Let’s be honest, this year totally sucks. Sorry for the foul language at the beginning of this post, but hey sometimes you just need to blow of some steam. I think a lot of people, including myself, are pretty much done with 2020. Not only because of the Corona virus, but simply because this year seems intent to make everyone miserable in some form or another. I also know that because of all the things that are going on this year, quite a few people are about to throw their hats in the proverbial ring so to speak. Depression looms near, especially if you are sensitive for negative influences or emotions. Yesterday I came across a post by Pete Davison which pretty much underlines everything I just wrote. Now Pete is a blogger that I have known for a while (not to be confused by the other Pete for which I wrote this post), and I think a lot of people especially in the anime blogging community know him very well. He is someone who has given a lot of insightful comments on your posts in the past, shares your posts in a weekly round up, and is simply put an all around nice guy. His blogs deal mainly with the world of videogames, especially the very old retro games which I love playing myself, and he has his own Youtube channel as well.

Stay in the fight Pete, just like in Asteroids (I hated that game by the way😂)

Now, I don’t know about you guys and gals, but I have trouble just keeping one blog up and running, let alone two and a Youtube channel. Pete is working hard and quite frankly I suspect he has a staff helping him out, because there is no way he can do this on his own right? Erm…wrong. He has been doing this on his own for a long while now, but after reading his post from yesterday he has fallen on some harsh times. And after reading his post and seeing what is going on in his life, I don’t blame him. So I have been thinking of ways how to at least lift his spirit for a while and that’s how I came up with the idea for this post. You can see that the title pretty much says it all: Let’s call today Pete Davison day! Now how do we do that exactly? It’s easy! Head on over to his blog, follow him if you don’t follow him yet, give likes to his posts, leave a comment, share his posts over on twitter, follow him on Youtube, or whatever else you might think of. In short: let’s just blow up Pete’s stats today and give him the feeling that today really is Pete Davison day. Let’s make him feel really special, because hey, we all know that he is right? So please go ahead and help Pete out and show him we’re there for him! Thanks for reading and now head on over to Pete’s blog by pressing the link on the paragraph above!