Hello everyone! Today I am here to announce the winners of the Retro Raist Competition.  A total of 17 people decided to enter this one. After some fierce combat using Mobile Gundam Suits, the dust eventually settled and two people survived and were left standing. Okay yeah, that of course totally didn’t happen, but hey it would have been pretty cool right?  So how did I determine the winners? Honestly by just using some old school methods. I first wrote down the names of all the people that entered this and gave them all a number. You can see a picture of that (and my terrible handwriting) right here:

The brave Gundam Pilots who entered this fierce battle.

After that, I used a random number app to randomly (duh!) select a number with a minimum result of 1, and a maximum result of 17. Like you can see here:

The Supercomputer that determined the fate of the world…..

Now, without keeping you all in suspense, let’s see who has been lucky enough to win one of the two prizes!

The Main Prize winner!


The first prize which consists of a sealed starter deck, and two booster packs of Ani-Mayhem has been won by: Thethingsiveseenblog. Congratulations!!

Number 15 marks the spot!

The runner up prize winner!


The runner up prize which consists of a stack of 90 of my duplicate cards that are in near mint condition together with a copy of the rulebook has been won by Jon Spencer! Congratulations!

Lucky number 6!

Final thoughts

Now in order for the two winners to claim their prizes, just sent me an email at mvanderweide28@gmail.com, or direct message me on Twitter or Instagram. I of course have to know to which adress I need to sent your goodies. As for the people who didn’t win, don’t worry! This certainly isn’t the last competition that I will be having on my blog. You can expect something else in the future I can guarantee you that. For everyone who entered this, thank you for participating! And of course another heartfelt congratulations to the winners! See you all at the next post.

Still would have been cool if the winners could have been determined like this!