience before we leave Cain?

Cain: I have a goatee. For real. I actually do. I am evil Spock.

Well I already have a beard, and I’m evil being Raistlin and all, so does that mean I now have to shave and put on my white robes? There are limits to this collab you know? And this is one of them. So…erm, are we done, and can we get to work now?

Cain: This is work? Whoa. Nobody said I was gonna have to do an actual work

Yeah we’re definitely done. See you all soon: we’re excited for this, and we hope you are too!

Could not have said it better myself!