Duel, American movie (1971)

When it comes to movies one often overlooked fact is the director. Sure, a movie can’t be made without good actors, and hell it also helps to of course have a bit of a decent script. But a truly skilled director can really turn a film into something legendary. Now the name Steven Spielberg should be familiar to almost anyone who at the very least has a rudimentary knowledge of movies. He was responsible for such classic films as Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, E.T. and Jurassic Park to name but a few. The man is simply put a juggernaut in Hollywood, and although not everyone might be a fan of all of his movies, one can’t deny that he certainly is one of the most succesful directors in movie history. A little known fact though is that before he really broke through in Hollywood with Jaws, he made his debut with a movie that was originally made for television. Later, because of the film’s succes it also appeared in movie theatres. Perceptive readers have already seen the title of the movie and the year in which this movie was made.

And we still wonder why the environment is doing so bad…..

Yes, Duel was made in 1971. Yes, this movie is now 47 years old. Does that mean that this movie is now so dated, that it is probably considered by current standards a film that can’t hold the attention of the modern moviegoing audience? You will probably be very surprised by the answer: no, it totally isn’t. If this movie would be released in theatres today, and you had no knowledge of the fact that this film was made in 1971, you probably would not even notice it. Duel is a film that I saw for the first time when I was still a teenager. (Yes I know, don’t remind me of the fact that is now decades ago). And I was not prepared for the impact it would have on me. I was totally blown away by it, and I honestly lost count of how many times I have seen it after that. So what is it about this film that has me so spellbound? And why is it, that I still get that same adrenaline rush every time I see this film. Perhaps I should first start with telling you what this movie is about, before I get to the answers of those questions. You know me when I get enthusiastic about something, I can’t stop talking about it.

Some people are just in a rush to get somewhere.

Right, okay. So Duel then. The title itself ofcourse is already giving a way a little bit of what this film is about: a duel. We are however not talking about a duel between knights, or two men that need to walk a few paces and then start shooting each other. No, this is an altogether entirely different duel. David Mann is an ordinary guy who has a job as a salesman. Eager to close a deal, he heads for the road in his car for a business trip. Once he enters the Mojave desert he comes across a tank truck that seems like it missed a trip to the scrap yard. David quickly passes the truck without even giving it a second thought. Because really, what could go wrong right? A few seconds later though, much to his surprise, the truck speeds up and overtakes him.  What at first starts off like a seemingly innocent game, soon turns into something very sinister and deadly. The truck driver is a psychopath that seems determined to end the life of David. A terrifying road duel between car and truck is about to begin……

Yep, anyone would get a headache if something like this were to happen to them.

This is one of those films that has an incredibly simple premise, but still manages to glue you to the edge of your seat for the entire duration of the film. I have always loved films that feature a lone and ordinary guy or girl, who is put into a situation that soon grows beyond their control. It also takes an incredible amount of skill on the part of the actor who portrays that kind of character. In this case that actor is Dennis Weaver who plays David. Now for most of you that name probably won’t ring a bell, but some of you readers out there might recognise him from the highly succesful tv series McCloud. Suffice it to say that Weaver just knocks this role right out of the ball park. His character isn’t some kind of macho superhero. He is a normal guy just like you or me, who is thrust into a very deadly situation, that could happen to anyone. And simply put, you want him to win. His adversary though, except for shots of his arms and legs, is never shown. And that makes it only all the more creepy, because he could be anyone.

One of the reasons we don’t have telephone booths anymore.

The truck this guy drives though is almost a character itself. As soon as you lay eyes on the rust bucket, a sense of dread enters your body. And this is only made more sinister by the way the movie is directed. Some truly terrific camera angles and shots, especially during some of the chase sequences, are absolutely breathtaking. Duel might be Spielbergs first movie, but I also still consider it one of his best films. This movie is a true nailbiter, with some incredible edge of your seat and very memorable scenes. Rest assured this is not a horror movie, that contains buckets of blood or something like that. It is a thriller in every sense of the word, and one that is completely timeless. If you have become interested in seeing this film, and are wondering where you can find it, I suggest you try YouTube. Just search for: “Duel full movie”, and you will find an incredibly high quality version of the movie there. It’s one and half hours of time very well spent, trust me on that. And it will also make you think twice the next time you pass a truck on the road….just saying….

I give Duel a 9 out of 10 score.



16 thoughts on “Duel, American movie (1971)”

  1. I saw this at the cinema, on release. I was 19 years old, and thought it was fresh and amazing. I didn’t know anything about Spielberg, but Weaver was well-known here at the time, and this was undoubtedly his career-best performance.
    It is often shown on TV here, and has never lost any of its tension, in those 47 years
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. My parents showed me this movie on videotape when I think I was around 12 years old. I actually saw it twice in a row, as my young mind was totally into trucks back then. But yeah this is one of thise timeless films that never gets old, and I totally agree with you on Weaver’s performance. He was excellent in this film. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie as well Pete. Hope you will have a good weekend, and thanks as always for your comment 😊

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    1. Thanks so much Kim. I think I must have seen this movie over 40 times now, and I still enjoy it every time I see it. I pretty much know it by heart, but eh…some movies just never get old, no matter how much you see them 😊😊 Hope you will have a great weekend! 😊

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  2. Well, I’m going to break the chain of comments and say I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this! It’s probably played on TV and I’ve just never paid attention to it. I also learned some things about Spielberg in this post. I feel so educated today!

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    1. I definitely don’t blame you for not knowing about it. If my parents would not have show it to me all those years ago, I would have never seen/known about it either.
      As I said, you can still see it for free on Youtube, and in very high quality too. So definitely worth checking it out 😊
      Haha…and I always say: we learn something new every day 😊

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  3. I saw Duel just a few years back, and remember it being truly intense! It does hold up incredibly well for a movie made back in the 70s. I think it’s one of Spielberg’s best too. Great post!

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    1. Thanks so much Jade😊 I saw the film again this week (came across it by pure accident on Youtube) and was really surprised by the fact that this film hasn’t shown it’s age in any way. Which is really cool: some movies really are timeless 😊

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    1. Haha, I can understand why, as the beginning of that film is pretty similar (great movie by the way) That’s where all the similarities end though😊 Where Jeepers Creepers is pure horror, this one really is more of a thriller..and a very good one at that 😊

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  4. I remember first seeing Duel when I was just a kid. I don’t think I ever realized it was directed by Spielberg though! That kind of explains why it was such a gripping movie, and I think you’re spot on when you talk about the difference a director can make. Weaver’s acting was also very good from what I remember, and the entire movie sells that sense of paranoid panic all throughout. Great review, and thank you for the memories!

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  5. Wow, I didn’t know about this Spielberg movie but it sure does sound like a nice exploration of his directorial debut. Nowadays his movies sure do expand our imagination in so many ways and its nice that he’s still pretty much respected too. Wonderful review as always, Michel. I’ll have to look into it when I get the chance.

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