Wait….what? Didn’t Raistlin say he would be off in December, and not return again until the next year? I mean he was pretty clear about that in this post right? And seriously why are you talking about Raistlin as if he isn’t here, and someone else is doing the talking, erm writing? Okay, yes I did say that I would be taking the month off in December, but I could not contain my enthusiasm for something I have recently watched and just had to share it right now. That something is the 12 episode Korean drama series Kill It. Yes, I know the title sounds pretty bleak, and one would expect this to be a show where there is, well a lot of killing. While I am not going to deny that is certainly an aspect of this series, this show has a story that is so incredibly well written, that Kill It has now entered my top three list of all time favorite K-dramas. For me personally it’s also the best show that I have seen all year, and I’m not just talking about Korean drama shows but in general. So what exactly makes Kill It such an adrenaline rush? Before I will get to that I will first dive a little bit into the story. Don’t worry, as always I will keep it spoiler free, especially since knowing as little as possible about this one makes the viewing experience that much more enjoyable.

If you stay behind me, I will give you your drink. 


Kim Soo-hyun is veterinarian that is very good at his job. He loves animals, and will stop at nothing to protect them. However all of this is a perfect guise to hide his true identity: a highly skilled and professional assassin. He has no memories of his childhood, but recently some events are happening that might bring things to the surface. For one thing a beautiful police detective called Do Hyun-jin enters his life, who is on the hunt for a serial killer. She of course knows nothing about the fact that the animal lover is in fact a lethal killing machine. Still, when they spend more and more time together, it becomes clear that they share a connection that has it’s roots in their past. With more bodies turning up every day, dark secrets that have been buried for 19 years begin to rise, and both the assassin and the detective will have to confront those secrets. But are they ready for the truth? Something very evil and malignant took place all those years ago. And the people that are connected to it will stop at nothing to make sure it stays buried forever, no matter who ends up dead because of it. Soo-huyn and Hyun-jin are both caught right in the middle of it all, and might not make it out alive…..

Why use a pair of binoculars when you can use a high powered rifle?

Right from the very first second I started watching this show I knew it was going to be something special. It’s a feeling I occasionally experience and only when something is extremely good. And that’s what Kill It is. This K-drama’s storyline is like a mystery novel that reveals something new with every chapter. In the first few episodes some clues are dropped, and you end up feeling very confused. It’s like you find some puzzle pieces but you don’t exactly know where to place them. Stick with it though, as everything will be explained and eventually it all comes together in a very satisfying way. I’m not going to lie, this is a dark show. There are elements of child abuse, murder and a lot of other things that might turn off viewers that are not prepared for it. Still, Kill It never goes too far but it’s also not afraid to make sure viewers see just how horrible human beings can truly be. Trust me there will be times in this show where you will end up very angry at the evil people that are on display here. I loved the fact that the end of the series will leave you with no questions left unanswered and everything wrapped up. While the story is the biggest strength of Kill It, there certainly are other things that make it such a compelling watch.

Could you please not hold me close? You don’t exactly smell right. 

One of those things is the acting. The actress Nana (who is also a former K-pop singer) played the role of police detective Do Hyun-jin. This is the first time I have seen her, and I instantly fell in love with her. She has a very natural way of acting, is very beautiful, and portrays her character as a very strong willed woman who is more than capable of taking care of herself. At the same time, she is not afraid to show her vulnerabilities too. Her relationship with Kim Soo-huyn, played by Jang Ki-yong, is what’s at the heart of this show. The two of them have a great on screen chemistry, even though Jang’s character almost shows no emotions whatsoever. Soo-huyn is a very cold man, which of course has everything to do with both his past and current occupation. But there are always small hints of his humanity shining through, and that’s all a credit to Jang Ki-yong’s acting. And that includes his physical prowess in the show’s fight scenes. Make no mistake though. While Kill It certainly has action in it, this K-drama is in essence more of a crime thriller. The show’s main villain, who I will not mention here by name in order to avoid spoilers, is a truly loathsome individual. There will be so many times where you truly want to see his demise, and at the same time you don’t because of the actors incredibly ruthless performance.

Yes…I’m looking at you!

There are many other terrific performances by a highly skilled supporting cast, most notably Noh Jeung-eui in the role of Kang Seul-gi. She provides some of the lighter and more comedic moments of the show and is the one character where Kim Soo-huyn seems to have a liking too. It’s hard not to fall in love with her free spirit, and she always feels like a bit of fresh air in this otherwise very bleak show. Last but not least I want to mention the music, that gives the series an incredible atmosphere and fits this K-drama perfectly. It also sounds way different than most of the (oftentimes recurring) themes one usually hears in Korean shows. So with all these positive aspects are there also any negative sides? Well, the show can at times have a tendency to become confusing because there are a lot of names, and especially in the beginning has a lot of information that can feel a little bit overwhelming. This is a show that you really need to keep watching and not be distracted by looking at texts on your cellphone for instance. In the end though it all pays off. I really hope I have managed to make you curious for this one as it’s an absolutely amazing drama that I’m going to give a perfect score. You can watch the show for free on the legal Asian drama site Viki. Trust me on this, once you get started you can’t stop!

I give Kill It a 10 out of 10 score.